Waiting for your Philippine National ID to be delivered? Are you curious to know how long you still have to wait? Today, we’ll show you how you can track your PhilSys National ID delivery.

The issuance of the new Philippine National ID is the government’s way to make sure that more Filipinos can own a valid ID card. It will also simplify the verification process of personal records when transacting with government and private entities.



To ensure everyone gets one, the government made it really easy for anyone to register and obtain the card. Chances are, you’ve already gone through that process and are now waiting for your card to be delivered.

The question is, when will you actually receive the card? Here’s how you can track your PhilSys National ID delivery.

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How to track Philippine National ID delivery

Step 1: You can track your delivery via the PHLPost tracking website through this link.

Step 2: Enter the tracking number.


Step 3: Click “Track” and wait until it shows you the status of your delivery.

Where can I see my National ID transaction number?

The National ID transaction number can be found below your name on the PhilSys transaction slip provided after a successful registration. PhilSys is also encouraging people to keep the slip secure by not sharing them with anyone or on social media.


Why does my National ID delivery status say “Not Found”?

If you’re getting a “Not Found” error, this basically means that your registration is still in the processing stage.

What courier delivers the Philippine National ID?

The PhilSys ID delivery is handled by the Philippine Postal Corporation, also known as PHLPost.

How long should I wait for the PhilSys National ID delivery?

The Philippine Statistics Authority initially estimated a delivery time of up to six months after the completion of the registration for the National ID. However, considering that millions of Filipinos applied for the ID, the waiting time might be longer than six months.

Those are the thing you should know when tracking and waiting for the delivery of your Philippine National ID. If you have further questions, let us know in the comments below and one from the team or the community will try to help you out.

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