Link2SD is an android application by Bulent Akpinar that lets you move apps and games to the 2nd partition of your SD card. Why do we have to use Link2SD when Froyo and Gingerbread’s Native Apps2sd moves the files to the SD card? Native apps2sd only moves the apk file of the application leaving other files in internal memory thus you still have to manage your on-board memory and limit your choice of apps because it will eat up your memory and later on you cannot install any files anymore. Additionally, widgets and some applications are not intended to be moved to the SD card. However, Link2SD is only for root users because it is required that your phone is rooted.


The idea behind the application is the same. But Link2SD has more relevant features which the Native Apps2sd lacked giving Android 1.5 and up users the chance to have a taste of what it’s like to have a big phone memory. Additional features were added by the developer to furher optimize the usage of android devices. By using Link2SD, you can move not only the application file, but also  the dalvic-cache and libray files of the application. This means that data will be the only one left to consume your internal memory thus installing applications and games would be easier because you can install anything you want without worrying about the famous low memory problem. Furthermore, Link2sd covers all files even moving widgets and the unmoveable applications to the 2nd partition of your SD card.

This is a step by step guide on how you can run Link2SD on your device. This tutorial will work for both stock and cutom ROMs. For ClockWorkMod Recovery users, you can check the other guide below. Follow all the instructions carefully to eliminate possible problems.

  1. First you have to download Mini Tool Partition Wizard Manager. You can download it HERE.
  2. Insert your SD card to a card reader and open it on your computer.
  3. Back up all your files to the computer because partitioning will wipe your data.
  4. Open Mini Tool in your computer. Locate your SD card (be careful in choosing and make sure not to choose the drive of your computer)
  5. Right click and choose Delete.link2sd 3
  6. Right click on it again and choose Create New. Create “FAT32” partition (This is where all your media files will go. Be sure to make it bigger than the 2nd part)
  7. Select “Create as: PRIMARY” link2sd 4
  8. Next, create an ext2/ext3/ext4 partition (if you’re on stock ROM, choose ext2). This is where your apps will go. I suggest a value of 512Mb or 1Gb would be big enough but if you insist you can go as high as 2Gb.
  9. Select “Create As: PRIMARY” (make sure that it is both set to primary because it will not work if it is not set to primary) link2sd 5
  10. Click the “Apply” button on the top left corner and wait for it to finish the process. Done.
  11. Put back your SD card to your phone and switch it on.
  12. Download and install Link2sd from Google Play Store.
  13. Open Link2sd. You will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 and FAT32. Select ext2. link2sd 6
  14. It will say mount script created. Reboot your phone now.
  15. Open link2sd and if the message doesn’t show up, you succeded.
  16. Go to Link2sd>Settings>check the autolink (to automatically move apps upon installation)
  17. If you already have some apps, select “move to phone” then after moving select “Create Link” (be sure to check the three files: app, dalvic-cache and library files)
  18. link2sd 2link2sd
  19. To check your memory, select “Storage Info”. This will show you the current state of your internal memory, FAT32, and ext2 partition.                                                                                             link2sd 7
  20. Now you’re done and ready to install vast amount of applications as you wish!
NOTE: You can also use the instructions above. This guide will work on both stock and custom ROMs.
  1. Back up all your files to your computer. Partitioning wipes the files of your SD card.
  2. Go into recovery mode
  3. Select “Advanced”
  4. Select “Partition SD card”
  5. Choose your SD-ext size (if you’re using a 2Gb SD card, choose 512Mb. If your SD card is 4Gb or greater, you can choose 1024Mb)
  6. Select 0 swap
  7. Wait for the process to finish. Reboot.
  8. Download and install Link2SD from Google Play Store.
  9. Open Link2SD you will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 or FAT32. Choose ext4.
  10. Follow instructions number 14-20. DONE!

Having troubles? Feel free to comment and post your questions below. Enjoy! :)

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  • Alvin Aquino

    thanks a lot. it works perfectly.

    • chum

      mr.Alvin Aquino how it will works in samsung galaxy young

  • Joy

    after I follow your instruction, I prompted to a Root access warning Link2SD could not obtain root access, If you have root access make sure to allow or grant to the superuser request. Please help me what to do.

    • Is your android phone rooted? It is a requirement in using Link2SD.

      • Kiran

        Hi, I m also getting same error. I have rooted my phone.

        • Allow it when it prompts you to give it root access.

          • Kiran

            but i am not getting any prompt to allow access… :(

          • I think you don’t have root access yet? Do you have a Super User icon on your app drawer?

          • owais

            no its not, so what i do??

          • Kiran

            Hi sir, I downloaded root file from below url. I copied it in sd card and through recovery mode i ran the file, I got message of successful rooted. However when I tried to check in Root Checker app, it says my phone is not rooted. Will you please provide me the right root file. Thank You

          • Kiran

            Also I do not have Super User icon on my app drawer. Please help me. I am getting mad because of continuous pop up stating my internal memory low. :(

      • owias

        what is rooted how i root my phone plz help me i m also getting this error……

  • kaii

    after i opened link2sd, my seconde partition cannot be found

    • Maybe you missed some step. Try to repartition it again and see if it works. If the problem persists, try another memory card with at least Class 4.

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  • nss

    I have a rooted stock rom (custom kernel?) Samsung exhilarate and a 8gb class 4 microsd. I’ve tried this tutorial and others with every combination of fat and fat32 for both partitions and I continue to get a ‘damaged sd card’ message on my phone each time I partition. I’m wondering if maybe there’s a certain amount of gbs I should be putting on each partition specifically? I did this tutorial with 2.83gb in the first Fat32 partition and 1.95gb the second ext2 partition. My last sd card I partitioned so much I ended up corrupting it -_-. So yeah I’m not trying to do that again. Any advice? thank you.

    • If you have an 8GB microSD card, put 2GB to your EXT partition and the rest to your multimedia and file storage. Do you have ClockworkMod Recovery? If yes, then follow the steps above because it is easier.

      Or maybe your microSD is not compatible so try other microSD cards and see if it works.

  • hi i am using LG L7 p705 android 4.0 mobile : I am try in my mobile but Link2SD could not obtain root access this msg displaying! How can i do it?

    • Maybe your phone is not rooted yet? You have to root it first.

      • paano po ba mag root ng phone?

        • Ireenee

          Same here… same phone.. LG L7.. how to root the phone po? thanks so much!

  • ganesh sundaram

    I am getting the following error when I run the Link2sd app to check,
    “Mount script cannot be created.

    Mount. No such device

    Ext4 may not be supported on your device. Try Fat32 on the second partition.”

    My phone is Samsung Galaxy ACE. Android 2.2.1

    The SD card is 8GB with 6 GB on the FAT 32 and the rest 1.52 GB as Ext4.

    Please help me.

    • Your current ROM doesn’t support ext4. Try ext2 or if it still doesn’t fit, use FAT32.

      • ganesh sundaram

        Thanks a lot for the reply. In order to make sure I tried to repeat once again the above process, (Before your reply), strangely the Ext4 partition is not showing in the “Mini Tool partition”. Even after I deleted it (Step 5 above) I could not get back the 1.52 GB!!! Please help me get back the space, so that I can opt for ext2 partition.

        • That’s strange. Try to reformat it in other devices. It should show up in Mini Tool so that you can delete it.

          • ganesh sundaram

            THANKS A LOT! I had extended the memory to 2GB, thats because of your clear cut instructions and timely response to my Queries.
            I had formatted my SD card through my phone and then repeated the above steps with choosing ext2, as instructed by you. Now it works fine.
            Because of the persons like you, we newbies can learn and move on.
            GREAT JOB.
            THANKS AGAIN

          • Thanks for the kind words. I’m happy to know that I helped you. =)

  • hey dude. after ko naman magawa yang mga yan.. may lumalabas sa notification ng andriod phone ko sabi nia. “blank SD card or unsupported” pano gagawin ko dun? ^_^

    • Maybe may mali ka pong nagawa sa steps or naskip. Paki ulit po and tingnan nyo kung ganun pa rin. Kung ganun pa rin, it can be the SD card. Which microSD card class are you using? Hindi ko pa po kasi na experience yan.

      • i already tried it many times, imation 16gb microSD gamit ko ser. basta pag katapos ko mapartition sa fat32 at ext2 yan lalabas ung “sd card is blank or unsupported” di ko din alam kung bakit tama namn mga ginawa ko haha

        • anong phone mo? try mo ibang microSD.

          • LG optimus L3 sir :D wula na po akong magamit na ibang SD kasi puro MB nalang un andito haha… diba fat32 taz ext2 ang gagawin… pwede bang same na fat32?… na try ko kasi un same na fat32. pero ung 10gb di ko makita ung 4gb lang ang nakikita ko.. same na 4gb… kasi 14gb sd ko ser ^_^

          • pwede ring pareho fat32 kung di supported ang ext2. yung 2nd partition hindi talaga nakikita sa computer sa link2SD lang.

          • ok thanks alot sir ^_^

          • BGuardian

            I had the same message “blank SD card or unsupported” after following this guide. Link2SD recognized the ext2 partition but not the FAT32. After a bit of googling I steped on this guide It has almost the same steps except for the FAT32 partition, instead of primary choose logical.

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  • Hi.. i tried doing this but I am confused. I got until no. 7 step but how can i go to the next step? Should I right click again? I can’t find the option of “Create” after clicking “ok” in no. 7 steps. I am sorry I am not good on this.

  • Eddivonn

    Brilliant Tutorial ***** THANK YOU I have Galaxy Ace Adroid 2.3.3 managed to do this from another tutorial (nowhere near as comprehensive as this one !!!) but the 2nd partition wasn’t recognized (ext2) and and some apps wouldn’t move over to SD so put SD into laptop, copied all files into a folder on the desktop, followed your instructions from the beginning but made 2nd partition FAT32, copied all the files back onto card, returned to Ace and turned back on and moved all the remaining apps over (some just linked) now have 1/2 my internal memory free again !!! and no nasty messages !!!!! i agree with ganesh sundaram people like you mean nubies like me can learn and advance. once again THANK YOU

  • that was awesome! thank youuuuuu! :) finally found something that works!

  • Lyle Aldrin

    How to root a phone? For example Sony Ericsson w8? Please and Thank you.

  • jocelyn manuel

    bakit ganun? after ko magawa lahat hindi naman na ko maka connect sa play store?? :(((

  • mei

    hi =)
    i tried following your steps and everything went ok, except when i open the link2sd and choose ext2, i got a message saying ‘mount script cannot be created. device/source busy’. May i know what went wrong? I’m using galaxy mini with gingerbread 2.3.4 with 512mb as second storage (ext2) and the other 1.4GB FAT32 for media files
    Thank you!

    • nic

      same here

  • bryan

    hi, can i make a 2gb+ on ext2 example 8gb,,is that ok or the limit is just 2gb? thanks!

  • mark

    salamat sa guide sir

  • john

    after I partition my sd card and insert in my mobile it says sd card damaged format it…
    when I format the patition iz removed plz tell wat to do ?????

    • Go over the steps one more time and see if it works out well.

  • fevskie

    hi mr geek just wanna ask i made 4 ext and i set all of it as primary is it correct?

  • Lalit

    when i m selecting ext3 it says make sure allow or grant superuser request
    wat can i do??

    • just allow superuser access.

      • paano po iaallow ung superuser access?

        • It will prompt you and you just need to click ‘accept’ or ‘grant’.

          • rakshita

            It Not prompting anything after tat root access warning… wher 2 make allow or grant??????. pl help me out

  • noob_2.0

    Hi there, got a question: once the whole process is done, what do I do with the backed up files? also, if the apps are already saved on the SD card thru apps like Droidsail App2SD, will I still need to re-install the apps? will i need to reset the phone to factory settings to maximize this set-up? Cheers!

    • Hi, no need to reinstall. You just need to “Link” them all. With regards to a factory reset, though it’s not necessary, you can maximize it further by doing that. =)

      • noob_2.0

        wow, that reply was fast. thanks a lot. so I just put the backed up files back in the FAT32 Partition?

