NoypiGeeks is one of the Philippines’ leading and premier technology-centered website that delivers the most relevant technology news, rumors, gadget reviews, and tutorials. Upon its official launch in early 2012, the website gathered loyal readers that have grown exponentially in the last few months.

From its humble beginnings as a one-man blog by Adam Parnala, the site’s editorial team has increased to expand their creativity and ability to produce unique and high-quality reviews. The website’s popularity grew even further and is now ranked as one of the top technology blogs in the Topblogs Tech directory due to its large pool of tech-oriented audience. NoypiGeeks also shows its authority throughout the web and it has been spreading online as it’s also mentioned on tech forums and social networking sites. offers advertising and branding packages fit for small businesses and large enterprises. We also have special discounts on quarterly terms that you can take advantage of. Please note that these prices are introductory and might increase in the coming months.

Available Ad Formats

  • 300×250 Sidebar Banner
  • 728×90 Leaderboard Banner
  • Write-up about a product/brand
  • App / Service / Gadgets Review
  • For custom proposals, please send us an email.

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