Popular websites KissManga and KissAnime have been permanently shut down as the Japanese government improves its anti-piracy law.

Back in June, Kyodo News reported that Japan has endorsed a revised version of the anti-online piracy law which contains improved copyright control, as well as bannding of illicit downloading of magazines, manga, and academic texts in addition to the previous music and video coverage.


Japan’s anti-piracy law also covers ‘leech’ websites, which contain download links to pirated materials. The actual ban will take effect starting January 1, 2021, while restrictions will begin by October 1 this year.

The revision of the law was due to the increasing number of piracy and leech websites online. For example, sites like Mangamura are getting over 100 million visits per month before it got taken down last April 2018. It hosted illegal copies of popular titles like One Piece and Attack on Titan. Because of piracy websites like this, publishers reportedly lost around 300 billion yen or $2.75 billion in revenue.

Screenshot from KissAnime and KissManga Discord server

On its Discord server, KissAnimeSupport has announced the closure of both websites.

But even with their illegal activities, KissAnime and KissManga have been part of many people’s childhoods, so it’s no surprise that plenty of people online are mourning.

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