Tencent has finally launched its own official emulator of the extremely popular PUBG Mobile games.

In a nutshell, what the PUBG Mobile emulator does is to let the gamers play on a computer and sign in on PUBG Mobile servers. This means that they are playing the mobile game designed for smartphones, in a PC.

Previously, gamers who want to do the same need to depend on third-party emulators. With the release of an official solution from Tencent, the company could possibly start banning other softwares like it.


Several weeks ago, Tencent actually did a balancing feature that detects which users are using emulators. This way, they won’t be paired in a game with mobile gamers, leaving the unfair advantage of using a keyboard and mouse behind. Those who play using an emulator will be matched up against each other, while the smartphone users will battle each other.

Players can sign-in on the same account they use on mobile, as there’s no need to create a new account to use the emulator.

The official PUBG Mobile emulator is a free download for Windows computers. Check it out here —

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