        • No problem. Yup, that’s what you need to go and you’re good to go.

  • bob

    hi great tutorial i have a samsung s3 rooted with a 8gb card for now 1st part 5.99gb 4.83 free,2nd part 3.12gb 3.02gb free when i go to move over apps to my sd card i am getting a error message pkg:/data/app/com.strava-1.apkfailure install failed insufficient storage.not sure what else to do.cheers.

  • toyakz avila

    ouch this is good but there is a problem regarding of this app….. first it makes my sgy very laggy and the second problem consuming more power also RAM it goes up to 200+ im trying to disabled some apps but still the same… can i repartition my Galaxy y ???? im using 16gb everytime i reformat this sdcard im losing 2gb so sad huhuhuh :(

  • khim

    ‘UNFORTUNATELY, THE PROCESS COM.GOOGLE.PROCESS.GAPPS HAS STOPPED.”yan po ung naabas sa CM FLARE KO.. tapos sunod sunod na rin po ung nalabas na puro ganyan.. pati na rin po ung ibang apps hnd na mabuksanm,… patulong naman po.. salamat

    • Hi, try to factory reset. I think Link2SD is not compatible with the Flare.

      • Link2SD and this method worked fine for me, I’m using a Cherry Mobile Flare.

        • Thanks for the info! What is the 2nd partition you used? ext2/3/4?

    • Erieze Lagera

      I believe that you removed your external SD card and then mount it back then (considering your phone is power on). You should restart your phone to remount the ext SD.

      So whenever you removed your ext SD with running OS, you should restart your phone when you put your SD back.

      I encountered that problem and just restart my phone to access my apps again.

      But if my method didn’t work, maybe NoypiGeeks is right.

      Good luck po!

      • Please inform me if you succeed on making Link2SD work on your Flare. I tried it before but I failed because it doesn’t seem to support extra partitions.

        • Erieze Lagera

          Okay, i’ll inform you.

  • Hi I have followed instructions but cannot get the root access as I get a warning: Lonk2D could not obtain root access. If you have root access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or ‘Grant’ to the superuser request. I do not know where this superuser request is. On the mini tool partion should the status say active or none? I’ve tried both ways?


    • Your phone should be rooted before trying Link2SD. It’s a requirement.

      • I have followed your rooting instructions but still get this message. I have HTC Wildfire

  • rakshita

    I’m using galaxy y with 2GB..It Not prompting anything after tat root access warning… wher 2 make allow or grant 2 the super user request??????. pl help me out

    • you can use either allow or grant. its the same.

  • What should i do about my sd card not being recognized? “Blank External Sd Card” on my notification.. and when i click on it there’s two option: format or cancel.. but when i format it goes back fron being normal.. no more 2nd partition.. help tnx

    • just format it and repeat the whole process. if it doesn’t work, try another microSD card.

  • anino

    got my phone rooted. my only problem is i still cant move or link the obb/data file. u know what i mean sir? ung obb file kasi ang malaki lalo na sa hd games. can u help me with this? thanks and happy new year!

  • anino

    happy new year.pano ko po link ung data/obb file ng hd games?thanks in advance

    • Hi, you don’t need to link those files. Just put it on your microSD card. In ‘Sdcard>Android>obb> .

      • anino

        The game cant read the files if i put it in the external sdcard. Only the apk,lib,dex files are linked in the ext sdcard.

  • King Sarpedon

    Guys you can link data/oob files using Directory Bind :))
    Have a great one

    • anino

      Hi,can you pls give the link? I can’t find one in play store. Thanks. Happy new year

    • Erieze Lagera

      Directory Bind has the same function as Link2SD. But what I want with Link2SD is that it gives all the list of application all through you system. You can also filter all the movable application, which make Link2SD safe to use.

      Directory Bind also links the application but you will configure it manually. And as far as I know, Directory Bind doesn’t link dalvik-cache, so it may reset your game data after linking.

      This is only a knowledge based information, you may not rely on my information.

      Thank you! :)

  • blainee

    can’t delete and make partitions because my sd card is write protected HELP!!

  • Steve

    Hi my phone is Samsung s7562/s duos, it is rooted already and SD card partitioned as well (thanks to your tutorial! :) but I’m getting this failure/error when trying to “move to SD card”: “pkg:/data/app/com.strava-1.apkfailure [install failed insufficient storage]” (my SD card memory is actually sufficient when you check it)
    What do you think is the problem? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, you can just directly link it to the sdext2 by clicking ‘create link’. I believe its pertaining to the internal memory and not in the sd.

      • Steve

        Thanks for the quick reply but both my phone ‘internal’ memory (700mb+ free) and SD card (2gb free); I can create links but upon clicking “move to SD card” of any app that can be moved it says insufficient storage.

        • Hi, once it is ‘linked’, you no longer need to ‘move to SD card’ because the apps is now stored in the second partition that you created. I believe you already nailed it.

  • can you give me a sd card brand that you use or i can use please.. tnx

  • Erieze Lagera


    I finish the procedure as said above. From creating partition until Checking Auto Link.

    So when i’m about to move an application ( specifically Angry Birds ), it prompts that i’m out of space or insufficient storage.

    The message didn’t come back after I reboot so that means the 2nd partition mounted successfully, so why I can’t move application?

    Please help!

    Thank you! :)

    • Erieze Lagera

      Okay I got my problem solved, referring to Steve’s post to NoypiGeeks (Pinoy woot!).

      But I got one last question, if I will delete/uninstall an application, will I first remove the link from that certain application or I can delete/uninstall without removing the link?

      Thank you!

      • You can just uninstall it directly. No need to unlink it.

        • Erieze Lagera

          Thank you for responding!
          This app is very useful to me! Thanks!

      • angelsphone

        I have problem also regarding insufficient storage. can you give me a link of Steve’s post? Thank you

        • Erieze Lagera

          You can just link the chosen application directly without moving it to SD. The “Insufficient storage” prompts me because my phone (LG Optimus L5) stock ROM can’t read an external SD storage, resulting to that error.

          Linking application without moving works perfectly! If you enable “Automatic Link” option, newly installed app will automatically be linked (caches and data will be moved) to the ext2 filesystem of your external SD card.

          Uninstalling app will also automatically removed and unlink all the files such as caches and data.

      • Debtanu

        i have same problem plz send me the link

        • Erieze Lagera

          Please refer to my post below.

      • could u please send the link… i cant find it. Got the same problem

        • Erieze Lagera

          If you’re asking for the “Moving to SD” issue, it is not necessary to do. You can directly link the selected application of yours.

      • Abbey

        pls can you send me the steps you used to solved the insufficient storage issue?

  • aaron

    thanks for this tut..finally managed to get link2sd working on my custom rom cyanogenmod 10 jellybean on my LG p500..

    • Hi Aaron, I’m glad it worked for you.

  • Jake

    Hi! My Phone is Sony Experia Neo L is it possible to partition my SD Card with 16GB capacity? is it the same procedure on your guidelines above?
    Hopefully you will help me! tnx!

    • Yes. Put 4GB on ext2 (ext3 or ext4) and the rest as FAT32.

      • Jake

        Thank you for your reply! Can you give me some application to avoid my phone being slow moving like freezing when im on games! hopefully you will help me again! Thank you!

      • me

        can i put higher than 4 gb?

  • mac2x

    why can’t I open my sd card after the process? I need help! please. :(

  • nelq

    @NoypiGeeks:disqus sir bakit walang partition SD sa cwm recovery ko?

  • Rc

    Hi sir, My phones internal storage is almost full and I link every application,but every time I move new application the internal memory also fill the space that I move but when I reboot my phone that becomes free again. My problem is every time I link apps is I always have to reboot my cp to be able to move new apps again. Is there a way to avoid this?

  • Erieze Lagera


    I successfully manage my apps to free up my internal storage. Now what if I want to upgrade/change my external SD card? Can I manually move the whole file from old ext2 -> new ext2?

    • No, but you can use Titanium back up to restore them quickly. Or, back up each app/game and reinstall.

  • Suraj

    I am a clockworkmod user..what if i use ext2 instead of ext4…..when i used ext4 it says error but using ext2 it works. ??

    • If that’s the case,better use ext2.

  • Suraj

    What should i chose ?? Move to sd or create link??

  • Suraj

    When its linked does it move to sd card??


    Before partitioning i move apps from link2sd by just clicking “move to sd”…but after partitioning should i follow the steps 17&18 to move apps to FAT32 or should i follow those steps to only move it to ext2(3 or 4)….what i mean is can i move apps to FAT 32 without linking after partitioning (like before partitioning)

  • Sagz

    sir Question – i have a cherry mobile flare and i have an external sd card na 32gb.
    i read of an instruction where link2sd can belinked to internal memory instead of SD card. is that aadvisable? currently i have 2gb+ free internal memory. is it advisable to do link2sd? please advise on the best set up – will doing this put my 2gb+ internal memory doing nothing?

    • Yes, it can be done but that depends on your needs. I don’t swap my microSD card to my internal storage but that’s just me. AFAIK, it’s mainly used in storing huge amounts of HD games.

  • hazor

    Sir. Pa help naman po sa a919 ko panu po yun partition? Di ko makuha help plss

  • jaytee

    hi good day…bkit po pag nag lilink and move ako sa sd card eh parang sa internal napupunta….lumiliit ung internal memory ko pag nag crecreate link ako.tama nman lahat pagkagawa ko sa instructions.

  • jaytee

    hi good day…bkit po pag nag crecreate link ako eh lumiliit ung internal storage ko parang dun nappunta ung apps..pero pag chineck ko naman ung memory ng ext2 ko sa link2sd eh may nasasave naman na mga apps sa ext2 ko….pano po un? namomove ba ung apps sa internal and ext2 ko ng sabay?

    • Yes, just reboot your phone and you will see the difference.

  • Obet

    What did I do wrong? I followed your instruction and it work perfectly for a day with my apps linked every time I installed them but after a day when I rebooted my phone it somehow restored my phone to the point where I first installed the link2sd app and the rest of the installed apps after that are all gone. I can’t even access google play too.

  • markdon agustin

    sir i’ve followed the steps.all are good.but when it comes to the create link part, it’s grayed out.cannot click it.why?

  • markdon agustin

    sir gumawa aq ng remedyo dahil ayaw ng create link sa mga system apps. cinonvert q ung iba to user apps then dumederecho cla sa 2nd partition. is that ok?

    • No. I don’t advice messing with system apps. You can remove bloatware but don’t go as far as converting the SMS app (and other important apps) to user app and creating a link to the SD card.

  • newinandroid

    Sir I got an error message: “Mount script created, please restart your phone to mount the second partition of your SD Card.” It means that the second partition cannot be mounted automatically at boot. I restarted my tablet for several times, but i got the same result. Thanks in advance!

    • Joe

      If your 2nd partition is ext2 or 3 or 4, try FAT for both primary partitions. Try different types. It should work.

  • mkg

    hi,i have a samsung gt5512,what file system should i choose? Ex2/ex3/ex4.i want to use a samsung sd card(class 10).am i doing any wrong?plz sugest me.:)

  • ahmn ,,,, ok lang pO ba kahit walang CWM ? Titanium Backup pO an merOn akO ..

  • help me please i fucking delete all my phone SD memory now my phone has
    just 0.98 mb, no Sd card no External card both are unavailable even i cant connect to pc how to fix it? i reinstall my room to 2.0 android via odin but ther is no memory card again i restore to factory
    nothing happen how the hell to get back my memory back? replay plz

    • Try other microSD card. Maybe your card is damaged?

      • man i deled my phone Sd card not microsd card i press worng now all my phone memory gone i cant install now nothing no camera i flash with new room but again not phone memory

        • Hi mate, sorry to hear that. I think your best solution is to visit your manufacturer’s service center.

  • romania

    I have android 2.2.2 and after partitioning, the phone will not mount the sd card.

    Error = damaged sd card.
    will not mount untill i format it in the phone

    • Yeah that happens at times. Reformat it and repeat the process. If the same problem insists, try to use FAT32 on 2nd partition or try using another microSD card.

