There’s no denying the huge innovation and cultural impact of the iPod. When the first model was announced more than 20 years ago, it revolutionized how people listen to music on the go as it can carry 1,000 songs right in your pocket.

The iPod has evolved into many form factors. There was the Classic, Shuffle mini, Nano, and the more modern iPod Touch.

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Due to its similarities with the more feature-packed iPhone, the touchscreen iPod model has slowly lost its market. Even other Apple products like the iPad, Apple Watch, and even the HomePod offer similar features to the iPod, and even more.

Although it’s kind of hard to admit, the iPod felt like it ended long ago. Now, Apple is making it official.

“Today, the spirit of iPod lives on”

Greg Joswiak, Apple Senior Vice President for Worldwide Marketing

In an official announcement, the company said that they are discontinuing the iPod Touch. Fans can still get a hold of a brand-new unit, but only until supplies last.

As an alternative, the Cupertino company suggests the use of Apple Music which gives users access to over 90 million songs and over 300,000 playlists.

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