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  4. Please look into this hotel, where repatriates from Vietnam on March 24, 2022-Thursday were forced to sleep famished for more than 12 hours because what was given to them as “food” that night is a paper bag containing 2 slices of bread & small sachet of butter. Yes, their dinner time is only up to 7:30pm but hotel know people are arriving after that time. Even just a noodle cup might have made them half full. Other hotels are giving better dinner. Hotel’s name is-Discovery Suite in Ortigas. Overseas workers deserve to be treated fairly. Thank you. I hope other will not experience the same ordeal in their own country. If other hotel can feed good food to other repatriates, why Discovery Suite in Ortigas can’t OR won’t???

  5. How do you stop a tower from being installed next to your home. No one in the Philippines asks permission, they just do it and hope no one complains. Surely the people have a right to not be radiated on. Barangay and City officials are in it for the money money. 1000 peso under the table, can result in cancers and tumors. Not fair. Any suggestions?