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How to lock and unlock a Netflix profile using a PIN code


Netflix is finally allowing us to lock our profiles with a PIN code.

According to the company, the Netflix profile PIN code was launched to prevent kids from using unrestricted accounts and access shows that are not suitable for younger audiences.

However, we all know that most people (including me) will be using it to block the parasites, friends, and family members that we share our Netflix accounts with.

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Sure, each Netflix accounts have password protection. But with the per profile PIN, you can prevent the other profile holders from accessing yours and ruin your show line-up and preferences. It can also alter show suggestions and other personal preferences. In addition, it’s also an added layer of security in case your account gets hacked.



How to enable Netflix Profile PIN

Step 1: Go to

As of writing, this feature can only be configured via the Netflix website, which you can access through the web browser on your Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac.


Step 2: Sign-in your account and go to your profile.


Step 3: Hit the dropdown menu on the top left corner and click Accounts.


Step 4: Scroll down until you reach the Profile & Parental Controls section.

Step 5: Click the drop-down on your profile and in the Profile Lock section click Change.


Step 6: Type in your Netflix password (the one that comes with your email) for authentication purposes, before you can configure the profile PIN.


Step 7: Hit check on the “Require a PIN to access profile.” and type in your 4-digit PIN.


Step 8: Click Save and that’s it.

Everytime you land on the Profile page, there’s a padlock icon below your name showing that it’s now locked. Simply tap/click it, key in the easy 4-digit PIN, and you’re in.


You can also turn off the Netflix Profile PIN code by following the same steps and unchecking the “Require a PIN to access profile.”

Without a doubt, during this community quarantine and lockdown implemented in most of the world, securing your Netflix account is really important.

Speaking of which, there’s also a way to have a Netflix marathon with friends online while doing social distancing. Another great way to enjoy your stay at home and catch up with friends.

That’s it! If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll you as much as we can.


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  1. I added the lock on my profile and then removed it a few days later. Now when I login, it does not ask for pin on my phone but its still asking for pin on my laptop and my original password that I set is not working either. Please Help

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