netflix isp speed index philippines

Netflix, the leading video-on-demand streaming service in the world, has revealed its ISP Speed Index for the month of April 2022.

This report shows the speed that internet service providers can give when streaming Netflix during prime time. This can give you an idea of the performance of your current internet subscription when watching TV shows and movies on the said streaming service. Well, that’s if your Netflix’s resolution or loading times haven’t made it obvious yet.

Take note, though. The data gathered were only based on the prime-time Netflix performance of the six different ISPs. This means that their performance in other tasks and websites would still vary.



Interestingly, the leaderboard only has two ranks as four of the major ISPs shared the top spot.

On number one, we have Converge ICT, Globe Telecom, PLDT, and SkyCable. All of which got a score of 3.2Mbps. The second spot is solely owned by Royal Cable. All of these providers offer fast fiber connections, which should result in better video streaming.

So if you planning to consume a lot of Netflix, these are some of your top options. But if you want to stream while on the go on your mobile device, here are the data promos made for Netflix.

But if you still can’t decide which tier to subscribe to, here’s a comparison of Netflix plans to help you decide.

Source: Netflix

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