Last month saw Netflix’s co-CEO, Reed Hastings, welcoming the idea of a cheaper, though with an advertisement, plan for the company’s consumers. But the notion could become a reality sooner than people would anticipate.

According to The New York Times, a memo has been circulating within the Los Gatos, California-based company suggesting that the top brass is planning to implement an “ad tier” within the last three months of 2022. Simultaneously, this would fall in the same timeframe when the clamping down against password sharers would take place.


Netflix is not alone in accepting the notion of an advertisement-laden streaming plan for less, however. Just last March, Disney Plus broadcasted its intent on the same commercial move, subsequently raising the question as to when its competitors will be following suit.

All of Netflix’s streaming competitors, however, are already offering the same type of service or otherwise also announced the same, excluding Apple TV Plus, according to the Times.

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