  • andrew

    hello why after reboot doesn’t mounting my second partition ? my application not appear I have Samsung galaxy gio android 2.3.6 stock with phiexz kernel first time worked after reflash the rom doesn’t work.i used fat32,ext2,3,4 all
    thank you

    • Try to repeat the process or reboot again. Sometimes Link2SD doesn’t mount the 2nd partition so you need to reboot it again.

  • andrew

    me again curiously only after reboot not working .now for example is working after greeting superuser permission if I reboot the apps are not appear again and error on mounting scripts sometimes why?answer me please I realy need more memory space

    • What’s your phone? It’s either your phone is not compatible or you have a low quality microSD card. Have you tried Fat32 on both partitions?

  • Mukesh Kumar

    can i apply it on motorola mb200 os 2.1

    • I’m not sure but you can try it. It works on almost all android phones/tablets.

  • Subhro Kar

    i have tried both the methods to create partition but the 2nd partition is not showing and in the phone it is showing as 2nd partition not mounted. How to mount the 2nd partition?

    • It is only visible on Link2SD. Check it there.

  • chris pinto

    thanks dude!

  • Hearty Pyae Sone

    I went to move /data/data/ to /data/sdext2 ; how to do that ?

  • ojin13

    hello i have a problem.. after i tried this procedure my sd card is working fine but i messed up on something.. on my sd card theres already a partition drive G and H… i followed the procedure 1 on drive H then the second one on drive G which is to make it an ext2 but now my phone cant detect my sd card.. please help.tnx

    • Reformat it and it’ll be fine.

      • ojin13

        Reformat did not work..huhu when I connect my phone to my pc drives G and H isn’t showing up.. can’t even detect other sd cards that I mount on my phone.. please help..thanks

  • Ulquiorra Cifer

    Hi! Is It Possible for me to install games/apps on my SD card by downloading the Link2SD app? (without doing the whole partition thing)

    • No, you need to do the whole process.

  • How would i know if my phone is rooted?

    • If you have a Super User Icon on your app drawer. You can also download a root checker app on the Play Store.

  • 820

    bakit di nangyari sa phone ko to Open Link2SD you will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 or FAT32. Choose ext4.

    • Repeat it. You should see that prompt. If not, there’s something wrong.

  • addam

    bakit pag mag download ako music through wifi its say error not enough memory pero madami pa naman space ang SD card ko at ang default storage ko ay SD card..need help

    • Not enough ‘internal memory’. That is where your apps are stored.

  • 820

    i cant see any ext. when partitioning sd using cwm.. do i need mini wizard partition tool when partitioning using cwm? if keep saying the error…

    • 820

      it keeps saying (second partition not found) /dev/block/mmcblkop2: device not found… im using clockworkmod.. reply asap

      • Repeat it or just use Mini tool.

        • 820

          now my pc wont recognized my sd card after i use mini tool how can i recover that..

          • You’re probably doing it wrong. I think you forgot to set it the FAT32 to “primary” that’s why it’s not recognized.

  • Kit

    my sd card is 8gb, how much will be allocated to ext2?

    • You can use between 1GB-2GB. Or even less.

  • aj91

    i tried both ways but its saying the same thing…..
    Mount Script error
    Mount script cannot be created.
    mount: No such device
    ext2/ext4(watever ext i use) may not be supprted on you device.Try FAT32 on the second partition….

    phone:htc pico
    clockworkmod: Pico CMW-Based Recovery v5.0.2

    • Try it to be both FAT32 and see if it works. The EXT’s are not supported on your device.

  • very nice . thank you for the tutorial :)

  • Neha

    Thanx a lot dude….

    finally i ll be able to use Link2Sd..

  • xilef

    If I have a 32 Gb micro sd , whats the size for FAT32 , and the size for ext2 ? thanks

  • xilef

    What files will be saved on FAT32 ? are obb files , data files of games saved in FAT32 ?
    What files will be saved on ext2 ?

    • Yes. Ext2/3/4 will contain the apks and other app files except data.

  • 820

    is it ok to use Ext 3 instead of Ext 4 for cwm user.. there is an error when i use Ext 4.. will this harm my phone or sd? thanks

    • Yes, it’s ok. As long as it is working on your device, it’s fine. Not really.

  • mkg

    is samsung (y pro duos)gt 5512 a rooted phone? Plz help.i succesfully partition my sd card.when i go to further process link 2 sd cld nt fnd root access.i hv no idea whether its rooted or not.if any 1 knw abt this matter plz help!

    • You should root your phone first.

      • himadri

        after creating the partition as said…when I’m tryng to open link2sd it shows Root access warning..Link2sd could ot obtain root access..if you have root access make sure you respond “allow” or “grant” to the superuser request…what should I do now..
        please help

        • Root your phone first. You can’t use Link2SD if your phone is not rooted.

  • GrimmjowPH

    Do i still need to empty my internal memory before doing this?… its because i have several apps already installed..

    • It’s not necessary, but I recommend it.

  • Hi Sir, I tried this method on my 2gb memory card and it worked, thank you!

    Now I am planning to get a new memory card with a bigger capacity and am planning to do partition on it too, but how do I transfer the apps that I already have in my 2gb mmc to the new one?

    TIA! :)

  • 820

    pre pano q mababawasan ang pagconsume ng internal memory ng phone q may suggestion b kau?.. kasi kakaunti n lng din ang natitira memory sa phone.. pero aminado aq n mas marami ang nailagay q na app kaysa dati dahil sa link2sd.. ty

    • The ‘data’ eats up your internal memory so you should clear it often (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

  • Carlo Robert Mercado

    Sir I followed step 1-14. But it says when I open Link2SD and select ext2 – “Mount script cannot be created. mount: no such device. Help please! :D

    • It’s not compatible with ext2. Try to use FAT32 on both 1st and 2nd partition.

  • ohmy

    i checked the storage in link2sd and the 2nd part cnnot found why is that?

    • You failed to do it the right way. Check the steps again.

  • Scutaru Razvan

    It works 4 me 2, thanks !!!

    • Kiran


      Would you please help me as I am not able to solve this issue. I tried to root my samsung ace with below link. However when i checked if my phone is rooted with root checker app, it says my phone is not rooted. will you please provide me the correct root file.


      • Hi, I successfully rooted a Galaxy Ace before but I can’t remember where I got the zip file. Look around the web and you’ll find a working one for sure.

      • kira

        try to search this “universal_gb_root_v25” in web. i hope you’l find it.

  • Cjd

    Help I’m following your instructions by the letter, but I try to allocate the second partition I get this message “The new created partition cannot be used in windows. Because windows could only recognise the first partition on a removable disk. Do you want to continue?”. Help I don’t know what to do.

  • WestEyes

    I feel like I have a different phone now! Thanks for the tut.

  • Kiran


    I installed link2sd on my samsung ace s5830. I had also partitioned 8gb sd card (using sd card reader) making 1024 mb as ext2 and rest as FAT32 (both primary). When I open the app, it asks to select second partition of my sd card. After selecting ext2 i get Root Access Warning as “link2sd could not gain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond ‘allow’ to superuser prompt” Please help

  • preetham

    how do i do it for lg optimus L3??? It has got seperate internal storage which is like internal SD card

  • nik

    Hey mate just did ur method with cmw i m using galaxy y duos gt 6102 it was all good til mount script it show mount script error no such devicei hav partitioned using cmw n selected ext 4 then that mount script error appears
    Plz help mate
    waiting for ur reply

    • Try using Minitool. I think your stock kernel doesn’t support ext4.

  • faris

    is this compatible with ics? i see the example was in froyo/gb…

    • Yes, it’s compatible with devices on ICS.

  • GrimmjowPH

    I dont have a card reader right now.. can i do the partition step using my phone plug into the computer?

  • allan credo

    good day sir how do i backup my files and games? i tried titanium backup the free version but i dont know how to use it…ill jaz go with CWM steps coz its much easier i have a SGY jbv3 and i want to use the link2sd app but i want my games to be backup so how will i do it?
    and i have a 8gb sd card can i go till 2gd partition using CWM?

  • thank you for this :) very helpful. thumbs up.

  • aaron sioson

    I tried the procedure, it works but I have a big problem :( Music player and Gallery doesnt detect the picture and mp3 from sd card :(

  • Joe

    My device is Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 and I did everything in details but after creating links to move FireFox as an example and pressing move to SD card it says :
    Can you help me out please ??

    • As stated, it looks like you have insufficient storage. For me, it’s best to factory reset a device to fully utilize link2SD. If you don’t bother reinstalling your apps, then do it. Otherwise, manually move them one by one..

      • Joe

        Thanks for reply , no my device has 10 GB free it’s a new device and my SD card is 64 GB free completely and formatted as stated above !!! , is this application and this method tried before with the N8000 galaxy note ??
        Please let me know .

        • ** You can try to repeat the process and see if it’ll work. That’s one of the ways to fix it.

          I’m not sure if someone tried it before but I think it should work. Since your device is new, why do you need Link2SD in it? You can just enjoy it for now as 10GB will (probably) suffice your current needs.

          • Joe

            Thanks again , I repeated it several times , same error , 10 GB is so small specially for my son games , I had an iPad 64 GB before and now I’m frustrated , your help is truly appreciated .

  • alif

    thanks ! working very well on my HTC Wildfire :))

  • akash

    thank u bro…i followed all the steps & its done……thank u so much……….

  • Light

    not working for me, i’m using cherry mobile flare :(

  • hi
    i have a “rooted s3 mini”my problem is؛ when i try to open link2sd there is a message appears its mean that i dont have 2 partitions but i am sure i did the same steps which you did could you help me please

    • Try ext4, ext3, ext2, and if nothing worked, use FAT32 on both partitions.

  • rahimie having a problem after insert SD card back to phone and install link2sd ,i got Mount Script error after choosing ext2. mount scipt cannot be created. failed : invalid argument. :( can you help? or this might not be any problem at all? thanks a lot. i love your tuts. * from Malaysia “)

    • rahimie

      i already mount it and reboot phone but when i open the link2sd, i still got menu ext2,ext3…. :(

      • Hi, thanks!

        What’s your phone? Try doing the process again and try another ext partition (ext2,ext3, or ext4). If all of that fail, use both FAT32 in the two partitions.

  • Geli

    Is this applicable to myphone A818 Slim Duo??

  • Dave Scott

    I need some help with root access on my android samsung phone. How do I get my phone rooted? Is there an app that I can download to get that done?

    • Search for it in Google. It depends on each phone.

  • Marc Edz 13

    just wanna ask sir, it is said in your tutorial that “(if you’re on stock ROM, choose ext2).

    but what if i’m not on stock ROM, which one should i choose? ext2? ext3? or ext4?

    • ext4 is the best. If you can use it, choose it.

  • Ica999

    when i partition sd card and put it in my phone, it report me that my sd card is damaged?
    what need i to do to avoid this? thanks in advance

    • Adam Parnala

      Repeat the process.

    • Repeat the process.

  • Vipin

    I have done the 13 steps but after select ext2 its shows the message
    Root access Warning
    Link to SD could not obtain root access.

    If you have root access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or ‘Grant’ to the superuser request.

    please suggest what i have to do in this case what will be my next step

    • Your phone should be rooted before doing this. I clearly stated it in the article above.

  • taaj

    hye every one
    after completing this process when i put memory card into tab android 2.2
    i see an error memory card not formated
    unmounted memory
    please guide me deeply
    i will be thankful….:(

  • ray b

    it damaged my sd card

  • Sumir

    When Chosing ext 2 in link2sd it gives a “Mount Script Error cannot be created.
    mount: no such device
    ext2 may not be supported on your device. Try fat 32 on the second partition ”
    have an htc explorer rooted .. created the partition From the recovery mode .. please help me with my problem .. ihave a 2 gb sd card .. and created a partition on sd card for 128 mb using the recovery menu .

  • em

    i have done everything, but im still getting a low memory message. wtf i dunno what now.

