Raffy Tulfo says Mobile Legends should be studied, banned by gov’t if needed


Broadcast journalist Raffy Tulfo believes the Philippine government should conduct a study, and even ban, the addictive gaming hit known as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Earlier this month, Tulfo featured a couple on his public affairs show Wanted sa Radyo, with the wife accusing her husband of domestic abuse. The cause of the broken relationship? The wife was apparently so addicted to Mobile Legends that the husband thought he needed to knock some sense into her.


After the couple aired their sides of the story, Tulfo weighed in on the mobile game. He acknowledged that the game could bring joy and even fortune to a lucky few. But then he also heard accounts of depression, suicides, and ill-effects on the gamers’ physical health and relationships brought by Mobile Legends addiction.

You can watch the video on Tulfo’s YouTube channel. It ends with Tulfo saying that the government needs to study the effects of Mobile Legends on its players.


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  1. Suicide is not caused by the game, it’s caused by depression that leads to suicide, they might play the game just to remove the sadness inside, that’s one of the reasons we play that game

  2. Don’t blame ML Mr Raffy 😂 people is the problem not the ML.. mL is only a game and an report already at Yung mga nag rereklamo dapat Sila Mismo Alam na nila kung paano disiplinahin Ang sarili Sa Paglalaro Ng kahit among klase g online games/offline games kase di Naman Kasalanan Ng Moonton/ Mobile Legends na ganyan na Ang Mangyayari sa mga taO kailangan wag din mashadong seryusohin Ang Laro Gaya ko Isa akong gamer din ..kahit Ani nilalaro ko pero at least may Disiplina ako Kumakain Ng sapat ganyan lng ka Simple gawin di Naman mahirap gawin diba?👍

  3. Don’t blame ML Mr Raffy 😂 people is the problem not the ML.. mL is only a game and an esport already at Yung mga nag rereklamo dapat Sila Mismo Alam na nila kung paano disiplinahin Ang sarili Sa Paglalaro Ng kahit among klase g online games/offline games kase di Naman Kasalanan Ng Moonton/ Mobile Legends na ganyan na Ang Mangyayari sa mga taO kailangan wag din mashadong seryusohin Ang Laro Gaya ko Isa akong gamer din ..kahit Ani nilalaro ko pero at least may Disiplina ako Kumakain Ng sapat ganyan lng ka Simple gawin di Naman mahirap gawin diba?👍

  4. This is utterly stupid. Studies have very little to prove that videogames (even the most realistic or violent ones) and violence are linked together. It is not the games that hurt people. It is the actual people themselves that hurt people. Based on the statement, “The wife was apparently so addicted to Mobile Legends that the husband thought he needed to knock some sense into her.” was the husband the one playing or addicted to the game? No. Relationships are a two way give or take scenario. The fact the wife is deep into the game means that their relationship is already rocky to begin with.

  5. Please ban ML in the Philippines, young children know how to speak profanity because of this game. Not to mention the vocabulary, grammar, and spelling of kids these days are getting deteriorate.

    • Not the games fault. Can’t write a statement like that without backing up with evidence. There are many things that can contribute to such things you mentioned such as the people the kid has hanged out with, exposure to the internet etc.

  6. Plss lang indi pag e ban ang mlbb cuz i have been playing this game for 3-4 years already.. I love this game but there are people who take this game seriously..I also sometimes take it seriously but its just a game y u have to be mad😂 I have played with lots of cancer players(toxic) and I just dont mind them and report them😂😂 but plsssss lang dont ban mlbb in the Philippines or anywhere also the other games like PUBG, LOL, DOTA, ETC. I dont want these games to get banned anywhere cuz games are a way to escape reality so plss duterte, raffy tulfo do not ban mlbb and the other online games…

    • Marami nga ang toxic kahit saang games pero kung iisipin mo mas malala ang ML ndi balanced kumbaga, kakagawa mo pa lng ng account toxican na bullyhan na agad, sa ibang bansa like LOL ban kana agad. Totoo nga ang games parang drugs din nakakasira ng pamilya at buhay ng tao, tama nga sinabi ng tatay ko noong sobrang adik ko sa computer games kung malala na noon, lalo pa ngayon, marami ng mobile games. ML sobrang toxic talaga. Wala na yung respetong gusto mong makita noon sa ngayon? Diba? batang90s here

      • Hindi kasalanan nang games nyan. Ang mga pinoy kasi, low ang IQ. Hindi nakaka intindi. Mga bobo! Puro ml! Walang alam! MGA INUTIL!!

