Clash of Clans Finally Arrives on Google Play Store

Clash of Clans

One thing I like about real time strategy games is that their large, immersive and addictive. They’re huge time suckers that can magically eat up half your productivity. However, when you think of real time strategy games, you normally associate them with the PC platform, not a mobile device like your phone.

Download Clash of Clans

Well, Clash of Clans might not be big enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Warcraft or Command and Conquer, but it’s popularity on iOS with its free-to-play model has shattered the mobile platform barrier. Now it seems that the popular iOS multiplayer strategy game has made its way to the Play Store for everyone to download.

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It was initially only available in a few countries, but now they’re looking for new players and the app is no longer restricted by country. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the link above and let’s get playing!


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