PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends receive so much flak these days, but video games are a good thing when played in moderation. In fact, a new study shows gaming enhances the literacy and emotional well-being of children particularly during the ongoing lockdowns and quarantines. 

According to a study conducted by UK-based, independent charity National Literacy Trust with almost 5,000 test subjects, about 40% of the players aged 11 to 16 ended up more inclined to read after playing video games.


As to what the kids read about, it was still mainly about video games in gaming-related websites and books. But reading is still reading. The study also found some of the players became more interested in writing after being immersed in the narratives of the video games they played.

During the pandemic, the study revealed that video games also allowed kids to have remote social interactions with friends and family, which helped develop their empathy and mental health. 

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