Playing video games will get you nowhere in life, naysayers say. But a Pinoy streamer proves them wrong by fulfilling a life achievement: making his dream house come true. 

Edgar Dumali, or better known as ChooxTV to his millions of followers, has made a name for himself by livestreaming games, especially Mobile Legends, on Facebook and uploading his game highlights on YouTube. He has been building a successful career out of playing video games, with three years’ worth of earnings enough to buy a new home.

Featured recently in the news magazine show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, ChooxTV is a story of rags to riches. Here’s a short video showing both his old and new homes.

To anyone who’d also like a career in gaming, know it’s very risky. ChooxTV himself says one should limit how much time is spent in gaming, because, just as it has benefits to offer, it has dire consequences.

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  1. Hello Choox fan here, congrats on your beautiful homes..Can I ask who is your builder/architect, we are looking for a builder and architect for our dream homes.