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  1. Good day I would like to complain about or billing statues since our connection in pldt stop last febuary 20,2022 ,I would to inform that the billing is still continuing,thank you.

  2. I tried terminating my PLDT due to change of residence. I sent all the requirements thru email as per their instruction. They sent me a confirmation that it will be processed within 24 hrs. In just less than 5 mins, they sent me an email again. They told me that they cancelled my request because i did not submit a valid ID. But I did. I already talked with their reps in their office, thru twitter, and thru calls. However, there is no update until now. I am not using their service since Feb 14, 2022. Yet, they continue billing me. I tried to talked with them amicably but they continue to ignore my concern. Honestly, I’m really pissed off. Because I really tried to settle this because I’m looking forward to their services in the future. But, it was all like they’re just scamming me. Billing me continuously even though I am not using anything from them anymore. And not considering or even understanding my concerns. I don’t even know if NTC or other government agency regulates them properly. Because this is just abusive as well. And they just keep doing it like they don’t even care.

  3. Stupid, moronic, redundant bullshit like this is the reason why Filipinos are fucking morons and always will be. In CIVILIZED countries, we just make a phone call, cancel, and it is done. We do not need personal appearances, stupid-as-fuck written letters, waiting WEEKS, or anything else.

    I am do happy I left such a shitty country.