Lately, more anime aficionados are turning in to reading Japanese comics otherwise known as ‘Manga’ in the English language. The culture of reading fantasy novels and fiction-based plots has grown tremendously over the years which increased the demand for digital copies for it.

This trend still strains forward as there are lots of applications created to satisfy the cravings of manga lovers. However, not all of them are worth your time and money so we will be recommending the best picks for manga reader apps. Here is our list that features great user interface for navigation, on-point scrolling, and accurate translations with correct grammar.

Manga Browser

Considered as one of the top-rated manga reader apps offered for free, Manga Browser is a minimalistic-designed app that focuses a lot on content. It contains more than a thousand manga series stored inside the app. If you are just a newbie manga lover, there’s a lot of options to choose from.


The downside is you still get to have those little ads on the side of the corners whenever you use the app as it does not cost you anything extra. Most users leave average to high reviews on the Play Store so its developer commits to improving the navigation and translations regularly.

Crunchyroll Manga

If you want to access the freshest Japanese Manga content, the Crunchyroll Manga app offers both a free and a premium plan for all users. A basic account will not cost you anything but you can still access hundreds of mangas released a year ago and beyond. For a premium account, the subscription will let you access the newest release from the past week and even the sneak peeks for the upcoming content.

Many users noticed that they are having difficulty in navigating its user interface but Crunchyroll still remains as the most downloaded and purchased manga app in the Play Store. Despite the fact you will have to pay for extra, you can open the manga as soon as it becomes available in Japan. This means before the whole world sees the new release, you may have already read it twice, or even thrice. Who doesn’t want that?


The creators of the MangaZone boasts the fact that they are offering more than 15,000 manga titles with translations accurately written on each page. This just means that you have a vast choice of Manga content for your reading consumption. It can keep you busy during your idle time where you can learn how to read Japanese comics on a clean slate.


The app is offered for free for all Android users so you have to keep on waiting for the ads to end or click its close button to go back to the page. The reviews all tell us that the app has little bugs on its navigation but it’s still being loved by many manga fans.


Modernly-designed for all manga lovers out there, MangaLife features more than 24,000 series that are offered for free. The library supposedly contains every single manga that was published since the industry has started. Nevertheless, you can also gain access to some latest releases from the last quarter of 2019 to today by subscribing to the premium plan.


Using the MangaLife app is very easy as its organized based on categories, year of release, genre, and authors, or graphic designers. The other good news is that you can read all manga content across the 10 different language options.

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Manga Rock

With more than a million downloads, Manga Rock has 100,000+ manga titles uploaded on the app’s database. But searching through your next pick won’t be hard as the dashboard has easy to navigate features. Most of its content is offered for free for all devices but it will have ads that might be annoying when you get too attached and excited on the storyline.


Nevertheless, you have the option to get rid of all of those ads by upgrading to the Mang Rock premium version for just $3.99. The plan will let you access the newest release weekly or monthly as soon as it becomes available in Japan. Some content may be restricted depending on your location but you can lift it by using a VPN.

Manga Geek

Great for offline use, Manga Geek will let you access thousands of manga content anytime, anywhere you want. You can just connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or data for some time and download your mangas conveniently. The app’s database also contains previously premiered anime which you can also enjoy and download at the same time.


Accordingly, its developers pull their sources from various manga and anime content distributors from Japan. It means that they can guarantee the freshest content straight to your app as soon as it’s available. Some of the known sources are JanpanScan, Mangapanda, Mangakakalot, Mangahub, MangaReader, and NineManga.



As an Android-based manga reading app, MangaKa is the best way to access clean and smooth Manga content stories. Most users find using the app very convenient as its user interface is synchronized with Android’s flat design and quality guidelines. The good news is that the app will let you lay your hands on the latest release at least a month after its release.

Super Manga


If you are looking forward to a manga reader app where you can load pages and images quickly even when you are offline, Super Manga can do just that and features a vast choice for manga titles without paying any extra. You can also get the latest anime, so you can watch the animated version of the manga that you just read.

It has also the capacity for you to upload your self-made manga as it has a marketplace where you can sell your craft. However, the Super Manga reader app may be a bit outdated when it comes to the design’s user interface as reviewed by many users. But, it will prompt you to update the app regularly so you won’t have to mind the bugs for long.

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