  • Sir, i followed all the instruction from above but i’m stocked at step 14. my second partition wont mount even after rebooting the phone. everytime i open the app it keeps on asking me to “select the file system..” then to “reboot phone”. please help..

    • Try other partitions. Try ext2/3/4 or both FAT32.

  • haedes 9

    thank u so much…… my galaxy y has very little internal memory but thanx to u i have lots of memory

  • haedes 9

    will factory reset erase my apps or will it clear all the system files as well

    • It will erase your download apps and will reset it so all your datas will be cleared.

  • TheRain

    I was using the galaxy ace,i partition the sd card and was using Link2Sd perfectly..Now i got the galaxy s3,and using the same sd card but it cant recognize the 2nd part..What do i do for it see the 2nd part?

  • Geli

    Please help!

    What does this mean?

    “Root Acces Warning

    Link2SD could not obtain root access

    If you have root access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or ‘Grant’ to the superuser request.”

    How do I restore my full SD mem card? should I use wipe partitions?

    i’m using myphone a818

    • I’ve said this a million times. Your android device should be ROOTED before trying link2SD.

      • himani

        sir how to get phone rooted?

  • Ace

    Hi. I followed these steps and am able to move and link my apps to my External SD card. However, my phone shows a “Blank External SD Card” notification and is unable to detect my FAT32 partition. The only way for it to recognize this partition is when I mount it via CMRecovery. What do I do to fix this? Thanks.

    • I think you didn’t set it to “Primary” when you partitioned it. Else, try it again if you still want to do it.

  • himani

    how to get phone rooted??m facing d same prob Link2SD could not obtain root access, If you have root access make sure to allow or grant to the superuser request. Please help me what to do.

    • Root your android device. Search how to do it as it’s different for which device.

  • xrage

    Lo thanx !! Works great. But now how can I putt music on the external sd ? Windows shows only the internal sd now ??

  • Lo thanx !!
    works great !! But how can i put music into the fat32 partition? Because when i connect my phone to my pc, windows only shows the internal sd en not the extern ?

    • Maybe you forgot to set the first partition to primary. FAT32 – Primary, EXT2 – Primary. The FAT32 should be read by Windows while the EXT2 is only viewable in Link2SD.

  • shuxz

    Ive followed the procedures above to partition my sd card and it was successful, yet whenever I linked my installed apps using Link2SD..apps size becomes more bigger and my phones keeps on warning me for low memory. What should I do? :(

    • You should occasionally ‘clear cache’.

  • Hello mate! First of all thanks for such an easy tutorial. Before making partition i want to assure myself with asking u some questions(don’t afraid, it won’t be many hehe).

    1. Before starting the partition process I’ll be copying all my 16gb data to one folder which will include all my apps and music-videos files and when the process is finished do i have to re-install all my apps again or i just need to copy my files to the memory card and it’ll work?

    2. While moving certain apps Link2SD shows “segmentation fault” and won’t allow to move apps. With partitioning the drive, will this error be removed?

    3. Will memory card show the partitions the same way our computer hard-drives do on PC?

    Hoping to get a reply soon. Thanks again.

    • 1. Yes, that’s the ideal way to back up.

      * You don’t need to reinstall them. You only need to ‘Create Link’.

      2. I don’t understand this question.

      3. The 2nd partition will not be detected by Windows.

  • jai

    hello I have problem it showing sd card blocked or unsupported file system nu
    what to do ???? help me

  • Thanks to this! :)

  • Ro

    It worked perfectly, you don’t know how hard it was doing this by other methods. Thank you!!! – Samsung Galaxy ACE

    • Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad it helped you.

  • mengatsu

    Can you make the second partition a NTFS instead of FAT32? Only 4gigs is allowed in copying files in FAT32, ‘it would say not enough space’,despite the fact ,that you still have large amount of space remaining. tnx!

    • I think that’s not the problem. Try to reformat your microSD card.

  • in help

    hello i finished the whole procedure succesfully rooted and partitioned my sd card and linked the apps but after when i try restart my phone or remonunt the sd card,,,link2sd automatically uninstall the linked app from my phone..plz help

  • tariq

    Hello Friends,

    I have same problem as Erieze Lagera mentioned, but what is the solution suggested by steve, please tell me

  • Regol

    I have a question. When you update the phone’s ROM or change it to a new one, do you need to unlink and backup the apps or can you just mount them again on the new system without making a backup?

    • You need to back up them because the 2nd partition isn’t accessible in Windows.

  • mahesh

    how to know whether we are on STOCK ROM or not…

    I’m using samsung galaxy Y android 2.3 version

    plz help me with this???

  • mahesh

    how to find wheather my mobi has STOCK ROM or not..
    I’m using samsung galaxy Y android 2.3 version..
    Plzzz help me out i wanna use this app…

    • If you didn’t flash anything on it, then it’s stock.

  • Ikbal


    i just follow those instruction but it cant find my ext2.
    please help me

    • Repeat the process. Try it again or use FAT32 on both partitions.

  • kira

    i am using CWM. do i need wipe data/factory reset or not?

  • Ikbal

    its says

    “Link2SD could not obtain root access

    If You have root access make sure you respond’ Allow’ or ‘Grant’ to the superuser request”

    I use Gt-I5800

  • Mark Dacillo

    Sir ask ko lang po panu ma fix ung Red Triangle Dead Android on Recovery upon pressing power button and volume up lumabas is ung dead android na may exclamation point na red ..di ako makagawa ng recovery for my CM Titan w500..hope to get feedback ..thanks a lot

    • You should install ClockworkMod recovery first if you want to do it that way. Else, follow the first method.

  • Hector


    Has anyone been able to complete this tutorial on a Win 7 64-bit? I keep getting the “Windows could only recognize the first partition” and when I insert the card on the phone it says “Second partition not found”. Any ideas?


    • Hector

      Never mind it all worked well. I was missing a step. Duh!

  • ikbal


    i follow as u said but it says “no space left on device” please help me to get it

  • papey

    sd card damaged after partitioning.. :( i think i did something wrong… please help

  • papey

    ok i figured it out already… tnx for this tut though…:)

  • brucerryork

    thanks for all the help. is the second partition supposed to be the bigger one or the smaller one? i did it succesfully but i cant make any sense of it the phone storage info says total space on sd card is 2.05 available space is 2.05 im using a 16 gig card should the second partition be the larger one or the first one?

    • Ext2/3/4 should be smaller while the FAT32 should be bigger. Ex. 10GB for FAT32 and the rest for the 2nd partition.

      • brucerryork

        Thank you for replying to me. I really appreciate it. I researched this a lot. Ive seen many sites and pages try to explain it. But they were all so vague. Your the best. Your the clearest and we can also ask you questions and you respond to them. If i could rate you id give you five stars. Thanks again. You solved my problem

  • subhani

    hai. i follow u r steps..but after opeing link2sd in phone i select ext3…i getting “link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond ALLOW or GRANT to the superuser request”..plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..hai plz send solv to my gmail plzzzzz..iam wating for u r reply

    • Erieze Lagera

      Did you already rooted your phone?
      Link2SD requires root access, so you must root your phone first.

    • Root your phone first. It’s stated in the article and that question was asked more than three times already.

      • glen

        how to root that?

      • Grace Keira Seaborn-Schmidt

        I have already rooted my phone and it still says it.

  • Jay

    not workin in my s3 mini

  • Works perfect for me! ;D Using a Samsung Galaxy ace S5830i

  • ian

    Is this app comparible with ics?i dis everything as what is stated above but it is still giving the unsuff pks

    • Yes, it is. I would suggest your factory reset your phone to start again. Just do a back up of your apps. That way, you can install more apps.

  • Samar D’Mello

    i have a problem. my sd 2nd partition is only 46%free. but whwn i try to link app.. it says insufficient storage.i dont know wht to do..??

    • I think your internal memory was filled with ‘data’ of the apps that’s why it has insufficient storage now. Also, if you want to make the most out of Link2SD, I suggest you to factory reset the phone so that you can utilize all of the given memory.

  • Ajit

    i just have done all the above thing and suceed. But i lost some of my apps and my other media files I just want to know how to get back that apps? Would you help me?

    • Hi, you should’ve made a backup of the contents of your microSD card as partitioning it formats it.

  • Thank you so much! I had previously rooted my phone and even gotten as far as installing Link2SD, but hadn’t partitioned my SD card. Now I have (note to self: FAT32 is ALSO a Primary partition) and I have a ton more space on my phone.
    Mind you, I also partitioned my daughter’s new SD card – class 10 – was a ton faster (a few seconds vs. at least 20 min.) than my SD card.

  • otka4en

    hello!! can i do that without geting out the SD cuz i dont have cadr reader on my PC??is that a problem if i do it with cable and chose connecting as disk drive ?

    • You can try, but I don’t recommend it.

  • moch84bdg

    Have followed all the steps and succed. Thanks a lot

    Greeting from indonesia

    • Hi Moch, I’m glad it helped you. Thanks for dropping by.

  • shiv singh jat

    sir,my phone giving error no zip file on sd card

  • Sameer

    hey hi… i tried to follow steps as you said but when i click move to sd card it says insufficient space available. please help !

  • After partitioning i cannot boot my mobile phone, If i remove memory card then phone can boot. What might be the problem?

  • Hi when I restart my phone it asks me which partition I want to use again. ext2. It works on my other phone but keeps asking me on my samsung galaxy ace (using rom evaloution 1.4 with a 8gb class 4 micro sd card). My ext patition is primary :(

    I keep restarting but getting the same prompt any advice? Has anyone got this working on a Samsung Galaxy Ace?

  • cherry

    Hi Sir! I have successfully performed the process above but why is it the apps still uses my internal memory? O_O does this process completely exports/moves an application file’s contents (Library, APK, Dex, etc.) into the 2nd partition as the internal memory?

    Still my phone is running low on internal memory. Thanks!

  • Bix

    I did all the steps but I have a problem on my second partition. My phone doesn’t accept step 13. It’s written ” mount script cannot be created. Mount: invalid argument ”
    What should I do ? Thank in advance

    • I was getting this until I reformatted the second partition to be FAT32 instead of ext3.

  • brix

    My second patition cannot be mount. Is it because I putt 4GB for my second partition?

  • Krish Borana

    I’ve followed all the process, but after I restarted my phone and open Link2Sd, the message shows for selecting Sd card’s second partition. What to do ? I’ve tried many times and created Partition using CWM.


    Hi people, I have problem when I want make step 13… after choose it write me – LInk2SD could not obtain root access. If you have root access make sure your respond “allow” or “grant” to the superuser request…. Could you help me? Thanks George

    • Tielk

      I have android and htc wildfire

  • Talha K


    I have a Galaxy Y.Is it necessary to root your Android phone in-order to create partitions? Can’t we create partitions without rooting our phone? Heard that rooting creates problems in a phone..

  • How can I create another partition? Can’t create a new one. PLEASE HELP :((((

  • Can’t make the 8th step. Please help me to make the changes I’ve made. Thanks.

  • willy

    worked like a charm, i wud however say tht if u gt a 2gb mem card, itsbetter 2 use FAT. i run stock gingerbread on ace 5830i

  • Mark

    What if I’ve got a 32Gb sd card how do i choose the size to partition? Pls advise thks

    • willy

      u cn choose any size bt use 8GB for internnal n the rest for external,note tht 8Gb is more than wht any1 needs. partioned 540MB n still its 2 large cz now its 750MB

  • Thanks for the tutorial. I knew I was missing one step, the part where you need to link your apps. Gave my humble CM Flare breathing space. Working on a class 2 8gb sd card.

  • carlg1975

    doesnt work….you can only create one partion on a 2gig card

  • rofied

    what if the message “select the file system of your sd card” still show up after 3-4 reboot? pls i need ur answer.

