So, a favorite streaming website of yours ended up shutting down for delivering pirated anime and other content. You can either wonder why it took eight long (and cherished?) years before it was shut down, or you can simply move on and find a new website to stream anime. 

If it’s the latter, we have some recommendations for you. Plus, these anime websites are legit and safe. Some offer anime streaming for free through ads, and some others offer paid services for interruption-free viewing.

Where can I watch anime online?

Adult Swim


Adult Swim comes with a lot of free content. While it’s mostly its American cartoons and animated shows, the occasional anime titles also appear in the pseudo-network that anyone can watch via its website or mobile app.

Price: FREE

Notable Anime Titles: Dragon Ball Super, Ghost in the Shell, Mob Psycho 100

Amazon Prime 


Besides several shipping and shopping benefits, Amazon Prime offers unlimited streaming of not only movies and TV series but also anime. Choices range from classics like Akira and Cowboy Bepop to new titles such as Grand Blue and Made in Abyss.

Price: $12.99/month

Notable Anime Titles: Dororo, Elfen Lied, Girls’ Last Tour

Anime Planet


Like other choices in this list, Anime Planet is safe, legal and free to use. You can watch anime right away without creating an account, but it’s better to create one so you can save a list of anime that you want to watch. Browsing for anime is easy, as the site lets you browse by season, studio or tags.

Price: FREE

Notable Anime Titles: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gintama, Hunter x Hunter



Crunchyroll boasts having a large library of anime. By creating a free account, hundreds of titles become available to watch but only at 480p video quality and with the occasional ads. Ad-free, high-definition streaming is available with their premium subscription.

Price: FREE, Premium ($7.99/month)

Notable Anime Titles: Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Naruto



As a paid subscription, streaming on Funimation does not have ads. Its library comes with both subbed and dubbed titles. Besides streaming, users can also get the Funimation app on Android or iOS to download their favorite anime for offline viewing later.

Price: $7.99/month

Notable Anime Titles: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, High School DxD, The Promised Neverland



Navigating Hulu maybe not that easy, and its cheapest subscription rate still come with ads, but those can be forgiven what with Hulu’s large anime offering. Should you ever run out of anime shows to binge on a different streaming service, Hulu and its list of top anime can fill in.

Price: $5.99/month

Notable Anime Titles: Bleach, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Tokyo Ghoul



One of the cheapest paid subscriptions you can get to watch anime online is Netflix. The streaming service continues to add both new and classic titles to its anime library, with a wide variety of genres such as action and comedy to choose from. 

Price: ₱149/month

Notable Anime Titles: Baki, Death Note, One-Punch Man



Niconico is an online streaming site that also provides video-sharing services for its users. Select anime titles are simulcasted; users can stream an anime right as it is broadcasted on Japanese television. The website is in Japanese, so you’ll need a browse plugin to translate if you can’t read the language. 

Price: FREE, Premium (¥550/month)

Notable Anime Titles: Blood-C, Detective Opera Milky Holmes, Symphogear



VIZ, either thru its website or mobile app, is better known for its collection of manga, but it also features anime that you can watch even without creating an account. It boasts being able to simulcast popular anime in an English-subtitled format.

Price: FREE, Premium ($1.99/month)

Notable Anime Titles: Inuyasha, Pokémon, Sailor Moon 



With its niche channels in animation, VRV is one of the better anime streaming services out there. Available anime titles you can watch come and go depending on VRV’s licensing deals with animation studios. The VRV app on iOS and Android offers offline viewing.

Price: FREE, Premium ($9.99/month)

Notable Anime Titles: Black Clover, Fire Force, JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

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Some these websites have region restrictions. What should I do?

Many of the websites listed above have region-blocked videos and streams. In most cases they will display a noticeable prompt telling you that the content you’re trying to access (or the entire site itself) is not available in your country. Others, like Anime Planet, won’t display any warning at all; their page listings for each anime will simply not display the “watch online now” option. 

You can try to bypass the geo-restrictions by using a VPN. Be careful to choose the right VPN provider, since some of them are banned by streaming services. 

Any other choices?

Sometime in 2022, the top animation studios of Japan themselves will be offering anime shows for free on YouTube.  Other companies and studios already have legit YouTube channels, listed below:

Speaking of YouTube, there are a lot of random users who upload clips and even entire episodes of anime. But YouTube’s copyright algorithms will find these illicit uploads eventually and take them down.

Sooner or later, there will be plenty of shady sites that will fill the void left by the now-defunct KissAnime. Of course, we’re not telling you where to look for them. These websites not only operate illegally (and you’ll face a hefty fine if you get caught supporting or using them) but in many cases also deliver malware to unsuspecting users.

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