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Starmobile Astra Price, Specs, Features – A 4.3-inch Dual-core Android phone with TV and ICS

| On 22, Oct 2012

Another awesome android phone called Starmobile Astra has arrived in the Philippine shores. This smartphone made waves throughout the social networking site Facebook because of its nice specs and affordable price. Starmobile is a new comer in the Philippine mobile market but they already have a slew of android devices in just a small span of time.


The Astra is Starmobile’s very first android phone but it will soon have it little brother when its manufacturer releases an entry-level called as the Starmobile Bright. The Bright will obviously have lower specs and will  pack a smaller 3.5-inch display. The Starmobile Bright is priced at Php4,990.

Starmobile Astra Specifications

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.3-inch Capacitive touchscreen, 480×800 pixel resolution
  • 1GHz Dual-core processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory (expandable up to 32GB via microSD)
  • 8 megapixel camera with flash
  • VGA front camera
  • 3G/HSDPA
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Bluetooth A2DP
  • microUSB v2.0
  • Dimensions: 130.5 x 66.5 x 10.9mm
  • 1500mAH battery
Here’s a preview video of Starmobile Astra courtesy of ma’am Alora Mae Guerrero.

Starmobile Astra Price in the Philippines

The most awaited part of the mystery behind the Starmobile Astra is its price. Starmobile already announced its official price and the Astra can soon be bought for only Php6,990. If you’re tight on budget and you want a good android phone, then this device can be a choice but you can also look at MyPhone A878 and MyPhone A898 because they also have good set of specs and features for the same price.

  • john doe

    1500mah battery??? Starmobile are you kidding me?? with 4.3 screen and a tv functionality, i dont think it will last a day.

    • Emp Martinez

      kapag gumamit ka ng tv un mabilis tlga mag drain batt.

    • xhai05

      Actually my battery last for 2-3days.. im watching movies and playing games.. if im not using it.. just for texting max battery is 3days..

      • gij

        Luyer, with 4 hours playing games battery is dead, 3 hours watching tv battery is fucking dead hate dis pon…

      • yaiks….

        kalokohan….. :)

    • graxia

      it doesn’t.. :(

    • caloy

      Note that the battery of the iPhone 5 is just 1440 mAh

  • busngak

    oo nga naman Inday… isa sa dahilan bakit mabilis ma mag low bat ang cellphone ay dahil sa mga open aplications at screen resolution…baka pag nag-open k ng kahit camera lng na may flush ay ma low bat kaagad…

    • Emp Martinez

      pwd naman downloadan un ng mga apps na auto kill sa mga open apps na di ginagamit like advance task killer.

      • pocoyo

        ako nag shot lang ng cam lowbat agad LOL

  • Emp Martinez

    ok din pala spec ng star mobile affordable pa ang presyo I’ve been using samsung android phones before and now im using alcatel, when reading your blog i was thinking to try star mobile. nice post Adam.

  • godo

    starmobile better come up with extended battery for this one, ala sgs, sgn, hmm.. buyers then won’t have second thoughts purchasing astra over its competitor

  • Eleuterio Adora

    IPS po ba ang screen nito?


    magandang pang giveaway yan…

  • Blue

    Hindi ako mahihiyang ipromote ang Starmobile sa friends ko.. I’ve been using it.. And parang your also using Andorid or Iphone.. Ang pinagkaiba lang talaga is the affordable price of Starmobile.. I’m a fan of other brand of phone and I’m always telling na that’s the best until Starmobile came. :)

  • xhae05

    I have this brand. Much preferred than myphone and cherry. mas cool!

  • neo

    hi, can i use nmn ba ang skype video call sa starmobile astra?

  • Starstyle Donato

    Meron ba tong screen shot ?

    • NoypiGeeks


      • Kristine Valencia

        pano yung screen shot? anong pinagkaiba nla sa CRYSTAL?

        • NoypiGeeks

          Hold Power Button + Volume Down.

