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Study says if you use more emojis, then you might have better love life


Emojis are more than just tools to express emotions in an otherwise bland text-based communication. Apparently, if a study is to be believed, frequent usage of emojis can lead to more dates and better sex.

Originally published in August last year at the PLOS ONE Journal, a research study examined the significance of emojis in computer-mediated communication, in how emojis could assist in providing context and affective information. 

The study found that for individuals who repeatedly used emojis in their responses to potential partners, they got higher chances of face-to-face encounters as well as recurrent sexual activities. The authors also noted how emoji use helped partners continue their relationships beyond the first date.


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As to how emojis could bring a positive effect to establishing romantic connections, the research authors concluded emojis were well-suited for dampening any harsh tones of a malevolent message while strengthening the effects of a positive message.

No specific emoji were specified in the study nor the meaning, feeling, and tone of communication between subjects were analyzed. Could it be the obvious heart emoji? Or maybe the peach? Smiling face with hearts? Who knows.

But, if you want a better romantic life, using emojis is worth a shot.


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