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Crunchyroll original anime shows coming soon


Japanese animation—anime for short—had become a worldwide success. Who wouldn’t love a good anime encompassing different stories which touches viewers’ hearts? Looks like Crunchyroll is about to contribute its own content in the future too.

Crunchyroll, if you aren’t familiar yet, is an American company—distributor and publisher—which caters to anime streaming and (online) manga reading. Recently, the company has started to work on its own animated shows, dubbing it as “Crunchyroll Originals”.

They are working on a variety of genres. One example is the series adaptation, FreakAngels, a graphic novel also of the same name written by Warden Ellis and Paul Duffield. It focuses on twelve 23-year-old psychics who lives in Whitechapel 6 years had passed since civilization in Great Britain was decimated.

As one of the best streaming services available in the Philippines, it’s clear that Crunchyroll wants to stay on top.

Crunchyroll is also the first anime streamer to develop its own studio. This doesn’t mean, however, that the company is an amateur in the field. One notable feat was their contribution to the creation of shows like A Place Further Than the Universe.

Production has also been split to be handled by four of Japan’s biggest names when it comes to animation: Production I. G. (Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell) and MAPPA (Yuri on Ice) to name two.

As of now, In/Spectre is up for streaming, but shows like FreakAngels will follow soon.

Crunchyroll follows the likes of top streamer, Netflix, in producing original content as the said streamer had also been generous to its budget when it comes to the production of exclusive content.

Although, it is companies like Netflix and Amazon which proves to be a competition for Crunchyroll, it hopes to garner new members of its community through its incoming original anime content.

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