  7. What the hell ang bobo mo raffy tulfo to blame the game that was insane gusto mo yang YouTube channel mo i pa ban namin papansin ka hindi yung game yung may kasalanan it’s the user’s of the game they was the one who being addicted masyado silang nagpapasakop sa game dapat yang bobong mag jowa nayan ang iban sama kana pati YT channel mo.

  8. it is not about the game ma’am/sir, mlbb is just a game why you should ban that, you just see the bad side of mlbb,l by your naked eyes, try to look how the people’s smile and help through playing ml, your only making people got angry when you ban ml, and even more it may cause much depression that may cause suicide, do you think that game is the problem, that is big no, the problem is the gamer or the player who play ut dont blaim ml for that,

  9. Naghahanap lang ng mababalingan mga tao ngayon para malibang kung babawasan nyo pa ung pinag lilibangan nila mas lalo lang sila madedepress sa buhay nila ! At kung mababan nga yung larong ml sa tingin nyo ba mababawasan mga nadedepress at nag papakamatay sa pilipinas ? Baka madagdagan pa kasi baka yan lang din libangan nila tapos aalisin nyo pa !!

    Isip isip muna den bago mag salita agad on national television about banning ml baka nililipat o binabaling nyo lang sa iba ung problema para hndi mapansin ung mas malala na problema na hinaharap natin lahat ngayon .

  10. Focus on how to deafeat the virus not video games!
    The problem is in the person not in the game!

    Pano naman yung mga streamer?
    Ml diciple

  11. Fine God’s words first of all Games are Satanic divert yoir attention and take u away from learning whats in the bible.Alot in the bible prophecied that we should learned than any games.

  12. I agree with Mr Raffy Tulfo’s thought that the gov’t should conduct a study of this game particularly the psychological and social effects and maybe regulate the game, put some limitation of how many hours only a player can play per day. Even though some streamers earned from playing Mobile Legend but so many players getting addicted to this particular game that they don’t even mine their social obligations as for married ones. Not to mention the facts that this addictions just only benefit few but making this generation unproductive because we are wasting a lot of our time playing the game.

    Approximately we need to sleep 8hours a day, that’s about 1/3 of our lifetime. We go bath, eat, drive to go to school or work, let’s say another 4 hours will be consumed for those. Now the question is what will you do to the remaining 1/2 of your lifetime?

    Will you just waste it for the benefit of the Chinese developer Moontoon?

    So many of us living in poverty, some even below the poverty line.

    But even us who are poor can afford to play Mobile legend and yes we got enjoyed but we remain poor.

    Why we remain poor? Because we are not doing the right thing to do. Because we are not making the right decision.

    So keep playing if you are happy with your current situation but don’t blame others if you will end up just another wasted poor one.

    • I agree that this should be studied but not of a high priority since we are facing a more serious matter at the moment. Since this game is on Mobile it’s easy to play and it’s hard to regulate unlike Dota 2 for example that needs a high spec PC. Maybe if there’s a way to limit like the game could no longer be accessible if played for 2 hrs straight. Even if we say it’s the person and not the game but the game is still the root cause. There are people with discipline but how about those who don’t, those who are merely idle, out of school youth and jobless who have the luxury of time to waste? Maybe for professional gamers they could be verified and be exempted since they do it for entertainment live streaming, esports etc. but for normal players it needs to be strictly regulated otherwise just ban. Well, conducting a study doesn’t mean it would result to a ban right there and then but if it proves to be worthy, it’s up to them, people could just go find a new game with a healthier community.

