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Microsoft offers Windows 10 as free upgrade, even to pirates

March 19, 2015 |

Microsoft is feeling generous with its Windows 10; it will be offering this upcoming operating system as a free upgrade to every user of Windows 7 or later. Even pirated copies of Windows are eligible for an upgrade too.

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Facebook Messenger’s new feature lets you send money to friends

March 18, 2015 |

Facebook has introduced a new feature in its Messenger app that allows users to send payments to their friends.

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Google buys photo/video backup service Odysee

February 10, 2015 |

Odysee will no longer be offering its services after February 23. Google has acquired the photo/video backup service, the developers of which are headed to join Google+.

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Downloader beware: Google Play apps downloaded by millions of users contain adware

February 4, 2015 |

Google recommends avoiding Android apps from third-party sources, but even its own Play Store is laden with malicious apps according to Avast.

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Windows 7, 8.1 users will receive Windows 10 as free upgrade

January 25, 2015 |

Windows 10 will not only arrive as a free upgrade for Windows Phone devices; computers powered by Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 can also transition to the upcoming Windows version for free during its first year of availability.

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DOTA gets banned in a barangay in Cavite

January 22, 2015 | | One Comment

Internet cafés in a barangay in Cavite can no longer offer the online game DOTA as one of their amenities, since the barangay officials have issued an ordinance to ban the game.

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Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War arrives in Google Play, iOS, and Windows Phone

December 25, 2014 | | One Comment

Brothers in Arms 3 is the most recent in the acclaimed World War Two series to hit Google Play. Read More

Nextbit’s Baton introduces app continuity feature across Android devices

October 29, 2014 |

Nextbit, a startup company founded by former Google employers, has unveiled their first new product for Android: the Baton. It’s a feature that keeps apps and data synchronized across multiple devices.

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O+ Air Share: a social storage app for up to 15GB free

October 13, 2014 |

O+ USA has released an Android app made exclusively for O+ devices. It’s the O+ Air Share, a social storage app that lets users store and share files up to 15GB for free.

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Moga Hero Power Mobile Gaming Controller

September 28, 2014 | | One Comment

Gaming on my smartphones and tablets has never been as good as playing on dedicated consoles. Some games were okay, some were bad. It’s a mixed bag. Read More

How to Buy Dota 2 Items using Globe GCash AMEX

September 24, 2014 | | 2 Comments

Of the many available MOBA games, I’m particularly fond of Dota 2. It may not be forgiving to the casual player, but it can be a fun, challenging pastime once you’ve got the hang of it. Customizing your heroes with items enhances the experience even further, which this guide will teach you how to buy through GCash American Express Virtual Pay.

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App Spotlight – Batman: Arkham Origins for Mobile

September 23, 2014 |

For those who don’t know, this year 2014 marks the 75th anniversary of our beloved Caped Crusader. We here at NoypiGeeks are jumping in the bandwagon by featuring one of the better Batman-related games out there: Batman: Arkham Origins for mobile! Developed by NetherRealms for WB Games (owner of DC Comics and related subsidiaries), the game is based on the console game Batman: Arkham Origins. Read More

McDelivery All Access Pass App now available on Android, iOS

September 16, 2014 |

McDonald’s Philippines is giving its hungry patrons one more way to order their Big Mac hamburgers and BFF Bundles and have the food delivered to their doorstep. Available for free, you can now download the McDelivery All Access Pass App on Android and iOS.

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Viber adds video calling feature on its Android, iOS app

September 12, 2014 |

Viber, a mobile messaging app used by 200 million users worldwide, now allows video calls on its Android and iOS app.

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Buy Games on Steam with GCash AMEX

August 24, 2014 | | One Comment

If you’re a gamer, you probably know about Steam. It’s where lots of games are available for purchase. From Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2k, and Counter-Strike – they have it all. Read More