Want to experience the services of the new telco in the Philippines? Maybe it’s time to try DITO Telecommunity.

To get started with DITO, we’ve compiled a couple of steps you need to take to enjoy the services this latest telecommunications company offers.


DITO Telecommunity recently begun its commercial rollout in select areas in the Visayas. Now, DITO coverage is now available in tons of areas across the Philippines.

Where to get and how much is a DITO SIM card?

A brand new DITO SIM card only costs Php40.00 and comes in all three sizes: standard, micro, and nano, to fit whatever size your phone uses. It also comes with a uniquely designed SIM ejector tool on the package.


The DITO SIM is available in the company’s official stores in Lazada and Shopee. It should also be available in physical stores and retailers across the country.

As of writing, a DITO SIM comes with free 1GB of data that’s valid for 7 days.

How willl I know if my phone is compatible with DITO?

DITO has put up a list of officially compatible devices. It includes smartphones from Samsung, Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, OPPO, Vivo, and more.


If your device didn’t make the list, you ought to know that some users reported the SIM working on devices that aren’t on the official list but proceed with caution.

How to activate a DITO SIM

Step 1: Insert your new DITO SIM card. There’s a free SIM ejector tool included if you need it.


Step 2: Send a text or call someone with your new SIM. This will let DITO know that you’re now using it and will then activate your number. You will receive a Welcome message from DITO via SMS, which also includes your initial password for the app.


How to setup DITO app


Step 1: Download and install the DITO app, which is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iPhones.

You can do this step while connected to your home/office WiFi network. You can also use your device’s mobile internet since a new DITO SIM card comes with free 1GB of data valid for 7 days. If your SIM is not activated yet, you can follow the steps above.


Step 2: Open the app and tap “Sign in with your DITO number.”


Step 3: Enter your DITO phone number, which you can find on the left side of the SIM case that it came with or, on the welcome text message that DITO sent after SIM activation.

Then, type in the password. DITO has set an initial password for you, which was sent on the same welcome message. It’s a six-digit code, which you can change later.

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Step 4: Confirm that you’ve read DITO’s Data Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions by tapping the first two checkboxes. You can skip the third box if you don’t want to receive notifications about exclusive promos, rewards, etc.

Tap Proceed.


Step 5: Process complete. Now, you can enjoy the app.


As you can see, the DITO mobile app is really a great companion for its subscribers. It shows your current prepaid load balance and its expiry date, and available data. It also allows you to buy load or promo, share load or data, see load history, and chat with customer service.

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  1. If my samsung phone A11 is a prepaid plan with smart can i activate / usedito mobile data?

  2. Wala pong nagmsg na welcome to Dito at Wala ding binigay password at invalid sms at In active number Ang sinasabi