The nostalgic anime series’ that aired on free television has been raved by all 90’s kids during our childhood. As soon as we get home from school or after we play piko, tumbang preso, jolens, or luksong baka with our neighbors on the streets, our eyes are set on the popular anime characters that we love.

Rewatching these anime series can surely bring back the good times when we were just a child. Here are 10 classic anime series you can watch online.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon has taught young girls to be saviors in their daily lives in simple ways using love and kindness. Taking care of animals and nature has been one of the moral lessons of the whole anime series throughout the five seasons. It features some strong young lady characters including Usagi Tsukino, Outer Guardians plus the Black Lady, a Chibiusa villain. Finally, there’s Queen Nehelnia, who has a lonely childhood which grew into her evil nature.


Some reviews have emphasized the repetitive plot of Sailor Moon. Nonetheless, we love the Japanese culture & statements on sexuality and gender that it portrays in every episode. Young kids have grown with the character as the story progresses, so we don’t forget how it captured our hearts as the main characters capture evil spirits.

Original Run: 1992-1997

Where to WatchHulu

Available Seasons: 5


Playing trading cards during our childhood days has been evident for the 90s kids who have kept them on their cabinets. Yu-Gi-Oh! has made many installations and adaptations in many Southeast Asian and Western countries with some of them still running on popular cartoon channels globally. The anime features how to be smart and wise in using a deck with characters, magic, and trap cards against your opponent.


Yugi Muto’s adventure in collecting cards with his friends and flaunt imaginary monsters on the battlefield. As he discovers the Pharaoh’s spirit in the Millennium Puzzle, an unlocked ancient Egyptian artifact, they will be working together to stop the evil forces in acquiring the power of the King of Egypt. He will be meeting Tea Gardner, Joey Wheeler, Kaiba & Mokuba (the Seto brothers), Bakura, and Tristan Taylor whom we also loved.

Original Run: 1998 – 1999 (Yu-Gi-Oh!) 2000 – 2005 (Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters) 2010 – recent (Yu-Gi-Oh! Dexal)

Where to WatchYu-Gi-Oh website, Netflix (needs VPN, geo-locked)

Available Seasons: 5


Known for its intense soul-reaping and spirit vanquishing, Bleach explores how Ichigo Kurosaki ventures to the world using his sword named Zangetsu, a Zanpakuto. He took the responsibility of defending the world from the evil spirits roaming in the streets and cultural spots portraying the traits of being brave, courage, and compassion.


The 366 episodes that ran for the last eight years talk about all the types of swords that can be found in the world. He will be partnering with soul reapers who kept order among the souls journeying between the afterlife and the world of humans. The ‘Hollows’ are souls who failed to pass to the afterlife and stayed with the living and became enveloped with darkness later on.

Original Run: 2004 -2012

Where to WatchNetflix

Available Seasons: 8

Slam Dunk

Characters for Slam Dunk has been idolized by many kids who played basketball on their backyards and nearby courts. It may not have featured LeBron James or Michael Jordan, but this classic anime series has captured the hearts of many and retained on our memories for its moral lessons about sportsmanship, courage, and teen love. Viewers who were addicted to the series has developed a sense of love for the basketball game.


Created by Takehiko Inoue, more than 120 million manga copies have been sold just in Japan in 2012. It has a strong fan base for all the 90s kids out there as they recommend their kids or fellow athletes to rewatch the whole series. The story will explore how Hanamichi Sakuragi, a school reckless and troublemaker, will play and improve on basketball together with Takenori Akagi (team Shohoku captain) and Kaede Rukawa.

Original Run: October 1, 1990 – June 17, 1996

Where to WatchAmazon Prime

Available Episodes: 14

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Voltes V

The story of teens fighting against cosmic beings has been first loved by many in the Voltes V, a classic anime series with a catchy opening & ending song that many of us still know even up to this date. As soon as we here its lyrics playing on the screen, we come rushing to watch it and pause the games we are playing outside.