    • ehm


  • jervis

    its really good..astra so nice very responsive screen touch….sorry samsung but astra so good and nice..awesome

    • jervis

      im using samsung phones but when i see the stra mas awesome sya…..and cheap than my samsung phones

      • NoypiGeeks

        Thanks for sharing! :D

    • jovannie

      dahil po mora kaya maganda diba ? :)

  • iamwhoiam

    i bought starmobile astra last dec 2012, 2 weeks after ung touch screen kusa ng nagto-touch :D, I returned it and after 1 week (sa main pa daw kc papalitan sabi nung stall) napalitan ng brand im very happy naman dahil may nagagamit na uli akong cp,,,after a week naisipan kong i-try ung tv, badtrip “hardware initialization failed” naman!!! ano ba naman yan, walang katapusang sira… :(

  • trisha karylle yap

    tlga po bang 8gb ung memory nya ?

    • JP Garmay

      di ko alam eh

  • Khel30

    Pede din b xa sa skype?

  • brian

    get a trash can and throw those tv features and slap a 1280×800 resolution. kasi un pa ang dahilan kung bakit tataas ang price, kung maaari pati nadin ung dual sim features baka maging 3500-3999 ang price nito kung wala ang mnga features na yon.

  • anon123

    does this don’t easily break?

  • graxia

    maganda kung maganda yung phone.. nakakairita lang yung battery.. kakatanggal mo plang from charging may bawas na kagad??? hindi ba pwedeng makapagtext man lang muna?? hope maglabas sila sa market ng battery that will last much longer.. :)

    • NaBoyetDre?

      kht naman po sa iphone or ipod ganyan din po :)

    • yaiks….

      motolite nasubukan nyo na po? :)

    • JP Garmay

      ganyan talaga yan, walang sira kahit kita mo na bumaba ang indicator.

    • Anthony Lipa

      Tama k dyn pgktanggal ng bat 99%n lng agd

  • ricochet

    Di ako satisfied with starmobile astra. I bought one this February
    2013 but after 3 days it went crazy and just ‘self- scrolled’ according to the
    words of my seller Comworks. It went out of control like someone is using it.
    Every icon on the right side just kept popping out. So my dealer changed it
    with another new one but after 5 days the same problem came out but this time
    it ‘self- scrolled’ on the left side. It’s like somebody is playing and
    touching on every icon lined up on the left side. Sadly and unfortunately, the
    seller can change ‘daw’ my phone with a brand new one- only once within the
    prescribed 7-day period. So, this time I had to surrender the phone to my
    dealer and they in turn will send the phone back to the manufacturer to avail
    of the one- year free service warranty. Meanwhile, I have to wait for the phone
    within 3-4 weeks so the starmobile company can have it evaluated and fixed.
    What a hassle. Remember I was able to use the phone (2 brand new astra phones)
    for a total of only approx. 12 days and the same problems appeared within the
    period. And now I have to wait for about a month to have it fixed. My wife and
    I now tell every acquaintance of ours not to buy starmobile products. One of
    the reasons I bought the phone was because it is Philippine-made as mentioned
    in the local TV show Future Perfect.

  • Mark Anthony Reyes

    free internet access ba yang star mobile astra? Specifically, facebook, twitter and instagram?

    • NaBoyetDre?

      I think sim cards po ung may ganyang service :)

  • [email protected]

    sorry but i hate starmobile astra na nabili ko february 2013. within 1 week na nabili ko may kakaibang light sa right lower corner. pinalitan, then within 3 weeks nag automatic shutdown, every 30 minutes, name it. nung isinoli ko sa sm cubao ADI cellphone retailer, ipapaayos daw sa service center. pero sa ngayun daw naglilipat sila ng gamit or office sa pasig capitol…. dami dahilan….. hindi masabi ano sira or papalitan pa ba ng new unit. huwag po tayo agad maniwala sa magandang features at murang price….. prang yung endorser ng starmobile….. palingkera….. pati cell sira sira.

