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Cherry Mobile Action Cam Explorer Review

January 26, 2016 |

We have been filled with Action Cameras lately. From the line started by GoPro, we now have different options, not only from them per se, but also from other leading companies. We now got Sony, Garmin, Panasonic, Polaroid, and the list just goes on. Read More

Cherry Mobile MAIA Smart Tab Review

January 1, 2016 |

There’s really no stopping Cherry Mobile in saturating the local tech market. We have seen them release new devices after new devices, from new line-ups, to independent devices; the company is going all-out this year. Read More

Cherry Mobile Flare S4 Plus Review

November 6, 2015 |

There are just a lot of things going on with Cherry Mobile lately. The company is being buoyant in releasing new devices, in almost a monthly basis. We’ve just seen the One G1 last August, the new intel-powered MAIA devices on september, and now, the new  Flare devices. Read More

Asus Zenfone Selfie Review

October 7, 2015 | | One Comment

The year 2015 is probably the pinnacle of high-powered, yet budget-friendly smartphones. Different manufacturers have been very clever in creating and designing devices that would approve the taste of the majority, without letting them to shell out a lot of cash. And Asus is one of the few companies who have been pulling it off very well. From the release famed Zenfone 5, to the celebrated Zenfone 2, which delivered top-notch specifications at an unbelievable price tag. Read More

Xiaomi Mi Pad review

October 5, 2015 |

Chinese tech manufacturers are now becoming more visible in the horizon, and the more popular and leading brands are now under threat. This is made possible due to the release of high-end products, at an unbelievably budget-friendly price tag, something that we thought were impossible when companies like Apple and Samsung were dominating the market. Read More

O+ 360 Alpha Plus Review

October 2, 2015 |

O+ is here again with nothing but a new device to flaunt its 360 technology. The O+ 360 Alpha Plus is not only an immediate follow up to the company’s pride category, but it is also the second iteration of the earlier device, the O+ 360 Alpha. Read More

O+ Ultra Review

August 22, 2015 | | 3 Comments

In typical same-old fashion, local manufacturers have always been eager in offering new goodies on the table by releasing new devices after new devices, to always shake things up and intensify the competition. And O+ is definitely a member of the pack. The company did got pretty excited about their 360 innovation that they have already released five devices under that category in just the first half of the year. Read More

O+ Convertible Review

July 25, 2015 |

Local device manufacturers have always been eager to compete with the more prominent international competitors by venturing in to different product lines to battle with. From high-end smartphones, wearables, and tablet hybrids. Read More

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

July 11, 2015 | | One Comment

Samsung has been the most popular Android manufacturer for years. They’ve also held the top position when it comes to flagship Android smartphones for a long time. However, the last two iterations haven’t made a huge impact because of their incremental updates. The S4 was nice, but it wasn’t a big step forward from the S3. The Galaxy S5 offered water resistance and internal upgrades, but it’s still nothing explosive. Read More

Asus Zenfone 2 Review

June 21, 2015 | | 2 Comments

Asus really did gathered a lot of attention when they’ve announced the very first smartphone with 4GB of RAM, the Asus Zenfone 2. That declaration really did excite a lot people, which made the device easily one of the most highly anticipated smartphone even months before its release. Read More

O+ 360 HD Review

June 5, 2015 | | 3 Comments

O+ is really pushing their very own 360  technology in the market with the release of the O+ 360 HD, the fourth device on this line-up in just less than a year. The 360 technology uses a sensor that’s situated at the back, which can recognize swiping and tapping, gestures that are also being done on the device’s display. Read More

Cherry Mobile One Review

May 30, 2015 | | One Comment

Over the years, Google has been becoming more and more serious about making Android the best mobile operating system. Its open-source nature makes it easy to spread out and it attracted lots of manufacturers and partners around the world. Read More

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Review: A Bang for Buck 4G Smartphone That’s Easy on the Pocket

May 28, 2015 |

Although it took its sweet time getting here, we finally got a taste of Xiaomi’s product refresh, the Redmi 2 a little while back thanks to their familiar flash sale approach. However, this year’s Redmi is facing even stiffer competition … Read More

MyPhone Rio 2 Lite Review

April 22, 2015 | | 4 Comments

Due to the success of the1st gen Rio, MyPhone is really on the trails in strengthening the Rio brand’s footprint by releasing two new devices on this line up, the Rio 2 and Rio 2 Lite. Read More

Cherry Mobile Cosmos One Plus Review

April 3, 2015 | | 4 Comments

Cherry Mobile, one of the most leading smartphone manufacturer in the country, outs their new flagship device, the Cosmos One Plus. Read More