Our long-time fascination for this anime introduced the alien planet of Boazan, a race who wishes to conquer the Earth with all the monsters and hundreds of spacecraft. Each of the five kids plays a big part in forming the Voltes V robot as they venture different dimensions against the forces of darkness.

Original Run: June 4, 1977 – March 25, 1978

Where to WatchToei YouTube channel 

Available Episodes: 40

Hunter X Hunter

As one of the best Japanese manga adapted into an animated series illustrated and written by Yoshihiro Togashi, the story of Hunter X Hunter focuses on Gon Freecss, a boy who discovered that his father is a great ‘Hunter’. He then follows the same path to locate rare species of animals, hunts treasures, survey caves, and hunt down all the lawless beings.


As he longs for his father’s presence, he will meet other hunters and paranormal beings like Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio who helped him fight monsters and evil forces. Like Voltes V, Hunter X Hunter has a catchy opening OST which became an LSS (Last Song Syndrome). Together they become expert hunters with personal stories narrated throughout the series.

Original Run: October 16, 1999 – March 31, 2001

Where to WatchNetflix

Available Seasons: 6

Princess Sarah

The resurfacing of the classic tale of girl orphan in the memes we can find on social media sites just means Princess Sarah has a big impact on all the 90’s kids who grew with her. It was first aired in Animax, a Japanese Television network that broadcasted it using English. Later on, the anime was commercially released in the United States.


Here in the Philippines, the whole original series of Princess Sarah has been aired in ABS-CBN from 1993 onwards. It has been adapted into a live-action movie entitled, ‘Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa’. In the Arabian audience, it has been widely accepted but Sarah’s name has been changed to ‘Sally’ bearing the name of the show also.

Original Run: January 6, 1985 – December 29, 1985

Where to WatchYouTube

Available Seasons: 46

Fushigi Yuugi

Also known as ‘The Mysterious & Curious Play of Fushigi Yuugi’, this classic anime series has been loved by kids who loved good animations and graphics in its early days. The story tells how Yui and Miaka are pulled in the universe with four ultimate Gods from a book in a library. The whole story is based on Chinese mythology with four mighty creatures with battles against gods and priestesses along the way.


The live animated series has been first aired in TV Tokyo with a novel complimenting its canon published from 1998 to 2003. A manga was later on published that features the prequel of the canon story last 2017.

Original Run: April 6, 1995 – March 28, 1996

Where to WatchAmazon Prime

Available Seasons: 52

Flame of Recca

Adapted from its original manga series created by Nobuyuki Anzai, Flame of Recca follows the adventure of Recca Hanabishi, a teenager who is interested in the world of ninja. Later on, he meets Yanagi Sakoshita, a lady with the ability to heal any injury or illness due to her overflowing compassion and kindness.


He travels across the lands of spirits and ninjas where he discovers his capability to control the flame. Also, he finds out that he is a son of previous Hokage, a clan that was eradicated 400 years from his time who wields mystical devices and psychic weapons or ‘madogu’ in Japanese. The story ends in his win after a long series of tournaments against the strongest ninjas in the world.

Original Run: July 19, 1997 – July 10, 1998

Where to WatchAmazon Prime

Available Seasons: 42

Ghost Fighter

‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ or also known as ‘Ghost Fighter’ on its English translation, the classic anime series follows the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a delinquent teenage boy killed from a car accident while saving a child. After the decision of the son of the afterlife’s ruler, he was revived and appointed as the ‘detective of the underworld’ where he needs to take the responsibility in investigating apparitions of demons in the world of human beings.


Later on, the story focused on various tournaments highlighting the skills of martial arts and mystical powers. The whole theme is influenced by the mythological culture and beings in Buddhism and other occult films. The series was first aired in Fuji TV, a popular Japanese network and Cartoon Network in the United States.

Original Run: October 10, 1992 – December 17, 1994

Where to WatchHulu

Available Seasons: 4

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