Free Fire hacks: Auto headshot, Unlimited bullets, High damage, No recoil, and Wall hack


There’s no place for cheaters on any mobile game, especially those that require great skill to win and are highly competitive.

Garena Free Fire, one of the most popular battle royale games online (second only to PUBG), has seen a massive surge in cheaters in recent years, with thousands of hackers being reported each day. Having that many cheaters in the game definitely drains out the fun for us honest users that want to win fair and square. 

Fortunately, Garena is pretty good at detecting and banning hackers from the game, and the player community is given the power to report any user they suspect to be cheating. Thus, it’s important for you to be aware of the different hacks that they use so you can report the pesky cheaters when you see one and kick them off the game. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 most common hacks used on Free Fire and how you can spot them. 

Auto headshot 

Arguably the most dangerous hack in Free Fire, the auto headshot script is like an aimbot that makes sure the player gets that perfect instant kill every time.

Players that use this almost always rank pretty high because they register a long kill list and survive in close head-to-head matches. Some aimbot scripts even go so far as automatically locking you down as long as you are in sight, even if you’re hundreds of meters away. 


But no matter how powerful the auto headshot hack is, it’s also very easy to detect. A ridiculous cross-map headshot is nearly impossible even for pro players, and it will certainly point toward a cheating player. Because of their conspicuousness, players that use an aimbot are quickly reported and don’t last for many games.  

Unlimited bullets 

Another notorious hack is the one that removes the bullet limit on all weapons so the player can keep on shooting without worrying about wasting any bullets. Although not a sure win, this hack can still be incredibly dangerous because players can alter their strategy to shoot bullets very quickly and haphazardly.


Players that use this hack can be difficult to detect if they use the hack wisely and discreetly. When they time their shots and don’t make their limitless bullet inventory that obvious, cheaters may go undetected throughout the game, unless they act unnaturally and start spraying without regard for their bullets.

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High damage hack

Some players cheat by adding more damage to their weapon attacks, going beyond the maximum limit set for their chosen weapons. The high damage hack greatly buffs up their weapon’s fatality and increases the possibility of an instant kill for anyone on the other side of the gun. 

However, this cheat may actually not be as useful as it sounds, because any bullet that hits the player’s body, regardless of the damage the bullet causes, is enough to have the target off the game. Still, many players use the high damage hack to make sure to register that kill every time.  


No recoil hack

Your weapon’s recoil is one of the most important things that you need to master to get more precise shots and score more kills in the long run. It can be quite difficult to control, but some players use a script that automatically manages their recoil for them. This means that the player can simply aim and their shot will go directly to their target, which is a massive unfair advantage for the cheating player. 

Unlike other hacks on this list, the no recoil hack can be incredibly hard to spot and report, because a player that always precisely shoots may just have mastered the recoil of their weapon of choice. 

Wall hack 

Walls and other barriers no longer serve their purpose to hide you when there are players that are using a wall hack. This hack lets them see through walls so they can easily spot any hiding players and sneak up on them for an unsuspected kill. 

Some cheating players can be very visible because they would sometimes be seen aiming at or creeping up on walls, but others also use the cheat discreetly without being detected as easily.  

Cheaters come with the territory of difficult, competitive games like Garena Free Fire, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to stop them. The next time you’re sure that someone is cheating, don’t hesitate to report them and have them flying back to the lobby. 

Do you know of other hacks used in Garena Free Fire? What other tips do you have to detect cheats and hacks in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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