It’s no secret that Filipinos love basketball. And we love watching our PBA basketball games. However, as our lives become busier and busier, it becomes more difficult to schedule some time for sitting in front of the TV to watch PBA games on ONE Sports or TV5. 

More people are looking to find ways to watch live PBA games while on the go. Here are 4 ways that you can watch PBA basketball online for FREE, so you can always stay updated on the game using only your phone.     

#1 Watch PBA livestreams on Facebook

One of the easiest ways to watch PBA games is through Facebook live streams. You can follow several official Facebook pages that broadcast the PBA games live so you can receive an alert when the stream begins. The most popular of these Facebook pages include: 

PBA Rush

PBA Rush is the Facebook page for Cignal TV’s 24/7 all-basketball channel, dedicated to airing live PBA games and same-day replays. PBA Rush broadcasts each and every game, unlike other pages that only broadcast the second or third game. 

SMART Sports

As the sports marketing arm of Smart Communications, SMART Sports broadcasts live games of PBA, as well as other big sports like volleyball and boxing. SMART Sports only airs the second and/or third game of the day. 

Puso Pilipinas

Puso Pilipinas is a curated sports page that delivers news and content on popular sports like basketball, football, and volleyball. Powered by Smart Communications, Puso Pilipinas also broadcasts the second and/or third PBA game.

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#2 Watch PBA live streams on your favorite sports websites

Unfortunately, Facebook live streams are only available to watch for those inside the Philippines. If you are abroad but still want to watch live PBA games, the next easiest way to do so is through live streaming from your favorite sports websites. 

This includes the official PBA website, where you can watch a PBA live stream or opt instead to listen in on Play-by-Play commentary. Through the PBA website, you can also stay updated on official stats, standings, and upcoming schedules and events of the PBA. 

Other reliable websites that you can visit for free PBA live stream include: 

#3 Watch PBA through other live stream websites

Some non-sport websites also provide free live streams so you can watch PBA basketball online, on the go. These include: 

SMART Gigafest

For Smart users, you can head to the Smart Gigafest website and use your Smart mobile data to watch live streams of PBA games, as well as PVL games for volleyball. This is strictly available for Smart mobile data users only, as you cannot use your WiFi connection to stream the game. 


TrueID is a streaming service for all things culture and entertainment. Its vast library of content includes a PBA live stream so you can stay updated with the game. You can stream the PBA game on TrueID immediately, while you need to create an account and sign in if you want to participate in the live chat. 

#4 Stream through the Cignal Play app

Cignal Play is a video streaming app from the satellite TV provider Cignal, where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows that Cignal has to offer. If you already have Cignal Play on your phone, you can already stream the PBA game straight from the app. 

Downloading Cignal Play is completely free and you don’t have to have a Cignal subscription. With a free Cignal Play account, you can immediately start watching the PBA live stream for free. Cignal Play is available on Android and iOS

Photo Credit: PBA

Other ways to stay updated with the PBA games online

If watching live streams is not the way you want to stay on the know about the latest PBA game, there are still other ways that you can try to stay updated with PBA online. 

Watch replay highlights on the One Sports Youtube channel

If you missed the live stream, you can still catch up with the game’s best bits through the One Sports YouTube channel. One Sports regularly posts game highlights of the PBA one day after the game so you can repeatedly watch the best plays of the game. 

If you subscribe to the One Sports channel, you also get relevant news and updates about all the biggest sports and leagues, including volleyball and football. 

Listen in on PBA games through the radio

Maybe you prefer listening instead of watching the PBA game, and that’s perfectly fine. Many radio stations broadcast live radio streams of PBA games, such as Sports Radio DZSR 918 KHz or Radyo5 92.3 News FM. Just tune in on your classic radio or the Radio app on your phone, and enjoy radio streaming the latest PBA game.  

If your phone doesn’t have a built-in radio app, you can download the free Radio Philippines app to listen to all your favorite Filipino radio stations. Radio Philippines is available on Android and iOS

Read sports news on your favorite news sites

No matter what major online website you get your news from, they will usually have a dedicated page for sports news and PBA, in particular. Read up on the latest PBA basketball news from online news sites like Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star, and ABS-CBN News. 

Follow PBA’s social media channels

PBA’s official Twitter account can be your easiest source of tidbits and highlights of the latest PBA game. They regularly live tweet as the game is happening, so you can stay updated even when you’re just scrolling down your Twitter feed. 

PBA also regularly posts through their other social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

With these many different ways to watch PBA basketball online, you can stay up to date with all the latest games and news no matter where you are. 

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