    • [email protected]

      anak nung taga starmobile nagwork pa man din sa ADI sa sm cubao pero wala ring magawa o masabi….. nagpauto ako sa “salestalk”. nasa huli pagsisisi

  • MAT


  • MAT


    • KEN

      ulol. singapore phone yan /swt

      • JP Garmay

        tanga china phone ugok

    • NaBoyetDre?

      ahaha ! nka all caps ah .. galit na galit sir ? :D

  • jose mari

    Hi, huwag kayo magtiwala sa starmobile astra. last
    January 2013, first week, bumili ako ng unit sa ADI, L/F ng SM cubao,
    nirecommend ng OIC ng store. maganda daw, etc. within 1 week nagkaroon ng dead
    pixel. pinalitan ng new unit, then before mag 1 month nag automatic shotdown,
    every 10 minutes and so often. ibinalik ko ng last week ng February, until now
    wala pang action ang starmobile company, kahit nagtatrabaho pa yung anak ng
    taga starmobile sa ADI…. buisit sila…. napakabagal umaksyon at ewan kung papalitan
    pa nila….. nasayang yung PhP 6,900.00 ko….. Kahapon, March 15, bumalik ako sa
    store…. wala pa daw balita…..

    • jose mari

      ibinalik ng starmobile yung unit last March 16 sa ADI sa LGF ng SM Cubao, ayun nag automatic shutdown pa rin. Napakagandang gawa ng Pinoy….. what will happen to my PhP 6,900.00?

    • rennske

      same sa cm flare ko autho shutdown ! pero minsan lang siya nagkakaganun pa subrang init na ng devices ko ! pero mass na bubweset ako sa cm flare ko pag sinusumpong e2 ng sakit nya na autho remount sd card !!!! ka iniiiissssssssssssssssss!!!!

    • Paulino

      Yun nga din problem ko, hanggang dun lang siya sa Starmobile logo tapos hang/restart… 4 MONTHS ko hinintay, nakabalik nga sakin kaso nga di naman nila inayos, sabi sakin iprioritize daw nila, pagkatapos ng 3 weeks andun parin sakanila… sabi ko ako nalang mismo ang pupunta sa service center sa october para ihampas ung astra sa alimantak nila… nakakagago

    • hawdeeeee

      di ko alam sa inyo pero maganda performance ng astra ko since last december nang binili ko,konting lags lng and no dead pixels.pero lalong bumilis ang ui at nagimprove battery life nang ipa-jellybean update ko this july.pati ung memory niya,kung dati sa internal memory lang siya nag-iinstall (kya konti lang na-iinstall na games,lalo na pag 3d),ngayon sa external sd card na’ko nakaka-install.kapag may mga battery drains na na-eencounter ako lagi kong nate-trace sa mga apps na na-install ko, so uninstall lang ang solution. just always check your settings for optimal battery life and update to jellybean.

    • Dood

      If only I have a 6.900Php, Ipunin ko nalang tapos bili ako ng Samsung. :3 wala eh, taghirap. Sana pedeng irefund yung binayad sa Starmobile no? Tengene.

  • jose mari

    the worst cellphone I’ve ever bought……. wala pang 1 month after mabili ko sa ADI LGF ng SM Cubao last January 2013, ayun nag automatic shutdown. ibinalik ko para magawa ng last wk February, ibinalik ng March 16, 2013, ayun nag automatic shutdown pa rin… before that, after a week na bumili ako ng starmobile astra ay may malaking kakaibang ilaw (deadpixel yata tawag dun) yung unang unit, pinalitan naman ng new unit… kaso itong bagong unit nag automatic shutdown….. proud to be Philippine made nga ba? saying na PhP 6,900+.00

    • NaBoyetDre?

      base sa mga sinabi mo .. lahat nmn ng phones pg nilalabas minsan may defects wla pong perfect system :) bka malas ka lng :3

      • ewan mcgreggy

        Jose mari, hindi ka nagiisa. bumili din kami ng Astra dun sa ADI noong march. after ng isang linggo, nagloko bigla yung phone na parang possessed at open ng open ng mga apps at hindi nagrerespond ang I,K at M sa qwerty. Binalik namin sa ADI para ipagawa sa Starmobile. Nakalagpas na ng isang buwan, hindi sila magkusang magupdate sa min, kami pa ang nangungulit pero ang sagot nila HINDI NILA ALAM kung ano ang status ng unit namin! Kung hindi kami nagpunta dun at nagalburuto sa tindahan nila, hindi ata sila magaaksyon. Ngayon, parating na daw yung unit na pinalitan na ang motherboard at makukuha na namin. GOODLUCK, kundi !#%x?@ …

    • JP Garmay

      FYI rebranded China phone po yan at di gawang pinoy hehehe. Panget kamo sebisyo ng pinoy kaya di mo pa makuha yun pinagawa mo.