  13. Walang kwenta ang Mobile Legends dito, hindi yan laro isa lang yang Basura pa sakin, ang ML para lang sa mga taong walang isip,

  14. Ban na yung ML na yan salot lang yan sa mga Group mga mukhang kupal naman yung mga nag iistream na yan panay share nung mga lalakeng mahilig sa babaeng naglilive stream na labas yung mga suso kala mo papadede sila, Hahaha xD

    • Okay boomer! Oh, what’s that? You don’t know what a boomer is? Oh, well…. That’s probably because your IQ is lower than 10…

      • Ulol yung IQ mo pang -150 bobo kapa sa row 4 unggas, ang ML pang bobo lang yung sa taong kagaya ungas, Fuck You ,,I,,

  15. I hope people would be mindful of how they see the game “MLBB”. Yes, game addiction is a serious problem. However, the game also serves as a platform for like me – to have fun. ML is like any other social media platform that i now that majority of us spends time each day scrolling, posting, and interacting with people. ML is the same thing- sa pls people stop being hypocrites, even if your not a player. What you are doing with FB, Insta, and other social media apps are the same as when you are playing the game. Let’s not pretend that profanity only happens in the game and believe that kids learn speaking profanity because of the game- what about in schools, social media on general and even at home. Kids learn from their surroundings and blaming the game is going to far, mind it that the game has a age restriction. If your child is playing the game that he/she shouldn’t be playing then stop them- easy process right. One more thing, people who don’t like the game pls mind us who does like it- and don’t use the bible cuz its disrespectful. Studying is never wrong but sometimes you have to take a break – gaming is a way for that…

  16. MLBB player ako, at nagsimula ako magml nong nagkacoronavirus, siyempre ng mga panahon na yun nakalockdown kaya bawal lumabas, so ano dapat gawin sa mga oras na yun? Magmukmok? Mag house tour? Manood ng tv, eh loyal kapamilya ako? Manood sa Youtube Channel mo? Hindi kasalanan ng game kung maraming naaadik diyan, kasalanan yan ng mga iresponsableng players! Ano sa tingin nyo ang magiging reaksyon ng ibang mga manlalaro na naging responsable naman? Sa mga streamers na sa game nga sila kumukuha ng income? Ang mga iresponsable na mga yan, dadating din ang panahon na magsasawa din sila, kaya hangga’t hindi pa dumadating ang panahon na yun, ano sa tingin nyo ang mangyayari sa kanila? Diba made – depress din? Rason nila, ‘sa limang buwan na nasa bahay lang kami, ML ang nagligtas samin sa COVID, sinunod namin ang gobyerno at hindi kami lumabas, eh ngayon? Wala na ngang magandang palabas sa tv, wala pang ML? Hindi mo ba alam kung gaano ka boring yun? Hindi ako masyado nalaro ng ML, more on magic chess kasi ako, nanonood din ako paminsan-minsan sa YT Channel mo, as in puro ako YouTube this past few days. At kung ibaban talaga ang ML, di okay, malapit naman na ang pasukan, kaya okay na lang rin sa mga estudyante para hindi hati ang atensyon namin sa ML at Online classes. Gusto ko lang ilabas ang opinyon ko. Thank you.

    • Tangina mo manood ka nalang ng bold at magjakol kana lang kung yun yung bagay sayo tanga bobo, Fuck you ka, ,,I,,

  17. Okay, this is just utterly stupid! It’s not like ml is the only game we play! Banning that is just a childish move! Ban ml, but guess what? There’s league of legends! And what’s that? Oh yeah, right! Call of duty! Oh no! Theres skyrim! Like, what the actual fuck! Boomers can’t think that well, can they? There really is a reason why the average iq of the Philippines is 86! Thank god I have 130! Fuck these boomers! Whoever says ml destroys relationships can’t think well! Mature up guys! Trust, there is always toxic people online! And it’s definitely NOT caused by a game!