  • ngenius

    I had Link2SD working on my Blu Studio 5.3 with 32GB class 4 micro sd, but then one day, it just stopped working. Micro sd was fried. I replaced it with another 32GB, (and 16 and 8 and 4), but none of them work with Link2SD. I partition them with MiniTool Partition Wizard, and also EASEUS Partition software. I have tried second partition formatted as all formats, including ext2, 3, 4, and fat32 and fat16, all formatted as primary.(yes, I clicked “apply”, and it says it completed successfully.) When opening Link2SD, it says “Restart your phone. Mount script created, please restart your phone to mount the second partition of your SD card. If you’re getting this message after restarting, it means that the second partition cannot be mounted automatically at boot.” After rebooting and opening Link2SD, it asks to choose the the format of the second partition. I chose the type I formatted it to, and click OK. It then says “Mount script cannot be created. Invalid argument.” I am able to actually move some of the apps to the first partition of the SD card, but the option to create symbolic link is grayed out, and does not work.

    BTW, yes, phone is rooted and and Link2SD has superuser access. I have done factory reset twice, reinstalled everything, etc.Link2SD works, except for linking files to sd. Oh, and the second partition shows up as unformatted when I look at it again in a partition program.

  • Clark

    Hello everybody!my phone is xperia mini pro but same error “no root acces”but i dont have a super user icon in the apps drawer.How to obtain that?can i download it?what software to dowload to root my phone?pls. help me. i appreciate it very much.thanks.

  • MC

    Worked great on SGT 2 7.0 with 32gig sd card

  • Aravind

    up to 13th step i did it correctly but after it is not saying mount script is telling link2sd could not gain root access..


      • sheyla

        hey Adam please some help, I completed all steps but when I put back the sd card my phone says is damaged, and ask to format, what can I do?

  • Ouxynyrych

    Sir, Does this Link to SD App Apply on Games with Data Files (e.g. NFS Most Wanted , Wild Blood, Dead Trigger etc.) Does the Data files redirect to External Sd card>?

  • ariel

    It didnt work…
    I did every step till step 13 and it wont show me any second partition.
    when I switch back to my sd card on my pc t clearly showed the steps I did with those partitions.
    it only recogniced one partition it couldnt find a second partition.

  • fairenough786

    Hi all…please help !!

    I did exactly step by step. I have a Orange San Francisco II blade ZTE…i am positive I rooted it coz it starts with the fish n chips screen. I am using a 32 GB sd card and i have given EXT2 storage 5GB + another 5gb to something (i cant remember)..and the rest i left for external….but for some reason when i start Link2SD and goto storage Info, it shows :

    Internal : total 200mb : used 139 mb
    SD Card : total 5.14 GB
    SD card 2nd part (sdext2) : 5.68 GB
    system : total 200mb : used : 153 mb

    so where is the rest of my 20GB storage ? :-0

    what does all this mean ? where did i mess up ?? lets say on a 32 gb sd card, should there just be 1 EXT2 (the smaller portion) and 1 primary (the larger portion) ?? coz i remember i divided the sd card into 3 portions…pls advise.
    thank you

  • very useful post :) i have a doubt :) i have already using app2sd application and have moved many apps to my internal sd card (xperia tipo dual – rooted) . Before using link2sd do i have to move back those apps :) if i uninstall that app2sd will it move back all the apps … Pls clarify :)

  • nabeel

    no root access:(

  • Worked Fantastically Superb…
    I had got total 160 mb internal and was going to buy new phone because of low memory issue, but now, No need at all….
    Thanks a tonns!

  • nirus

    hello sir
    i have problem when connected to ext 2. the message appears like: link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or grant to the superuser request. how should i fix this problem

  • Kelvin

    Can you tell me how do put it back my backup files to my sd card. I fail to do it. Even I follow exactly instruction… It fail…

  • 2nd partition not found

  • 2nd partition not found error….?

  • Jinu


    I Finished all process,but second partition can not mount.So its asking “Select the file system of ur sd card”when I opening Link2sd app.My sd card capacity 8GB.I gave 1GB to ext2. remaining to FAT32.Pls solve my problem.

  • Kali

    Thanks a ton dude,been up all night searching till i found this guide.Cheers matey

  • mount script not created.. what does this means..

  • chrocoboy

    thank you for your great information..

    but regarding of your tutorial, i still facing some problem..

    it goes smoothly when i was partitioning the SD card on computer using minitool.. but in my phone (Samsung Galaxy W), the SD Card seems not detected, in setting it shows that the card need to be mount, but no respon when i hit that.. i know the card is detected, then i tried to restart hoping some good result but still the same and no effect.. i already set the 1st partition to active too but still no progress..

    any useful information of this matters will be appreciated.. thank you ^^

  • Adnan

    How can I get my access to that created partition?

  • dinesh

    i partition my 2gb sd card by both recovery method and mini tool partition . when i restart the phone it shows blank sd card or unsupported .what to do please help me

  • khang

    hi, how can i create ext2? create new partition is not showing up anymore after i create fat32..please help. :(

  • ghel

    sir, I followed all the step and It work properly tnx for that.

    my problem is, in my notification bar it always says that : BLANK EXTERNAL SD CARD (External SD card blank or has unsupported…. ) what should I do? please help me ? :)

    LG optimus L3

  • Sir, I followed all the steps and it work properly and Thanks for that :)
    My problem is in my status / notification bar of my phone always says that BLANK EXTERNAL SD CARD (external SD card blank or has unsupported…..) and if I click that, it always suggest to format.
    What should I do? help please??

    LG optimus L3

  • Sir, I followed all the steps and it work properly and Thanks for that :)

    My problem is in my status / notification bar of my phone always says that BLANK EXTERNAL SD CARD (external SD card blank or has unsupported…..) and if I click that, it always suggest to format.

    What should I do? help please??

    LG optimus L3

    • marione


  • Lhan

    Hi sir, Do you have a link where I can download the mini tool which it is compatible with the mac os?

  • Abbey

    Hi all.

    I followed the whole steps listed but my phone still show “pkg:/mnt/asec/com.icloudzone.Appsname/pkg.apk Failure”


    please can some one help? I have 1gb as my ext2 storage.

  • Note2

    Hi There,

    Every time i try to do partition from Mini Tool Partition wizard, I always get the following error :

    Failed to execute the following command :

    ResizePartition DiskIndex:1 Partition Index:1 NewStartingLba:8192
    NewPartitionSize:12677120 SafeMode:1

    Error Code: 16

    Disk I/O error.

    need help really bad.

    Many thanks,

  • Rohit

    instead of 2nd partition why all apps get installed in internal memory?????????????????pls reply fast

    • rohit

      pls reply

  • creepnck

    Worked fine on my S3 Mini. Although I have noticed that my battery is running out faster than usual. Is this common?

  • Murtaza

    nicely done phone is working very well thanks a lot …….i usually dnt post comments but i had to for dis one….hats off……my first comment goes to u admin

    • Wow, we really appreciate that. I’m glad we helped you. :-)

  • Murtaza

    shared it on fb

  • coollll

    wn i use it me samsung fit s5670 returns 2nd partition not mounted

  • sheyla

    hey I did it all, but when I put the SD back on the phone it says Damaged SD and ask me to format, so what is wrong? I have a Galaxy Ace GT-S5830L rooted!

    • Repeat the process.

      • harry

        i repeated for three times but it says same how to resolve this on samsung galaxy pop

  • Putapets

    Good job! 100% legit.

  • Prabhjot

    By using 1st method i have got error after selecting ext2 from link2sd “Link2SD could not gain root access.If you have root access make sure you respond ‘allow’ to
    Superuser prompt”

    My phone model is samsung S duos..

  • rahul

    memory card not found in my phone after all prosses i done,,,

  • qevin qwest

    cylinder or MB?????
    The 1st tym it worked only to realize I cannot download stuff “insufficient memory thing”
    though I had received the selecting prompt from link2sd ext2 refused so I tried FAT32 and I rebooted and worked.

  • tina

    hello sir
    i have problem when connected to ext 2. the message
    appears like: link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root
    access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or grant to the superuser request.
    how should i fix this problem

    • rockstone

      u need to root your device first :3

      • eyayelieni

        experienced the same problem with Tina. And how will I know if my Xperia Ray had already been rooted? My phone was reformatted, losing all its data.
        Thanks a lot!

      • Huawei G510

        I am also facing the same problem. How to obtain root access? I check “Storage Info” in Link2SD menu, there is also showing… SD Card 2nd Part. Not Mounted

    • alex

      I faced the same one, it turned out that, I haven’t activated the superuser. it’s already there, but hasn’t installed yet,, so, check first whether it’s rooted or not (Use root checker from playstore), then you will now what to do next..

  • Femi Lukmon

    This is highly useful. It makes me love android the more and thanks to HTC/T-mobile for Good products. i think i recommend 1GB auxiliary space for Great result. @poster, more power to ur elbow.

  • janspeer

    it works perfect only one think when i put the sdcard in my pc it says ‘pls format …’
    but on the phone the 2 partitions and link2sd work perfect
    but how can i backup my sdcard now

  • Huawei G510

    I am also facing the same problem like Tina. When I connected to ext 2. the message
    appears like: Link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root
    access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or grant to the superuser request. I also check “Storage Info” in Link2SD menu, it showing… SD Card 2nd Part. Not Mounted
    how should i fix this problem.

    • Your phone should be ROOTED. Please read the guide COMPLETELY as I have mentioned it. Thanks!

      • vova

        how i root it ??

        • marione

          download gingerbreak..or universalandroot apk jijiiijij…idont know how to partition sdcard jiji

      • winely

        me too i read, follow it completely but if i put my sd always link2sd could not …. pls help us

  • I tried this method on my Galaxy S4, it says it can’t move the apps to the SD, because my phone won’t let it However, it says that it can create links for me to move the files manually. The problem is that I can’t see that partition in the Explorer, and in the Partition Wizard I can see the partition but can’t view the files. Solutions?

  • nouman

    best is ext-4 but before making partition you must move your internal memory application to sd card (in built)

  • Gautam

    i cannot link dalvik shows i/o error…plz help :(

  • JM

    hi noypigeeks, need help. how do you root lenovo a690? have this phone, great for its price and specs, but the internal storage is low. id like to install link2sd app on it, but requires the phone to be rooted.

    help please

  • xavier felix

    I used the ClockWorkMod(ALTERNATIVE METHOD)
    It completed successful but it keeps telling me I have a blank SD, Went to show info it shows the partition SD card was 4 GB but it as maxed at 3.67 So that may be the problem I set the partition to 1 gig
    CWM V.
    LG Optimus Dynamic

    • xavier felix

      Help please :(

      • Use Minitool to delete the partitions on your microSD card and start again. I advice that you use Minitool instead if the CWM method didn’t worked for you.

  • anwar khalifa

    thanks for ur help… 2nd one is gud method

  • Gareth

    Many thanks for this guide. Works perfectly on my HTC Desire running Cyanogenmod.

    Can I link all the applications listed, including the system ones?

  • Hassan

    But the massege still shown when i rebooting
    Please anyhelp :(

  • oswin
  • phat

    could you please provide me how to root alcatel one touch 4010x….
    i tried bunch of method shown on the net…none of it seems to work…

  • Raisa P

    The first process worked for me. Thanks a lot! However, I seem to be facing a problem. There are no more internal applications but a notification for low phone memory keeps popping up. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

  • livix05

    hey , my phone is root , i tried both , and i can’t finish , because after instal Link2SD , and choose ext4 (i tried all , est 2 , ext 3) receve this

    ”Mount script error
    Mount scipt cannot be created.
    mount :invalid argument”
    what can i do ??

    • Zero

      same problem here. I have tried the two process and have my phone root accessed but I can’t perform the said extension

  • bnp1988


  • lmher

    thanks..its works 100%

  • khero

    your awesome dude! thanks for your wonderful info. what comes around comesback around! share and recieved.

  • livix05

    can sameone to help me ?

  • noaman

    hi, i hav got samsung galaxy 550 when i select ext2 partition it says link2sd could not obtain root access, wat should i do?

  • codebleu23

    what will i do with my samsung galaxy sIII. i cant use it here because my sister gae it to me and its locked in japan network… where would i go and how much will it cost me?