  • Renchie Val Coloso

    hope problems iwll be solved as soon as possible. daming negative feedbacks!!

  • Windlyn Bulawin Rull

    PAnu ba mgamit ung 3g internet ng star mobile astra? Ayaw kasi gumana sa kapatid ko e.. tnx reply po..

    • Anthony Lipa

      Punta k s settings tpos s more tpos ung mobile networks den 3G services pili k anong networks internet ggmitin mo den punta k ulit s settings den data usage, on mo ano network ggmitin mo gnun lng

  • Windlyn Bulawin Rull

    PAkisagot naman po ung tanong ko… paanu iactivate ung 3g internet ng star mobile astra sa tm or smart.!!! salamat po!!!

  • Gilfa Joy Salibio

    I’ve been using my starmobile astra since december. love the cam! pati friends ko love din ang cam ng astra. it lags lalo na kapag puno ng apps. it has it’s ups and downs but worth it at less than 7k compared to the samsung S duo which is twice it’s price with almost the same specs.

    • JUN


  • renan

    how much?

  • AngaelBn

    may astra nako astig eh .. oonga pla 4.0.2 ung android tapos ung internal memory 3gig lang

  • innovation

    sablay daw to sabi ng pinsan ko madali ma lowbat saka may dead pixel ..

    • Dennis

      sablay nga … yung saken 2 weeks pa lang … may dead spots na sa LCD … as in nonreponsive … just imagine this … pag mag cocompose ka ng message … in portrait mode … di ko magamit yung letters U, H, B and number 7 … lagpas na sa 7-day replacement warranty … anak ng !@#$!@#$

  • innovation

    ung ibang featues di pa totoo

  • zer0thir13en

    Well, I never have bought a star mobile phone before, so I can’t make a personal review out of it. But I just wanted to help people out there wanting to have android phones but can’t afford the expensive ones

    First and foremost, you’re not paying for the android software. It’s open source. Google’s not earning from that either. So an expensive android device seems impractical, right?
    Wrong. If it’s not obvious yet, you’re paying for parts. Cheap phones = cheap parts, less wage on workers (less “devoted” workers. what, money’s the reason why they work, right?). This sacrifices stability, performance, and longevity. You get what you pay for I guess.

    I know many of you would say you’d rather buy a cheap one. But I believe it’s better to earn up and invest in a more expensive one, even with similar specs. You get the promise that it will last long. That’s why you paid for it in the first place, to make sure you invested on something worth your hard earned money. Trust me. The only reason expensive things get replaced is because people gets sick of them, due to them lasting long.

    I myself own a Samsung phone. It doesn’t have the same specs as the Astra has, but I believe it’s performing quite well. I already have it for 2 years. It may not seem much, but compare that to what you get for having cheap phones.
    I have dropped it at considerable heights, and it’s still performing exceptionally well.

    If you suffer from battery loss, I suggest you download a task manager off the Play Store. It’s free anyway, and a good one saves up your battery quite nicely.

    As for those regarding the 3G, if I am not mistaken, you need to have your settings first. Once you have that, or if you already have that, turn on the packet data or mobile network. That’s the 3g or HSDPA. It’s in settings, then wireless networks, if not in the drop down thingy.

    • Dense

      almost 7k its not a cheap one! Star mobile misleading the people by selling hidden deffective products.

  • popoy


  • eidderf

    kahit ba lagyan ng apps na Power saver mabilis pa din maubos ng battery??

  • Remcharles Borres

    Battery Life !