  18. Sa tingin ko dahil madami ng naglalaro ng ML,nahahalata na ang mga negatibong nangyayari dto atsaka syempre makikita ni duterte and mga ito dahil madami rin mga pilipino na nagalalaro nito.Wether dapat ito iban o hinde ay depende sa magiging benefit natin.Kapag iniban toh maari tayong maging productive,less radiation,at hinde na ganto halimbawa: “magml muna ako bago ako maglaba” tapos maya maya makakalimutan mo kaya sinasabi ko ito kasi nung nagml ako,nakakalimutan kong magreview sa exam o quiz namin kaya last minute nalang akong nagrereview at dun bumaba grades ko alam kong sinasabi niyo dapat may displina ako at hindi ang laro ang may kasalanan pero hindi lahat ng tao perpekto at yung mga kaibigan ko nagmml kaya na nagml na rin ako at may mga tao na “tetempted” gaya ng pagsisigarilyo papa ko kahit ngayon simula nung maliit ako di mapigilan nya magsigarilyo at etc atsaka kaya rin naaaddict mga tao sa ml di lang dahil masaya laruin may mga taong gusto tumaas ang rank at alam nyo na nagpapakita rin ng skills halimbawa:”Uyy mythic toh siguro magaling ito magml” at sino naman hindi gusto makarinig ng compliment na ganon?Di ko lang ito basta basta sinasabi dahil isa kong pinsan na addict na sa ml di na lumabas at alam kong may quarantine pero bago pa yung quarantine di na talaga yun lumalabas dahil sa ml at alam kong sasabihin nyo na disiplina kase e pero kahit nung wala na ml nya o sa tamang oras lang dapat magml,dodownload nya ulit yun as in at hindi sya perpekto at bata pa lang yun kaya hindi nya mapipigilan at sinabi ko na may mga taong habit na di mapigilan also nung binura ko na ml ko noon nakapafocus na ako ng pagaaral at tumaas grades ko at simula noon di na ako nagml.Alam ko rin may mga tao rin na kasali sa reason kung bakit binan ang ml pero di mo sila mapepersuade dahil once ang isang tao ay may sa tingin nila ay iyon ay tama di sila pipigil sa paninwala nila kaya ang ml nalang ang inalis.

  19. Kupal din yung nagrereklamo dahil sa walang kwentang basura na ML na yan sa Raffy Tulfo, tanginang walang kwentang bagay yan, dapat hindi na lang pinapansin yung ganitong reklamo away bata lang yang sa ML Basura na reklamo na yan,


  21. totoo, imbes kapulutan ng aral, parang pinalala pa ng laro yong mga kabataan. Hindi mo ma control ang mga tao sa pag limit ng oras sa laro, kaya yong laro nalang ko-kontrolin mo.!

  22. It is not the game’s fault in the first place if your son or daughter is playing it. It’s the job of the parent to monitor. I believe the game itself has an age restriction. They as parent should know what apps their child is playing. You gave them a mobile phones so it is your responsibility as a parent to restrict your child

  23. It’s true that ml is very addictive ,but you know some games are also addictive too like rules of survival (ros) and others .On my opinion yes we should ban ML but the question is who’s fault is this ? People!!!!!. WE BUILT THE GAME THEN WE DESTROY THE GAME
    What is your opinion?

  24. Bakit di i-ban ang alak? napakaraming namamatay/pumamapatay, nagre rape, nambubugbog, etc. dahil nakainom. Yun ang dapat i-ban. Di na kailangang pag aralan kasi meron nang thousands of studies about bad effects ng alcohol.

  25. Matatanda nga na aadict na.dina alam ang responsibilidad bilang padre de pamilya.naging tamad at wala sa isip.dina maharap pag hanap buhay.wala ng time sa pamilya.laging cp ang hawak.wala ng kabuluhan ang huli siguro hiwalayan na magaganap.iwanan nalang namin sya at Ml nalang ang pamilya nya.

  26. I think it should be Banned in the Philippines.. its not useful , it become addicting ..and waste of time and load at the same time….as i observed marami na ang nagiging tamad sa games na yan.

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