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DTC GT2 Price

Giveaway: Win a DTC GT3 Astroid Android Phone

July 31, 2012 | | 285 Comments

Alright, now that I’ve already finished doing and posting the full review of DTC GT3 Astroid, it is time to give it away to you guys! We’ll make it pretty simple just like before when we raffled the DTC GT2 touch phone. If you’re not aware, the GT3 Astroid is one of the newest entry-level android phones in the market catered by DTC Mobile Philippines. Read More

Giveaway: Win a DTC GT2 Touch Phone

July 19, 2012 | | 277 Comments

As promised in our Facebook fan page a few days ago, we will now start the raffle of one of the 2 (two) DTC phones we have. NoypiGeeks and DTC are very happy to announce that our giveaway of a DTC GT2 Touch phone is now up! The phone is a simple touch screen phone with the ability to play your favourite TV shows straight from the handset itself! It is so calm yet so nice with the usual mobile features such as dual-SIM text messaging, camera and video shooting, and playing music among others. Read More