  • codebleu23

    help me please

    • mar

      I have the same problem. help us please.

  • Andre

    please help me, I don’t know what I did, but everytime I try to move some app it says cannot create link directory nonexisten :(

  • carmel

    SD card is damaged… i followed every step.

  • DAD

    how can i root Cherry Mobile Spark Tv? android phone v2.3

    • marione

      donload universalandroot

  • harry
  • Hello from Greece.

    Thank you, worked nicely with my XPeria Neo V. Its only problem WAS low internal memory.

  • Atul

    dear sir that is the error after Piont no 13

    Link2SD could not obtain root access.

    If you have root access make sure you respond ‘allow’ or ‘grant’ to the superuser request

    So please help me what can I do now

    • Stef

      Make sure your phone is rooted, after that install “superuser”.
      When u open Link2sd this app will give root access.

  • Dhananjay Hegde


    thank you so much. very helpful. i could install many apps now!
    but after some time now, when i try to install new apps it is getting failed to link – it says ‘insufficient space’.

    my second partition has 4 Gigs.

    internal memory has fallen to just 15 MB.

    why is it that?

    thank you,

  • AutumnRose

    Hey thanks.. was having a little bit of trouble. Great job explaining. Thanks a ton :)

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  • daxesh

    how i canceld the patretion in my phone to used the normally???????

    • Stef

      Windows can not read Ext2 on SD card, to delete the Ext2 download SDCardformatter. Make sure to make a backup!!!
      I had to format the SD card again in windows to regain full access to my SC card again.

  • redjoker

    “link2sd n’a pas pu avoir lacces root”
    pleas help !!

  • samadhan patil

    after step 13 it says mount script cannot be created.
    mount:no such device
    ext2 may not be supported on your device.TryFAT32 on second partition
    PLS Help

    • Rajkiran Pramanik

      Make the second partition as FAT32 instead of ext2

  • Jonathan Guzzard

    thanks…worked perfect

  • enni

    hello,so i have galaxy ace and i did root the phone,than i did everything step by step as your guide,but when i started to downl the app they dont all move to the sd card,for wxample games and the phone starts saying again insuficient memory,can you pls help me and tell me what’s wrong? thank you :)

  • Hector Pais

    I have tried to partition my 8gb sd card using minitool partition free home edition on my pc. Using a card reader I backed up the contents of the micro sd card on my computer. My samsung galaxy ace is rooted.
    I have had no problem creating FAT32 partition (left about 1gb for ext2 partition). However, when I go to create ext2, I am getting this message: “The new created partition cannot be used in windows.Because Windows could only recognize the first partition on a removable disk”. Please tell me what’s gone wrong.
    Thank you,

    • Hesham

      nothing wrong that is normal you may proceed

  • yoy

    If you already have some apps, select “move to phone” then after moving select “Create Link” (be sure to check the three files: app, dalvic-cache and library files) what is this should we do that “select “move to phone” then after moving” or not

  • yoy

    tell fast

  • Rochell Bonamy

    Followed the steps but I got stuck at #13.
    I rooted my phone last week.

    When I open the app Link2SD, it even says at the bottom “Link2SD has been granted superuser request for an interactive shell”
    When I selected “ext2”,
    an error message appears
    Root Access Warning
    Link2SD could not obtain root access. If you have root access make sure you respond ‘Grant’ to the superuser request.

    I read the comments here and I double checked if my device indeed is rooted. (I used the app “root checker” to check.
    Status: Rooted
    SuperUser: Not Found
    Busybox: Not Found

    What did I do wrong?

    I am using Samsung Ace 2.

    • Rochell Bonamy

      Maybe the way I rooted the device was wrong?
      If that’s the case, how can I repair it?

  • Kuvvat

    hi my phone rooted, when i start link2sd and try check the autolink (to automatically move apps upon installation) i get error segmentation fault help please…..

  • sabarish

    i did all the process of CLOCKWORKMOD RECOVERY… but when i open the app – link2sd, it says, sd card not partitioned, even though i did in the recovery mode

  • Issam ben ahmed

    hi i did everything above but link2sd app says ext2 not found please help

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  • GenDroid


    • Hey guys, take GenDroid’s advice. I’ve installed this 100s of times already and sometimes it won’t work for the 1st time. Try it for a couple of times more and it will work.

  • yakuza

    when i opened the Link2sd it says it doesn’t have root access……..

    • marione

      install universalandroot

  • keith

    mount script cannot be created.

    : cannot create / system/etc/ system full.

    im already in step 13 now i cant continue. my phone is new format.

    • Keith

      i already solve my prob. thanks for posting this guide.

  • Kat

    i have done all the above and also did the partition of the sd but somehow the second partition of my sd is always empty and i still get the message of low internal memory. so how do i get to actually use the second partition of my sd?
    i have a samsung galaxy ace

  • cliff

    thanks alot, it worked on my galaxy mini

  • Megan Green

    I did all that! but my stupid phone keeps telling me my device don’t support links2sd but my phone has been rooted …. this is getting really frustrating!! I bought the lg optimus l9 if I knew it didn’t work with sd cards I wouldn’t have wasted 220$!!!!! please help! or I will be returning this phone and getting something better.

    • Evansbankx

      all of you having the same PROBLEM download superuser, to grant acess to link2sd

      • Anonymous

        i did it but still … the same problem…Link2sd could not obtain root access. If you have root access make sure you grant or allow to the superuser request

  • sanjay

    I did all that, but still link2sd could not obtain root access…..showing message if you have root access make sure you respond “Allow” or “Grant” to th superuser request.

    • jaison

      i tried clearing the cache and data and tried it again and worked for me :)

  • Cj Salido

    i follow all the steps above.. but when i insert my SD card on my phone and select ext2 on link2sd it says that i need to reboot it, but i click it again, the same message pop-up.. what should i do? someone here can help me pls..pls

    • Haruto Ozau

      then reboot… turn off ur cp and on again..

    • Haruto is right. Just do a manual reboot then you’re done.

  • ronald

    it says ext4 cannot be created.blah blah can i do it?

    • Haruto Ozau

      just create ex2, not ex3 or ex4…

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  • Girish Upadhyay

    My Htc explorer show no sd card found after all process done, plz help me…

  • jaison

    my phone wont start after putting the sd. sony is displayed and it goes off and comes back again and off and on and off
    ;( please help!

    • jaison

      ok so my problem was that xperia supports ext4 not ext2 but now problem is root access denied -_-

      • Suhas Sathish

        hi jason. did u get the issue solved??

    • Anant

      Hi Jason I also have xperia m so same problem

  • jaison

    my phone is xperia M

  • Guest

    Once I create “FAT32” partition it won’t let me create another one?

    • Dominic Anfuso

      You have to resize it so it’s not using the full amount on the SD card, Had the same issue till I figured it out. Just click all the way to the right of the yellow bar and move it

  • Dominic Anfuso

    Worked like a charm thanks :-)

  • jeremy russell

    Why does the second part have to be no more than 2gb? What if the apps exceed that much space? Sorry just trying to figure out the premise beHind the size allocations.

    • You can set it to any amount Jeremy. It’s just that this guide was written 1 year ago and apps/games were not that big then.

  • Ivan

    i formatted using Gparted in linux, the problem i got is, that the phone recognices the second partition as the SD card to use for media, link2SD works, is just that i see the files it moves in the explorer and the camera of the phone tells me that the SD is in read only mode, i cant make it see the first partition as the SD to store media any idea whats wrong?, i tried with 2 FAT32, 1 FAT32 and 1 Ext2, 2 Ext2, and extended partition, using extended partition didnt work XD, the phone i am using to do this is a LG L3 and i am gonna try with a LG L5X to see if is the phone, thanks in advance ppl

  • Theo

    Man, You just made my week!!!! thank you so much fo this brilliant tutorial!

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  • Suhas Sathish

    hello. M using sony xperia M. even m facing same prob as others facing in sony xperia M. Wat is de solution for it ?

  • Surajit

    my options are of ext2,ext3… are comming but when i select 1 Mount scropt error comes like “Mount script cannot be created” ” mount : Invalid Argument”

    • ………

      Have you been able to solve this yet? I’m getting the same message;
      “Mount Script error.
      Mount script cannot be created.

      mount: invalid argument”

      Can anyone help with this?
      I’m sure I’ve followed all the steps on the PC and phone correctly, still trying again.

    • They should match. Format your microsd card and start over again.

  • Guest

    This worked perfectly for my tablet. I had used Clean Master to move as many apps as possible to the SD card, but it was not enough. I was also running out of space on my SD card so I got a 32GB card.

    I used the minitool to partition my SD card (after copying the contents elsewhere first). After partitioning and copying everything back to the main partition, the apps worked properly. (I had 5GB of stuff to copy back, so it took a while as copying to SD cards is quite slow.)

    Then I began linking as many apps as I could using Link2SD. I now have 1GB of internal free space for my apps, and more than 1GB on the second partition of the SD card. so I should not be getting the out of space issues when downloading or updating my apps.

    Thanks so much for this tutorial.

  • jmw082

    This worked perfectly for my tablet. I had used Clean Master to move as many apps as possible to the SD card, but it was not enough. I was also running out of space on my SD card so I got a 32GB card.

    I used the minitool to partition my SD card (after copying the contents elsewhere first). After partitioning and copying everything back to the main partition, the apps worked properly. (I had 5GB of stuff to copy back, so it took a while as copying to SD cards is quite slow.)

    Then I began linking as many apps as I could using Link2SD. I now have 1GB of internal free space for my apps, and more than 1GB on the second partition of the SD card. so I should not be getting the out of space issues when downloading or updating my apps.

    Thanks so much for this tutorial!

    • I’m glad it worked for you jmw082. Good job! Enjoy!

  • kaye

    Awesome! it really works! good read and tutorial! kudos to you! :)

  • GD

    I followed these steps correctly, and it most definetely works! Although, I chose to partition 2048MB of my SD Card for this. I now wish I had chosen 1024MB. Can I undo this process and start over? Help please!

    • Yes, GD. Just repeat the process and you’re set. :-)

  • joseph

    hello im using clockworkmod i did all the steps but when i enter link2sd they say i must have 2nd partition please reply

  • mujahid

    i formated and when i insert sdcard it was not mount in my mobile or it can say mobile not supported this type of format. pls help

  • leojie

    I’ve done the two process stated above with my 2gb sd card…the partition was successfully done and created in both process.. but everytime i opened my link2sd and the prompt message came out, and let me choose the file system to be used, all option says mount script error…i am s duos with pmp light rom…linksd is built-in in this rom.. please help…

    • Repeat the process again and choose either ext3 or ext4 (make sure that it’s the partition you chose in minitool)

  • vaneet

    how to reverse the process?? now my memory card is only showing the FAT32 drive memory .. :( Please help

    • that’s how it works. The 2nd partition can only be seen by link2sd. Anyway, you can format the microsd card to reverse it or better yet use Minitool Partition manager again.

  • ojhan

    whats the diffrent linked to sd with moved to sd? bcs i couldnt moved to sd it said
    “app2sd is not supported by your device. because your device has a primary external storage which is emulated from the internal storage.
    you can link the app in order to move its files to your SD card.”
    how can i moved totally my fews installed apps to sdcard?
    please respon thanks :D

  • Ju

    im Using a 32 gb ultra sandisk micro sd. I made the FAT32 20gb and the EXT2 8 gb. When opening LINK2SD im prompted to choose which file. I chose ext2 then it says. “LINK2SD could not obtain root access. If you have a root access make sure you respond “allow” or “grant’ to the superuser request.” and I have no idea what that means….

    • Rak

      your need to root your device bro :)

      • ujjal

        how to root

    • Please read the article again sir. Rak is right.

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  • Liezel Rabbon

    The second partition not found! I do all the step but its not work!

