In the current era that we’re in, constantly changing your home or business PLDT WiFi password is very crucial. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons why.

Changing your PLDT WiFi password, especially from the default one that came out of the box, ensures that your password cannot be easily guessed via patterns and whatnot.

In addition, changing the default password allows you to input a new combination that’s easier to remember and harder to crack. If you’re deciding what password to choose, experts suggest to use at least three random words, numbers, and symbols.

Other than default password users, having a new one also works for old modems, especially those who already have tons of devices connected to them. Already hate that neighbor? Kick them out of your WiFi.

Whatever your reason may be, we’ll show you how you can change the WiFi password on your PLDT modem.

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How to change WiFi password on PLDT

Step 1: On your mobile or desktop browser visit this URL:


Step 2: Type “admin” in the username section and “1234” for the password.


Step 3: This next step may differ depending on the model of the PLDT modem you have. But essentially, what you want to do is find the “Wireless” or “WiFi” settings then choose the WiFi name you want to change.

In our case, we want to change the “WLAN 5GHz”. Click that WiFi name then click “Security”.


Step 4: Now, in the “Pre-shared key” section, type the new password you want to use. Click “Apply Changes” and your modem should restart. Go to your desktop/mobile’s WiFi settings and look for the WiFi name. Make sure you click “Forget This Network”, so you can put the new password.


How to change PLDT WiFi password on Android or iOS?

The process we’ve shown above, which was done on a desktop computer, should be the same on a mobile device either for Android and iOS.


Why can’t I access my PLDT WiFi admin page?

Even with the right URL, chances are, you can’t connect to your WiFi admin page because you are not connected to the router in the first place. Make sure that you do and that you’re not connected to an external modem or WiFi extender.

Why can’t I sign in to my PLDT WiFi modem’s admin settings?

Make sure you use the username and password printed at the bottom of your PLDT WiFi router. If it didn’t work, chances are, you’ve already changed it before. As a remedy, you can reset the router completely by pressing the reset button.

Why can’t I connect to my PLDT WiFi router using my new password?

Before you can sign in to the WiFi with a new password, make sure you select “Forget This Network” on your device’s WiFi settings, so you can input the new PLDT WiFi password.

Why am I getting a “Your connection is not private” warning?

Don’t be alarmed as this should be normal. At the bottom corner, tap “Advanced” then click “Proceed to (unsafe).” It should land you directly to the admin page.

Why doesn’t work?

If you can’t access your PLDT WiFi admin’s page using the standard URL, chances are, your network may have a different private IP address. To check, you can follow the steps below:

Windows: Open the Windows search bar and look for “cmd” > In the command line type “ipconfig”. Your IP address should be in the “Default Gateway”. Normally, it should be 192.168.X.X.

Mac: Go to System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Advanced > TCP/IP.

How to change my PLDT WiFi admin password?

Login to your WiFi admin, look for the admin settings, and go to the password/login section to change your password.

How to change my WiFi admin username on PLDT?

Unfortunately, there isn’t seem a way that you can change your admin username. This shouldn’t be a big deal, as it should be the password that needs to be changed.

That’s a way you can change your PLDT WiFi’s password. If you have further questions, let us know in the comments below and one from the team or the community will try to help you out.

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