Data shows the best and worst ISPs in PH for streaming Netflix

netflix isp speed index philippines

Netflix, the leading video-on-demand streaming service in the world, has revealed their ISP Speed Index for the month of January.

This report shows the speed that internet service providers can give when streaming Netflix during prime time. This can give you an idea of the performance of your current internet subscription when watching TV shows and movies on the said streaming service. Well, that’s if your Netflix’s resolution or loading times haven’t made it obvious yet.

Take note, though. The data gathered were only based on the prime time Netflix performance of the six different ISPs. This means that their performance in other tasks and websites would still vary.

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netflix speed philippines

With that, it turns out the Converge ICT Solution leads the pack with an average speed of 3.15Mbps. This is really not surprising considering all the great feedback that the company is getting from a lot of PC enthusiasts over the web. But on the downside, Converge’s services are really limited and only available in a few select areas.

Second to the thrown is SkyCable with a speed of around 2.68Mbps. That is marginally slower from their previously recorded speed of 2.75Mbps.

Ironically, the two telco giants — PLDT and Globe — are only at the third and fourth place, respectively. However, this is probably because they have more subscribers around the country compared to smaller competitors.

To round up the list, Bayan and Smart took the last fifth and sixth place.

Data shows the best and worst ISPs in PH for streaming Netflix

Hopefully, these figures will drastically change as soon as the upcoming third telco in the Philippines gets settled in.

Source: Netflix

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