Today’s low to mid-range android phone users were immensely suffering in putting all the apps and games they wanted into that tiny on-board memory they have so they wanted to increase their internal memory without root. The usual memory given was only around 150Mb to 200Mb. Ever wished your you have a bigger internal memory for your android phone? In this guide, I will mention some ways on how you could avoid that handicap on low memory problem.


Since Android 2.2 Froyo, users were now able to move their applications into their SD card but there are a few apps that can be totally moved. Some apps were not intended to be moved to the SD card due to functionality(like widgets). we should also take note that the Native Apps2sd feature of Froyo doesn’t move the whole application, it only moves the apk and not the dex and lib files. Meaning, there will still be a lot of X.XMb left in your internal memory.

Why do you need to free up your internal memory? It is important because it will help you avoid lag and also it can make your phone run smoother.

Here are some of the tips you can use:

  • Download Applications with Many Functions
  • Avoid having same type of apps as it only consume your space(ex. file managers)
  • Avoid downloading unnecessary applications, and if you do uninstall it
  • Download only games with size of 10mb below as it will let you have more room
  • Clear app caches often (this should give you a large amount of internal memory back)
  • Clear data once in a while (if you don’t bother to log-in to your accounts)

These are the few tips you can use if your phone is not rooted. If your phone is already rooted, you can read my other post and use my Link2sd tutorial instead. Unlike the Native Apps2sd, Link2sd also moves the dex and lib files giving you the best experience by having the chance to install any apps you want. So that will be all the tips i will today. Watch out for more tips to come!


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  1. how can i revert back to my previous setup (prior to link2sd) just in case a prblm occur? my phone is LG P690