Netflix announced last month its plans to launch a subscription that comes pre-built with ads in exchange for a lower fee. On Tuesday, the company’s French team claimed that said plan remains to be in development, although without a concrete timeline.

The statement came via a leak to The New York Times, following an earlier report about the giant streaming enterprise’s loss of some 200,000 customers— the first time in 10 years.

Corroborating to the claim is Netflix France’s Head of Communications Anne-Gabrielle Dauba-Pantanacce who, via AFP, states, “We don’t have a precise timeline yet.”


Not only has Netflix been keeping on its promise since the supposed business move was officially announced, but Dauba-Pantanacce also suggests that it is also a “priority.” Citing the need to give their customers options amid high inflation.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that Netflix has neither yet appointed someone to head its advertising nor has it built a team for the sales.

The Wall Street Journal said that the streaming giant is actively looking to establish collaborations with both Google and Comcast for the provision of the ads.

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