The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a practical solution to turn your regular flat screen TV into a smart, Android TV machine. This will give you instant access to tons of apps, especially streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, and more.

However, affordable and ultra-compact devices such as the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick could inevitably experience a couple of problems. For this device, the usual is the connectivity issues on WiFi.

If you’re a Mi TV Stick user, and you’re in this guide, you know what we’re talking about. Xiaomi’s Android TV stick would sometimes get a “No Internet” warning despite being connected to a perfectly fine WiFi network.


In an attempt to fix it, you have probably already tried changing DNS servers, reconfiguring the static IP address, and whatnot — attempts that may have resulted in failure.

Fortunately, there’s another method you can try in an attempt to fix the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick WiFi-connected but with No Internet issue. We’ll show you how.


How to fix Mi TV Stick WiFi connected, No Internet problem

Step 1: Open your web browser and access your WiFi/modem settings. You can do so by visiting the IP address ““. If that didn’t work, you can try these most-used addresses:, or Another option is to look it up on the device’s box.

Once in, sign in using your WiFi admin or password, which you can find at the bottom of your router or its packaging.


Step 2: Look for the WLAN Setup section. If it’s dual-band WiFi, select the 2.4GHz network.


Step 3: In the Channel Number/Select Channel, choose the number “5” and click Save. If it didn’t work, try choosing a different number.


That’s one way you can try fixing the WiFi issues on your Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. If that didn’t work, you can try some diagnoses and troubleshooting below.

How to check if the WiFi in my Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is broken?

If your Mi TV Stick won’t connect to your home WiFi, and you want to check if your TV Stick is the one to blame, you can try this: use a different WiFi router, modem, or mobile hotspot and see if the TV Stick connects. If it does, then your Mi TV Stick is completely fine.

That said, you might want to check your WiFi settings, the router itself, and HDMI cables for possible damage.

Hopefully this guide will help you out in troubleshooting. If it didn’t and you know a method that works, please share it in the comments below.

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