When speaking about battle royale games on mobile, the first thing that comes to mind is PUBG Mobile. With its innovative gameplay, unpredictability, and addictive replayability, it’s clear why over 600 million people are playing PUBG Mobile and running around the towns of Erangel. 

One of the key features that sets PUBG apart from other battle royale games is the blue zone or the circle as we often call it. This makes every PUBG match exciting and unpredictable. But despite being a central element to the gameplay, there are still a lot of things about the Blue Zone that most players don’t know about, like the size of each shrinking circle and how much damage you get being outside of it. 

In this quick crash course, we will give you everything you need to know about the PUBG Mobile Circle and Blue Zone, which will definitely help you in achieving plenty of chicken dinners. 

What is the PUBG Mobile Circle a.k.a Blue Zone?

The circular blue zone in PUBG mobile is the playable safe area on the map. You can think of the blue zone as an electric field, where players inside the circle are safe, while those that are outside the circle receive damage from the zone every second. As the game progresses, the blue zone continuously shrinks to force contact between the players. 


The zone is designated in two ways in the game: the static white circle which randomly dictates where the blue zone will stop, and the blue circle which shrinks in size until it reaches the white circle. As the Blue Zone shrinks, existing players outside of it inflicts increasing damage, ultimately killing you in seconds if you don’t have any supplies for healing. 

The PUBG Mobile circle movements in the game

There are 8 circle movements total in the game. With each movement, the circle’s diameter is decreased by 50% from the previous circle, while the damage it inflicts is increased by 50%. In the end, the circle will shrink in size until there’s very little space left.

Circle 1

The first circle appears after a few minutes and is approximately 4,550m in diameter, sometimes spanning almost half of the whole map. The damage it inflicts is very low and can be out-healed by bandages, so surviving outside of the first Blue Zone is fairly easy.

Players often use this time to continue looting for weapons and supplies in popular areas like Pochinki and Rozhok, where the travel time required to get into the play zone is quite short wherever it is. 

Circle 2 to 4

The next three circles shrink significantly but the damage is still manageable with bandages and a first aid kit. If you’re playing with teammates, reviving them is also possible. If you still choose to be outside of the play zone, make sure to at least be near the edge because the damage will start piling up once the circle shrinks again. 

Tip: For earlier circles, a good strategy is to play hidden near the center of the circle if you can. This way, you can reach the new circle much more quickly whichever direction it decides to spawn in. Make sure to quickly claim some hard cover like a building at the center of the circle because other players will want to do so as well.  


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Circle 5

The circle now deals 1 damage per second based on how far you are from the safe zone. Only the Med Kit and First Aid Kit can heal you faster than the damage you receive. The play zone is now just around 360m, so contact with other players is more than likely. By circle 5, healing a fallen teammate is impractical unless they are nearby.

Tip: For later smaller circles, playing the edge is much safer as contact with other players is more likely in the center. You’ll want to be on the lookout and patrol the edges while waiting for the next circle to spawn. 

Circle 6

In this circle, the damge is now 5 per second, so you need to be smart about your use of the First Aid Kit. Only use it when you’re approximately 40HP. Once you’re at full health, this gives you 6 seconds to run to safety with around 75 health points. Healing a teammate is now entirely impossible without them dying beforehand. 


Circle 7

Now just 90m in diameter, Circle 7 damages PUBG players at around 7 damage per second. You need to able to withstand 42 damage before using the First Aid Kit. Once you’re at 75 HP, this gives you just 4 seconds to run to safety. 

Circle 8 

Surviving in Circle 8 means having to take in 11 damage per second. After 3 minutes, the circle will then shrink until there’s nothing left. Two ways to survive are either to have enough medical supplies and continuously use First Aid Kits while waiting for others to die, or being in full health and killing the remaining players in approximately 6 seconds. 

What other PUBG Mobile tips on surviving the blue zone and circle do you know about? Share them with us below.

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