  • Dennis

    sablay!!! … bought June 20, 2013 … 2 weeks pa lang … may dead spots na sa LCD … as in nonreponsive … just imagine this … pag mag cocompose ka ng message … in portrait mode … di ko magamit yung letters U, H, B and number 7 … lagpas na sa 7-day replacement warranty … anak ng !@#$!@#$ … sayang pera …

    • Dennis

      update: dinala ko yung unit sa service center nila sa pasig, july 5 … ginawa yung unit … na iship saken july 13 … 3pm … excited ako … ok na ok … fast forward … 9pm … unresponsive na yung LCD as in lahat ng part ng screen … sabi ko na kasi sa kanila lemon yung unit … ilang beses ba kelangang masira yung unit para maintindihan nila na lemon yung unit at kelangan palitan na nila ng bago … ano to? ganito na lang nang ganito hanggang maubos warranty ko? nakakaloko na si starmobile a …

      • mariel

        mukhang parehas tayo ng hinanakit dennis 2 weeks lang sira na ulit yung phone ko same issue pa din… message ulit ako sa kanila sa fb pick upin daw ulit nila para ayusin nakakaloka e parang mas matagal pang hawak nila ang telepono natin kakaayos kaysa sa pinakikinabangan natin ah… tama ka, pano na tayo pag natapos na yung 12 mos warranty natin? Ganun na lang ba yun… ok lang bigay ko sa kanila yung 6990 na pinambili ko plus kunsumisyon pero sa isang kundisyon gusto kong ibato sa mukha nila yung telepono para makabawi namn ako…

        • ken

          talagang problema na pala ng starmobile ang nonresponsive lcd!

  • cl21

    bought astra after 1 week black out, edured it till one day bumaliktad lahat ng icons, i had to let it face the mirror so i can read it. pina replace ko i got the replacement 1 month after, super hassle! now im having problems with the wifi, i can’t connect!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggggg! for a P6990 this is not what i expected, should be P1000 lang! I really hate this phone! they should not sell it! it’s like they’re stealing money from people!

  • mariel

    Mukhang pare parehas ang problema ng nakabili ng astra ilang buwan pa lang sira na.. masyadong mahal ang P6990 para sa 3 mos. gamit ng phone puro kunsumisyon ang aabutin mo pag bumili ng product nila nanloloko lang sila ng tao.. Dine delete nila ang negative feedback pag nag post ka sa facebook.. Pinaayos ko phone ko pero hanggang ngayon hnd pa din naibabalik, naayos na daw at nasa courier na nagtataka lang ako kung ilang araw kaya bago makarating sa akin ang phone ko e within luzon din lang namn ako, buti sna kung nagbibigay sila ng spare phone habang inaayos nila yung phone mo, kya lang wla e….

  • Dense

    Lahat ng star mobile phone overpriced tapos sirain pa. baka sister company eto ng Cherry mobile sa dami defecitive phone. sa ganyan price and specs makabili kana ng lenovo,huawei and alcatel branded pa.

  • Larry

    nakabili ako astra last july 7, 2013, tel now oki pa naman. nahulog na to 6 times. dami ng gas gas sa casing. nahulog pa ito ng nka motor ako. muntik pang natamaan sa gulong… tel now still working..hahahhaa.. malas2x lang ata ang pag buy ng unit. meron dn naman branded sira dn agad,depindi lang talaga..

    • eneomaos

      8months ko na nagagamit ung phone ko ilang beses na nalaglag ok parin pero last wik lumalabas na ung sira nya antayin mo lang darating ka rin sa puntong mahhighblood ka sa sira hahaha

  • emem

    ok nmn ang astra.. kxo battery sakin ang problema.. hirap hanapan.. haayysss.. san pa kaya ako mag hahanap ng battery ng astra

  • hazel

    pnu b plitan un language s messages kpag ngttxt k kc chinese ang nklgy s me

  • eneomaos

    binili ko yung astra ko nung dec 7 2012 til now august 24 last week may nangyayare na sa mobile ko nag aautomatic scroll at click sya…almost 8months ko na nagamit sayang nga lang wala na kong pampalit dito want ko mapagawa kaso baka lalo lang masira naghahanap lang ako ng tulad ng nangyare sakin na nag automatic scroll and click tsk hirap ng ganito…BTW yung battery life wag na kayo magtaka kung bakit mabilis malowbat isipin nyo nalang na class B or C whatever parts ng mobile galing china e ang laki ng phone tas wala pang kalahati ang batttery so ganun talaga magdrain yun and hindi sa sinasabi nilang coz android 4.3 LCD? no sa totoo lang yun size ng battery nila at capacity para mapunan un activity ng phone.