  • zen

    hi. i might not be good at this partitioning through CWM, because its already there when i root my phone using simple step from xda guide. but then i want to make 3 partition out of my microSD (32G). i expect 1 part for app, 1part for swap, and 1 part for any data storage. i just wonder since this confuse me a lot.

    i got some option between FAT ( vFAT, exFAT) and EXT (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4) format.
    can u tell me which to use for each partition i need? or its impossible to make 3 partition out of single MicroSD even its 32G in size?

    what i can understand is that to make a partition to ‘swap’,i must set it to 0, but in which format?. then how about my APP partition and Data partition? and does SWAP means it will be as extended RAM for my phone? just for further understanding. because i read some article for all above terms, i might not be good enough to understand all the concept.

    kindly assist so i might understand more

    God bless u.

  • Belleelleb

    You did a great job! I would like to say that you’re the best! I’m so glad that I can move the applications to SD card. Thank you again :)

  • [email protected]

    I’ve been using this
    for a week on my 4.2.1 MIUI but every boot I have a different number of
    apps and rarely do I have all 114 apps on my phone, sometimes 90 then I
    reboot and it’s 105, you get the gist.

    I’m using ext 4 and the latest version of the app available on
    playstore.options are set to auto internal and auto link. Only apps that
    dissapear are linked ones.

    Any solution to that?

  • jeyanth

    i am using samsung galaxy star duos in that these features are not supported in which it is also a jelly bean os phone may i know the reason and resolution steps for it please help me


    Why don’t i still get the move app data to sd on titanium backup?

  • Michael Liles

    this was the only thing that worked on my LGL9 by t-mobile. i think that android got together with the phone developers to figure out a way to increase unit sales. and maybe even have the game developers in on the action also; and thats why the game apps are so large now. maybe…..

    • kp

      Hey frendz. I m using micromax a121
      I tried all file system ext2 ,3,4 but after selection it rebooting and then again asking select file system means everything goes fine mount script created. But after rebooting script can’t mounting how I do?

  • Michael Liles

    this way if you cant figure out how to over come this then you are forced into buying a new phone over and over again

  • Somnath Shinde

    Thanks…. you…. It’s working fine and that super doper KADAK…..!

  • Jazz

    Thank You! My Sprint Samsung S4 is happy with many Apps linked to newly formatted 16 GB SD Card. From the time I got home with the card reader it took less than an hour to set it up. Advice about keeping the first partition small was golden! It might not work for every device but definitely up and running on the rooted S4.

    Step by step instructions are so helpful to those of us who do this once every 2 years when we get a new phone!


  • reagan

    im always stock on “mounted warning” what should i do

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  • Balaji

    link2SD could not obtain root access. how to fix this

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  • not a geek

    HI. I get as far as step 13 and then my phone says that “if you have root access make sure you respond “allow” or “grant” to the suoeruser request. Only problem is that there is nowhere to say “allow” Please help.
    Not a geek

    • Banglong

      same to my case.
      please advice.

      • danny

        If you have rooted your phone, download SuperSu in Samsung play store. After downloading/Installing open SuperSu app -> go to Settings -> go to Default Access switch that to ”grant” done. (If im right)

    • kavin

      Install. Clockworkmod super user

    • bonnie

      possibly restart your phone or see if setting usb debugging on enables your root.. im new to rooting and thats what i had to do.. i always go back and uncheck it when im done with apps that need granted root acess

    • sayema qazi

      look into your phone menu for supersu app go into it … go into settings > default access > chose grant access… n its done .. hope it vl help u…

  • Guest

    Thank you. It was helpful

  • kavin

    It moves files on first partition only not in ex2 partition……(using normal app2sd method )
    Help me…

  • IA Piyush Prajapat

    I am using lava n 400, after doing this process my phon not reboot ….. and also it is rooted ……… help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • melvin

    awesome but after all dis ………….. wen i switch off an on again it is asking for SD card to be formatted

  • melvin

    but i tried new sd card 4GB againn the same thing asing for formatting ………….

  • nsmorado

    where have i gone wrong? I followed everything from step1 till the end and I was able to mount the sd card. however, when i checked the storage info, it says that my internal memory is only 6% free, while SD card is 99% free and SD Card 2nd Part. is 94% free. As I was trying to install another apps, I got a notification that says: “System storage is getting low”… so where did it go wrong? my samsung galaxy y duos is already rooted. somehow somewhere i miss a step? please advice… thanks

  • jsmith

    Link2SD or All apps like that on android is joke. It’s not install/move/link the app to external SDCard like you want. It’s just install/move/link to internal SDCard on your phone

    • bonnie

      it only really moves apps to your external card if you have a rooted phone.. if you do then im not sure why its not working… ive tested link2sd on my rooted phone with a 4 gb sd that hasn’t been used for years did a little mix up with the partions since the video i had watched dint tell completely about the partions but it still did work like it was supposed to so i went out and bought a bigger sd

  • Pingback: Solving Lenovo P770 / P780 low internal memory problem | Shioik Power Ur Biz()

  • Jen Jen

    @ step #14 what if.. ‘mount script cannot be created’ how was that?? pls help me..

    • ujjal

      same problem here

    • molenmaulana

      same problem here

    • Erieze Lagera

      Try restarting your phone then try it again. What type of EXT did you use?

  • dunkum77

    I have rooted my phone and successfully created the 2nd partition as laid out above, but am unable to move Apps to the Ext2 part of my SD card (everything seems to be going to the FAT32). When I look at the storage options in Link2SD it says that the Ext2 partition has 105% free!! Not sure how that happened. Any ideas?

  • venkatprasath

    What if it show every time i try
    “Mount script cannot be created.

    Mount: No such device”

    no matter how many time i reboot my phone it keeps on showing the same message every time i open the “link2sd”. Help me plsssss…!!!!

    • kevin

      I’m having this same error; no such dvoce . can someone please help

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  • KiwiPete

    I successfully unocked bootloader, flashed an older build 4.0.4_4.1.A.0.562 kernel to replace my 4.1.B.0.587 kernel, and rooted my Xperia Ray. I partitioned the SD card (creating second partition as ext2) and ran Link2SD – and it all worked fine. I used Link2SD and moved all my apps to the SD card. All good – and worked fine.

    The problem came when I then flashed the 4.1.B.0.587 kernel back onto the phone.

    When I re-booted, Link2SD was unable to get root access.
    To make matters worse, of course I could not access any of the apps that had been moved to the SD second partition.

    And the apps that were on the phone do not include superuser or similar.
    And – there is no GooglePlay app either so I am unable to install an app like superuser to fix the access problem.

    I tried flashing back to th eother kernel – but same result.
    How can I get root access to fix things?

    Thanks for any advice.

  • sayema qazi

    Thanks it worked all properly thanks alot … it just happened in one go .. no errors no trials … thanks for superbly guiding…

  • Pingback: Blogging India | Technology, India | Blogging, India()

  • Namios Satyr

    How about for LG E400 user ? I have a phone memory and an 1gb internal memory and a 32gb external sd card . How can i repartition my external sd to merge with my internal memory

  • arman

    afte i did this 2nd partition is not can i fix this? tnx

  • arman

    i trying again to do this step but unfortunately the card reader cant read my memory will i fix this? helpp

  • Pingback: How to partition of your SD card | SwapDroid()

  • Sanjay

    I can see the 2nd Partition in Link2SD.. But not seen in Setting>Storage or App Manager…. help

  • Pingback: how to screenshot - Free PDF Search()

  • crv

    Don’t know bout others but here all works perfectly on my xcover2! Thanks!

  • Basant Rajpurohit

    i have Micromax HD A116.

    1. i have update manually my Android 4.1 to 4.2

    2. i creat partition of my 16 gb sd card. 1 part 9gb FAT32 & second part EXT2 file system about 6 gb

    3. i root my phone succesfully

    3. i install superuser

    4. i install Link2SD

    5. i move all apps to my sdcard partion EXT2

    6. clear all apps catch, dalvik catch

    but still Internal storage is low.

    Please help me to clear some space of my internal storage (Phone Storage)

    • secret

      click the apps one by one . once the app is click u see into the lower left “create link” just click and check the available box like divlib. and cache and click link. wait to finish link. and all files in ur internal storage will cut into sdcard ext2.

  • DT

    “Root Access Warning. Link2SD could not obtain root access. If you have root access make sure you respond ‘Allow’ or ‘Grant’ to the superuser request”

    New phone, memory full after a week just downloading apps like my old phone. Added SD card but phone doesn’t seem to want to use it except for storing photos.

    Went out and purchased a card reader as my computer does not have one. Partitioned the card exactly as described in this page but yet I still can’t use it.

    I assume “root” is the same as “jailbreak” but that makes no sense to me as I understood the androids were open source.

    So how do I get this to work?

    • francis

      i think you need to root properly your phone and install superuser app such as SuperSU.

      • DT

        Thanks. The problem is rooting. I shouldn’t have to root my phone just to use the memory. Truly one messed up phone. Galaxy Victory–fairly useless. No memory, Battery last a couple of hours of screen time. Can’t use phone as GPS as the battery drains faster than the charger charges.

        • carlos camargo

          Philosophically, I couldn’t agree more. Pragmatically, I even had to factory reset my phone to get rooting to work it was that full of cruft, one does what one has to. I have a suspicion that Google wants us all to root our phones, it is what they always wanted for android.

  • Jayson

    You said to back up your files but you didn’t give any instructions on restoring it.

    • hgyfuj


  • amit

    I create partion bt i see in my cell ext2 partion size

  • Nalaka Amarasinghege

    does this work with sony xperia..?

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  • Pingback: Google()

  • Pingback: trying to get Link2SD to work - Android Forums()

  • motionpro

    I have a 32 gb sd card and could not get it to work had to put in the 2 gb that the phone came with to work also noticed that you suggested to only select no more than 2 gb for the ext2 drive. Is this the limitation? way to small for some apps is there anything better? LG F7

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  • Yoooh

    there is something o dont understand in #8

    Next, create an ext2/ext3/ext4 partition (if you’re on stock ROM,
    choose ext2). This is where your apps will go. I suggest a value of
    512Mb or 1Gb would be big enough but if you insist you can go as high as
    is this new sd card or the same one? im using 8gig

    • Yoooh

      oh nevermind i got it. thanks for the guide

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  • lael

    Thanks for the guide, I did it with no problems on a 32g card, for my metro lg optimus l9 ms769. Now just want more question (i a newbie), this is my first time rooting, doing the partitions on sd card, etc etc… i want to know what should i move to the sd and what i should not. Thanks for any input..

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  • jaka

    thank you bro.. it really works for my lenovo p770.. thank you very much again.

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  • Bappaditya Das

    when i am open link 2 sd app they asking for location i chose ext2 then ok.but new popup is blinking and the msg is mount script cannot be created mount:No such filr or directory




      • lenzwa

        Yeah it creat a link after changing to ext4 n ask to reboot by doin so I got booting up prob my phon neverreboot

        • AnonPH

          You might be bootlooped. Why not flash a stock rom?

      • mmoh

        had same problem. tried all directories still not working. getting same message….MOUNT SCRIPT CANNOT BE CREATED. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Arbaaz Hussain

    it says mount script error..

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  • uvcsharma

    Followed the instructions and now gt6102 is having 2 gigs of system memory… Thanks a lot…:)

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  • KK

    I followed everything except used a USB cable cord instead of an SD adapter to partition it.

    I’ve changed my mind about rooting my android so I just won’t use link2sd

    How can I get my SD card restored?

    Will I have problems just manually moving files on my SD card via USB in Windows 7?

    The partition recovery tool in Mini did not work but I did copy the contents of the SD drive before I started everything. Do I need to buy a new SD card?

    Please help a newbie to all this stuff. :-)

    • Erieze Lagera

      There will be a problem. Link2SD creates a symbolic link (just like shortcuts) so that the front-end application will just follow the symbolic links to use them.

      ROOT is required to use Link2SD because some of the data that Link2SD will move are stored from a root-access folder.

      Just remember this, rooting your device will tamper your device’s warranty, but will give you opportunity to have this tweaks like Link2SD.

    • nobjizzer

      all you can do is use the native apps2sd and see which apps are movable when you open them under /settings/apps other than that you will not be able to have the functins enjoyed by rooted phone simples!

