PUBG Mobile is still one of the most popular shooter games in the market.

The original PUBG game for PC made the battle royale genre really popular and has since then landed on Android and iOS devices with PUBG Mobile.

But like its PC version, PUBG Mobile has struggled with performance issues in its first releases, even on powerful and high-end smartphones. That’s due to poor optimization and the game’s intensive-graphics nature.


A couple of large updates after that, the game has been greatly improved and is now running at high frame rates, even on more affordable smartphones.

However, there are still smartphones — especially a lot of entry-level and midrange ones — that don’t give you an option to max out the frame rate. Well, today, we’ll be showing you a step-by-step guide on how to increase the FPS in PUBG Mobile. Bear in mind that this tutorial is for Android users only.


We’re using the Redmi Note 9 for this test. It should be an apt choice since it’s a budget device that only maxes out at High frame rate, without Ultra and Extreme FPS options.

This isn’t surprising since it only comes with a Helio G85 processor, 6.53-inch FHD+ screen, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of expandable storage. Today, we will be unlocking the Ultra and High frame rates on this device. Let’s start.

How to improve PUBG Mobile gaming performance

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store and download the GFX Tool for PUBG app. The app only weighs around 2.7MB


Step 2: Open the GFX Tool app and adjust the Settings based on your preference. If you want the smoothest possible frame rate per second (FPS), we suggest you set the Resolution on the lowest setting, Graphics to ‘So Smooth’, and FPS at ’60fps’. On the Select Version on the top, just pick the Global setting.


Step 3: Once configured, tap “Accept” and “Run Game”.


Step4: Once inside the game, go to the Settings > Graphics. On the Frame Rate section, the Ultra and Extreme options should now be available.


Well, that’s it. Let us know if you got it working in the comments section below.

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