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O+ Time and O+ Tag Review

February 8, 2015 |

2015 was said to be the year of the wearable. A lot of international manufacturers have placed their bets on this category, especially with the release of Android Wear, everyone of them were eager to take advantage of this platform. Read More

O+ Wearables: O+ Tag and O+ Time now official

December 6, 2014 | | One Comment

O+ has officially joined the wearables craze with the announcement of O+ Time and O+ Tag. Read More

Urban Armor Gear Cases for Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3

March 9, 2014 | | One Comment

Back in January, I was looking for something that could make my Galaxy S4 look and feel more sturdy. The performance is very nice and all that, but the feel of the phone is really bad. So I finally started searching for a new case that’s not the typical ones I could get at the malls. Read More

7 Impressive Smartphones of 2013 under Php10,000

December 24, 2013 | | 7 Comments

With the year 2013 about to end, the time is ripe for reminiscing what the smartphone scene delivered to consumers. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of duds and knock-offs, but we’ve also encountered smartphones of great interest. Without further ado, here’s our list of this year’s impressive smartphones that are priced below Php10,000.

Read More

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Review: My Personal Opinion

September 14, 2013 | | 9 Comments

Ok, first things first: This article reflects my honest opinion about the platform. I’ve been using it for over seven months now, and as you may have guessed from my previous article, my reception to the platform has been less than stellar. Read More

IPS versus AMOLED: which is the better phone screen?

August 29, 2013 | | 4 Comments

As you go from retailer to retailer while searching for the next smartphone to buy, you may mostly come across demo units with hardware specs listed nearby. You can expect the type of technology used for the display to be mentioned there as well. Read More

Why your Internet Speed is Slower than Expected

July 11, 2013 | | 6 Comments

Despite the high speeds that your Internet service provider promises to offer you, such fast Internet connections does not always hold in the real world. More often than not, you experience slower access as you browse your Facebook feeds or download the latest movies from iTunes. If luck is on your side, it would be faster, even more than double the advertised speed, but not consistently so. Read More

Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games for Android

May 27, 2013 | | 4 Comments

If you own a smartphone, chances are you have a couple of gaming apps that can readily entertain you whenever boredom strikes. Be it waiting for your flight in the airport or when there’s just nothing to do, you and your friends can pass the time with multiplayer games. Take a look at our list of Bluetooth multiplayer games for Android. Read More

Mind Control Feature Coming to Future Samsung Devices

April 22, 2013 |

Samsung has implemented tons of software features in the Galaxy S4 and most of them revolve around controlling your device without touching it. You can hover above your phone with AirView and AirGesture while other features such as Smat Scroll, Smart Stay, and Smart Pause let your eyes interact with your device. But how about mind control? Read More

MyPhone A898 Duo: One of the Best Android Smartphones Under Php8K

October 31, 2012 | | 33 Comments

The MyPhone A878 Duo quickly captured the attention of the Philippine market when it first came out because of its impressive specs despite the modest price tag. After all, whoever heard of a dual core android smartphone with a gorgeous 4.3″ IPS display retailing for anything less than Php10k? But that’s just what the A878 Duo did, giving budget-conscious Filipinos the opportunity to own a blazing fast Android smartphone for just Php6,999. It even comes with ICS 4.0 out of the box! However, the MyPhone A878 Duo doesn’t come with 3G or a front-facing camera for that matter, and many potential buyers have held out on buying it in hopes that MyPhone would release another dual core model that supported 3G. That phone is now here in the form of the much-awaited MyPhone A898 Duo, filling in the gaps of what the A878 Duo should have been. Read More

Apple iPad 4 Philippines Price, Specs – What’s new and Should you Buy it?

October 27, 2012 | | 10 Comments

While a majority of people tuned into the October 23 Apple event to find out if the rumors would turn out to be true again about the iPad Mini, Apple also came out with a newly refreshed iPad 4. So soon? That’s exactly the same thought I had, knowing that the third generation New iPad was released barely 6 months ago. Still, Apple will do what Apple will do, and what we’ve got is essentially a spec bump to the New iPad the way the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4. So what’s different about this new release? Read More

Cherry Mobile Flare Launched, 1.2GHz Dual-core Android phone for only Php3,999!

October 26, 2012 | | 312 Comments

Cherry Mobile had another ground breaking launch in their recently concluded Cherry Mobile Flare Up event. The Cherry Mobile Flare carries fantastic specifications and features even though it has a tremendously cheap price tag.  We had the chance to play with the device in their launch and we can safely say that Cherry Mobile Flare is a very potent android phone that may take away some market share from the big brands. Read More

Apple iPhone 5 Philippines Price, Specifications and Features: Packs a Bigger 4-inch Display, Dual-core and LTE

September 14, 2012 | | 8 Comments

The rumors were now closed as the iPhone 5 becomes official through the recently held media event of Apple in San Francisco. Some talks that we’ve heard before were proven to be true and spot on that’s why some people were disappointed that it didn’t have something really innovative to offer. Apple is very strict on not giving out leaks before but this year, it didn’t succeed. The iPhone 5 designs were shared throughout the web and it eventually turned out to be the real one. Read More

Alarming Increase in Number of Malwares were Detected, Android is not Immune!

September 8, 2012 |

If you’re an Android user, you might be under attack right now! One of the most popular solutions for mobile phone users around the world, the Android ecosystem has gotten a gigantic boost for its open source policy. Unlike other companies in the mobile space (like Apple, for instance) Android handsets and software (some of them) allow you a full use and customization of your phone Read More

Alcatel One Touch Blaze Glory 918N Review

June 3, 2012 | | 179 Comments

One of the best entry-level android phone currently available in the Philippine market, the Alcatel One Touch 918N (or Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N) made a lot of noise in the smartphone arena with its great features even with its low price tag. However, Alcatel is new to the game from people’s eyes eventhough they’ve been in the android craze for quite a while now. Is it worth it against its direct competitors – the Samsung Galaxy Y and LG Optimus L3? Read on our full Alcatel One Touch 918N review to find out.
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