Netflix has officially changed how people consume and patronize the digital products of the media industry. VCRs, cassettes, and DVD boxes were the trend from the ’80s until the 2000s. The advent of streaming platforms has created a new market that fits the on-the-go lifestyle of the working masses.

Netflix remains as the industry standard for content streaming and unrivaled pioneer for watching TV series and movies through streaming in the internet. Everybody who has an access to a Netflix account hasn’t necessarily enjoyed everything the service has to offer. Check out these simple tips and tricks to maximize your binge-watching experience.

#1 Lock your Netflix profile

Watching Netflix from several profiles in just a single account is a money-saver for family and friends. However, there is no way you can block your relatives and friends who would want to use your profile and monitor what movies or series you are currently watching or you may have watched in the past. The good news is that Netflix now has a great solution if you don’t want to let others know what films you love.


Simply locking a single account is just a PIN away. Setting up a PIN on your Netflix profile can be made on your ‘Account’ icon located on the upper corner of the right side on your screen. Scroll downwards to the ‘Profile and Parental Controls’ option and tick the menu with your name on it. The drop-down contains the ‘Change’ option just beside the ‘Profile Lock’ selection then set up your pin with a maximum of four digits.

#2 Subtitles customization

You can now modify your subtitles on any Netflix movie or series by adding colors on its background or resizing them. Head to your ‘Account’ and scroll downwards going to ‘Profile and Parental Controls’. Choose the ‘Subtitle Appearance’ option then you can find dropdowns categorized by font, shadow, and text size depending on your preference.

#3 Search hidden categories

Netflix offers an option for you to narrow your movie or series preference and pull out various titles that you may not have known before.


Just put the link ‘‘ on your browser and add any code that you can find from this list. You will be surprised by the never been heard categories like Film Noir, Drama Based on Books, Korean TV Shows, Deep Sea Horror movies, and more.

#4 Sort movie & series titles easily

The titles of movies and series that you can find in Netflix should be sorted depending on the suggested ones based on your viewing preferences. However, if you want to arrange it in a chronological or through an alphabetical order, just click the four-dotted icon on the upper & right part of the screen below the icon of your profile. You will see also see an option to organize the film titles from its year of release.


#5 Activate audio description

Netflix ensures inclusivity among its users especially if you are visually challenged. They can still get a full viewing experience with audio by activating the audio description which includes a narration of scene transitions, facial expressions, mood, and movements for all original content of Netflix. Scroll down to the settings for audio and subtitles for a specific film then click the option for audio description.

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