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Facebook Security

Facebook ad targeting using email, mobile numbers, and user ID may launch soon

September 3, 2012 |

Facebook is literally going crazy as they will soon include the email, mobile numbers and user ID in the in-ad targeting campaigns they have. They don’t really care about their users privacy and everybody hates it. With this new policy, advertisers will be able to target specific users and what’s worse, this new power will eventually get us irritated when they start to roll this out. Read More

Is Your Facebook Account Safe? Know Online World’s Latest Security Measures

May 2, 2012 | | 9 Comments

Due to the rapid increase of security risks being churned out within Facebook, the Facebook Security Team introduces Anti-virus Marketplace and some other ways to help the whole community deal with the vulnerabilities they are currently facing. A few months ago, nearly 100,000 Facebook users’ log in information were allegedly released and compromised due to a possible hack attack. So we should really be careful because we will never determine when an attack might actually happen. Facebook is a very big corporation but it is not exempted in security risks. Read More