    • la lang

      nadisccover ko na ang pdoblemang ganyan ay connected dun sa port nya para masaksakan mo ng charger/usb cord. nung natanggal aksidente kasi nawala na yung problem na yun. kaso ang problema mo pag nangyari yun yung t f c o yung diretso na yun mula taas pababa di mo na mapipindot. pero ngayon ewan ko kung bakit bigla nalang gumana ulit. dati naman nung di pa natatanggal yung port sinasaksak ko lang sa pc at mayamaya ayos na. ingatan mo nalang port mo o kaya pa tingin mo na yan. di lang pati sa astra nangyayari yan. pati sa mga apple phone. mapapansin mo rin mabagal magcharge na yan kumpara nung brand new pa yan. geh

    • gegel

      Naayos nyo po ba? Ganyan din case ng astra ko. Nag-aautomatic scroll at click huhu di ko magamit.

    • blair

      same po tayo ng problem. 1 yr ko na po ginagamit yung ASTRA last May lng po sya nagkaroon ng problems. nag automatic scroll and click. parang may sarili na po syang buhay at hindi ko rin marinig ang kausap ko po

  • gsg

    bkt gani2 starmobile astra wala signal sa lugar namin sa agoncillo. pero sa ibang lugar meron.

    • gerald

      ganyan din ung sken eh..

  • chamz

    where can i buy the LCD of starmobile astra? can somebody help me..please.. kasi nhulog na yun ng maraming beses at yun! sira na yung LCD..

  • Renz

    3 months palang tong SM Astra ko may deadspot na sa LCD…

  • carlo

    i bought astra last june 8. july nasira na. di ko maririnig mga tumatawag unless i loud speaker ko. di ko pinaayos kasi dahil sa feedback na sobrang matagal. buti nalang nadapa ako, nabagsak phone ko… yun naging okay na. kakabaliw si astra. lahat ba ng phone nyo kailangan bang ibagsak para maayos ang problema gaya nangyari sakin? LOL.

  • Jayne

    Hello po…I have the same problems as u guys have…Dead spots on the LCD. I’m wondering if u guys can guide me on how to get to their Service Center. I tried texting them pero no reply…same thing with e-mail. Can someone help me pls…? I’m coming from Sucat Hi-way (Muntinlupa City). Hope to hear from someone who knows to commute to the Starmobile Service Center. Thank you.

    • Jeremiah Ocan

      meron ata sa SM NORTH……….

  • gerald

    Aw panu po ung astra starmobile ko walng signal haiiisssst!!!!! star mobile happyman nkakasad nman oh… :((

  • ED


  • cathy

    starmobile help!! just brought my astra after,in one week sira na ang battery..i went in sm where i brought that phone pra magpplit ng battery,pinalitan..kaya lng after 3 days wah..ung speaker nmn ang nasira..pianayos nga after one week uli wala nmn..hinayaan ko..dn just this day ayun ung batter k charge ko lng full after an hour lowbat dn memory full ng hhung tuloy..8G nmn ung sd card q 1g plang nggamit..ung ung storage kunti plang nmn man ung use..wonder tuloy ako kung pra san talaga ung memory n un.hirap ng astra..wla p nman aq pmplit un lng dn way q pra mkkontact,kala q nkatipid dhil sale nung bnili q ung pla..nagipit ako lalo ..

    • xxxLyn

      i feel you yan din problema ko now. same lang tayo ng mga reklamo hahai

  • aaron

    help nanm po marereplce po ba pag nagblur ng lcd nya eh 2days ko lang po nagagamit nagblur sya nd nnam po sya nabagsk

  • red

    Sa mga comment dito lumalabas na poor quality itong starmobile na katulad din ng mga nabasa kong comment sa cherry mobile. Nakakapanghinayang ang perang pinambili kung masisira agad. Baka mas mainam pang 2nd hand na branded ang bilhin, sulit pa siguro.

  • peace

    Thanks to your comments, i change my mind to buy one-

  • Apyong Sungkit Jamilo

    nag crack ang lcd screen nang astra ko saan pwede maka pa replacee nito at magkano?

  • nene

    Please help me!!! I can’t connect in camera. I can’t use the camera to take pictures! All I can see if I go to camera is “cannot connect to camera” please help me! Thank you

    • Jovan Jerek Tan

      try fully rebooting your phone. it worked for me.