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  • TH

    hmmm Unfortunately this has as much bloat ware as I am trying to get rid of .. unless you pay for the upgrade the main functions are locked and a lot of pop up advertisements. Limited functionality would have been ok. Gotta do a reset to get rid of it

    • nobjizzer

      just pay mate its not expensive!

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  • jaja

    thanks for this .. it works!

  • Sukalyan Majumdar

    it shows “N/A” in SD card 2nd partition info & if i create link for an app,it always shows that the app is stopped.stopped. Pls help

  • Kubiak

    I’m stuck between 14 and 15.

    I created partitions with no pb, I launched Link2SD, it asked me my file system (ext2), it rebooted.
    But when I launch link2sd, it asks me again what my file system is…
    I ticked “remember my choice” and rebooted.
    After reboot, every “Create link” button (in the programs list) is grey and cannot be clicked…

    I can’t do anything I’m waiting from this app :D

    First, I had NAND problem (my phone wasn’t S-OFFed), but now it’s rooted and S-OFFed, so everything should be OK.

    It looks like the Ext2 partition I created was not mounted…

    Any idea ?

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  • Ben Holder

    Hi i need some help i followed the instructions up to step 7 and created the first partition as shown but then there is no option to create another partition? How do i create the second partition? Please reply someone ;)

    • nobjizzer

      did you create your first partition as primary and set the size so that you have some space left over for your second partition?

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  • chris

    I get to step 13 and then nothing happens I don’t get what you say comes up and I keep getting messages re my superuser or link2sd could not obtain root access please help

    • nobjizzer

      you are not rooted or your superuser binary is outdated, also means not rooted, you have to be rooted and you have to have the paid version of links2sdplus otherwise dont bother!

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  • jerson

    it worked on my galaxy s duos(gt-s7562) but i do have a problem of installing/updating apps like antivirus/facebook/kittyplay and even tinyflashlight(which is low in memory) because whenever i tried to update or install those apps it says “insufficient storage available” but if i install games(big in memory) it is just fine. Will you help me with this problem? thanks!

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  • PEL


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  • Jess

    how can i work my sd card to the partition software? When Im going to do so, it always says that my card is Read Only. how can I do it? :( Heeelp

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  • Anonyoubich

    the amount of stupidity in the comment section amazes me..

    • AnonPH

      We don’t care ./.

  • lance

    when i press ext2 in link2sd it im getting mount script error mount script cannot be created not allowed to su pls help me

    • mmoh

      have same problem. tried all directories still not working. getting same message….MOUNT SCRIPT CANNOT BE CREATED. PLEASE HELP!!!

      • KennethYow

        try to use fat32 both 2 partitions. Maybe your phone can’t read ext2 systems :D

        • cvpillai

          True. It works. But with a bit limitations.

      • Botak

        Select ext4 to mount. Doesn’t matter if you created a ext2 or 3 partition it will work with selecting ext4 as mounting

      • Venkatraman Srinivasan

        Heh, just google your phone model to check for the primary mount partition type. It could be ext2, 3 or 4. Some phones support a specific type.

        In my case I had a basic phone that supports ext2.

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  • Venkatraman Srinivasan

    I must say this is an eye-opener tutorial for further research.

    I explored different settings on several phones depending on their memory and got really good results..
    For all these, this is where I started.

    Thanks. I even bought a premium edition of Link2SD. That did wonders. !!!

    Thanks a ton !!

  • jerid

    will it work on my hisense sero7 tablet?

  • Pingback: How to Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone | Trick University()

  • helpme

    I have a spreadtrum phone and it can’t read partitions! Tried ext2 and ext4 and it say mount script cannot be created because /data/sdext2 doesn’t exist?
    I think the other partition options wont work…

    • ken

      Same here

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  • ab1jx

    Are the partition sizes I’m seeing proportional with bigger cards? I’m seeing discussion of 4 gig cards, I’ve got a 64 gig. What ratio of sizes should I use between the FAT32 and the ext? I might also want to use a Debian loader so should I make 2 ext partitions?

  • Jaybee

    why i open my linkSD, and i select ext4? end then please wait? i cant wait! (

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  • mike

    sir my phone is xiaomi REDMI 1S. wat kind of partition system my phone compatible? ext2, ext3, ext4 or what?

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  • Athena

    Hi, thank you very much. God bless.

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  • katze Llorin

    do i have to move the apps in sd card? after the tutorial above.. or not necessarily?

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  • Starchems

    Thank you!

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  • Gary

    After you have saved the apps and other files already on the sd card, where do these go when you have re-formatted/partitioned the sd card? I assume that the apps are put back in the ext2/3/4 partition and the other files in the same folder structure under the other partition. I have a 32Gb sd card so I was planning to have 2Gn for ext and 30gb for other files, etc. It’s not clear from the above what you do after step 10 and before putting the sd card back in the phone!

    • nobjizzer

      yes as he says all your media etc goes on 1st partition i.o.w. the fat32 partition. I guess its set up this way for pro microsoft people because windoze cant see linux partitions like ext2,3,4 etc.Personally I love linux but in the last couple years microsoft have finally caught on and maybe even accepted that perhaps the linux file structure and system is very intuitive, bla bla anyway so like I said yes media on fat32 and apps on ext2 2nd partition. buy your statement about it not being clear I assume youve gone and saved your files on your pc rather than on your phone temporarily?
      if this is the case just use any win compatible ftp app or if you can connect via bluetooth very well between your desktop and mobile send the files across that way. I still find remote desktop to be one of the most reliable wireless file transfer apps out there. sadly for some strange reason you can no longer find it on google market but if you do some serious detective work you can find it on the internet on other 3rd party sites, I cant recall exact which ones so long ago now, sorry. Ive attached a photo of what the login page looks like. you have to start the app on your phone and then point your browser to any of the 3 addresses it provides and then it also provides a random login code, once youve logged in you will see the file structure and folders of your phone etc. navigate in the left pane to where you want to place your media i.o.w. 2nd partition of your external sdcard and click upload then window opens for you to select your files! it supports batch upload if you hold your shift key and select how ever many files to upload! it does not support folder upload, well at least not in the free version, but it is fast, I often use it for uploading music!you just have to create the folder first which you can also do in the browser! i.o.w. if I were uploading an entire albumnId make a folder and name it the name of the albumn just like you would on your desktop. you can also download from device to pc so it works both ways. the app when you eventually find it will also have the same icon as the little computer shown in the screenshot I have uploaded herewith, just so you know what to look out for and get the right one I hope this helps you somewhat?

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  • Jude

    Id like to ask, if for example, id done this to an 8gb sd card, then I had linked the apps, and I took off the memory card, or decided to chane to a newer sd card, will my phone still work without the previous linked card?

  • someone

    Hi I was able to create 2 partitions here are snapshots from my phone.As you can see in screenshots each time Link2sd fails to mount the second partition.

    I have attached a screenshot of storage which is seen from the Link2sd Settings.
    The second partition is ext4. Phone is HTC 620G Desire. Memory card is 16 GB.

    Partition 1 ext4 6Gb

    Partition 2 Fat32 10 Gb
    What else should I try for this to work?
    Android version 4.4.2.
    Link2sd version 4.0.12

    • nobjizzer

      follow the devs tut above, the first partition needs to be FAT32 and set to primary and also must be larger than partiton 2 so if you have a 32GB sd card you will only get about 28GB to use for partitioning then make your 1st partition about 25GB and your 2nd partition about 2GB I made ine 3GB cos I’m bent on having every app under the sun lol! anyway secomd partition as ext2 nothing else and it also needs to be set to “Primary” and NOT extended!

      click apply and wait for the changes to take place. eject your card from card reader
      place in phone wait for it to mount. start up links2sd (it has to be the Links2SDPlus) donation version for these extra added features to work!
      This guy put in a serious amount of work to make this app functional so be thankful he is only charging the small fee that he is! I have no quams with paying for an App if it actually works. What I do is I run a pirate copy first to see if it is actually worth paying for and then if it turns out it works I go and install a paid version! seems fair! I see in your screenshot that there is a padlock next to the word Links2SD does this suggest that you are still using the free version? if you are dont expect anything to work like in the tut?! nothing is for free mate, I dont blame the guy for making certain features not available! how would he making a living if everyone jus got all his work and ideas for free!?!!! anyway once you have fired up linsk2sdplus follow the instructions in his tutorial again and select ext2 if you have done everything right it will create the mount point correctly and you will be asked to reboot your phone. then restart the app and if you get no more messages on app startup you have succeeded! ;-) good luck ;-)

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  • I need help

    Hi I’d like to ask my link2sd don’t show the message “select the file system of your SD card’s second partition” when I open it. please help

  • jz100

    All this BS is why you should buy phones that have a high amount of storage built in. Its not worth this hassle otherwise. We can thank Google for this crap. Whats the point of buying a 64gb sdcard for apps, when you can only put 2gb of storage for apps on it?

  • sanjum4sanjum4 .

    OBB files dont get transferred to sdcard. while transferring OBB files it show package invalid error. WASTE OF MONEY!!

  • Pongie

    I have tried link2sd using my 32gb sd card for my extended ROM, based on the other blog the idea is you can only use 20% of your total sd capacity so in my case I can used up to 6.5gb as extended ROM. At first it won’t mount on link2sd because I’m using ext2 as partition, but I experiment on ext3 and finally ext4 works with my sdcard using 6gb as my extended ROM. By the way your phone must be rooted on the first

    place before you can use Link2sd, My device is oppo with 32gb sd card.

  • nobjizzer

    ok so I think I got everything right, only thing is when I try and do some changes I am not sure whether to move an app first and then link it or just link it or just move it?
    does it matter? anyway it is not fail safe atm??? I seemed to have come up against a wall as I too am getting the: “Failure” Links2SD package invalid error message for any attempts to link dalvik cache on all apps and then on some apps even when I try to move them to sd card the same thing so have you got a bug in your mount scripts or what? let me know please? I am on motorola moto g 2nd gen LTE (uk) rooted with chainfires SU and the TWRPs Titan Recovery supplied via XDA! I’m using a Sandisk class 10 32GB microsdcard as my external SD, everything went fine with setup or did it? any ideas anyone?

  • nobjizzer

    the other thing is I believe you can up the system memory just like you would in linux right? i.o.w. create a 3rd partition and format it as swap? would this work?

  • Karl

    If I wanna send these 2.5 GB of map files (which must be accessible to the app) along can I do that with the pro version’s “Link Internal Data”? Internal data, sounds promising, but will it allow this move? I have already set up my external partition to over 4GB in anticipation of doing this. It will be a disappointment if I find out there is no way to attatch these huge files and send them into that partition.

  • Jeff K

    I rooted my phone and used Aparted to create two partitions on my 32GB SD card. I used Aparted as opposed to the Mini Tool Partition Wizard Manager because I don’t have a conventional PC…I have a ChromeBook which doesn’t allow .exe files to be installed. I had SOME issues with Aparted in that for some reason I wasn’t allowed to create an Ext 2, 3, or 4 partition so I created two FAT32 partitions. There a a number of apps I am using that will not allow the data to be installed on the 2nd FAT32 partition. They require an Ext partition. Has anyone experienced this or have an alternative app for me to use to create the partitions?

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  • Mu92

    It says the script cannot be created not allowed, any ideas?

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  • Gary

    When I try this I get Mount script cannot be created. mount: invalid argument.

    In a post about 5 months ago you state “start up links2sd (it has to be the Links2SDPlus) donation version” .. so is that why so many of us are struggling to get this to work? I’d rather prove it works before parting with any cash! unless I get me donation back when it doesn’t!

  • sydbarrett74

    Is there an updated version of this tutorial? I have a Moto E 2nd gen and there have been enough changes with Lollipop that the steps are no longer 100% accurate. I’m having a helluva time getting this to work as it should.


    link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond “Allow or “grant” to the superuser request. i am check my supersu app i have grant link2sd app & i also have root access plz tell me how to solved this probelm in link2sd app