Do you want to change the password of your Converge WiFi? We’ll show you how.

Changing your Converge WiFi password is really important, especially if there are already tons of devices connected to it, or if you need an unwanted neighbor kicked out of your network, so they can stop leeching to your WiFi connection and hog your bandwidth.

If you are a new Converge ICT user, changing the default WiFi password it comes with is also important to prevent hackers from guessing your PIN using patterns or common passwords. It allows you to use a password that you can easily remember, instead of random characters.

But whatever your reason might be, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can easily change your Converge WiFi password. Let’s begin.

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How to change WiFi password on Converge

Step 1: Visit this URL: on your mobile or desktop browser. In the login page, type “user” in the username field and “user” in the password section.


Step 2: Navigate to the “Network” page and click the “WLAN Radio2.4G” or “WLAN Radio5G” to change their password, respectively. Afterward, tap “Security”.


Step 3: Type your new password in the “WPA Passphrase” section. Then, click “Submit”.


Step 4: If your password is too weak, you will get a prompt similar to what is shown below. You can either change it by clicking “Cancel” or continue with the password by tapping “Continue”.


Step 5: Your router should restart with the new password. To reconnect, proceed to your device’s WiFi settings > click “Forget Network” on your Converge WiFi > then key in your new password.

Why am I getting a “Your connection is not private” warning?

Don’t panic as this warning is actually normal, especially on modern browsers. If you’re using Google Chrome, click “Advanced” at then click “Proceed to (unsafe).” to proceed to the WiFi admin page.

Default IP doesn’t work?

If the don’t work, chances are, your router is using a different IP address. To check, you can follow the steps below to check.

Windows: Open the Windows search bar and look for “cmd”. Then, in the command line, type “ipconfig”. Your IP address should be in the “Default Gateway.” Normally, it should be 192.168.X.X.

Mac: Go to System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Advanced > TCP/IP.

How to change Converge WiFi password on iOS or Android?

The process we’ve shown above was done on a desktop laptop/computer. However, that same process also works on mobile devices. That said, to change your Converge WiFi using your mobile device, simply open any browser on your iOS or Android device and follow the steps above.

Why can’t I access my Converge WiFi admin page?

Have you used the right IP address as a URL but you still can’t access your WiFi admin settings? Chances are, you are not connected to your Converge modem in the first place. Make sure you are and you’re not connected to an external WiFi router or WiFi extender.


Why can’t I sign in to my Converge WiFi modem’s admin settings?

The default username and password are printed at the modem itself, usually at the bottom or at the back. If it didn’t work, you can reset your WiFi modem altogether by pressing the Reset button.

Why can’t I connect to my Converge WiFi router using my new password?

After changing the password on your WiFi modem you should: Go to your device’s WiFi settings > click on the WiFi network with the password you just changed > tap “Forget Network” > then sign in again with the new password.

If this didn’t work, then you might be remembering the wrong password, or you mistyped it. In case it’s still not working, you might need to repeat the process of changing it.

If you are connected but can’t browse, you may also check if there’s a red light indicating a Loss of Signal issue.

How to change my Converge WiFi admin password?

Open and log in to your WiFi settings. Then, look for the admin settings where you can change your modem’s admin password.

How to change my WiFi admin username on Converge?

Sadly, there’s no way you can change your Converge WiFi’s admin username. Still, this shouldn’t be a problem, as having a robust admin password is already enough to keep your modem safe from anyone trying to reconfigure your WiFi password and other settings.

That’s everything you need to know about the process of changing your Converge WiFi password. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about this tutorial.

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