To the delight of gamers, NVIDIA and AMD added limits or redesigned their graphics cards so cryptocurrency miners won’t hoard the cards for blockchain-type activities. The problem is that miners have already found ways to overcome these limitations and utilize the full power of the cards.

Cryptocurrency mining platform NiceHash is the latest to figure out how to beat NVIDIA’s Light Hash Rate technology. Per a company blog post, they claim their QuickMiner software is the first to unlock LHR-enabled cards to a 100 percent hashrate and allow miners to gain more profit.


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In the FAQs section, the blog post mentions all LHR graphic cards running on recommended drivers are supported. The only exceptions are Nvida RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 (12GB).

Also worth noting is that the workaround only works in Windows, with Linux yet to be supported, and that only the DaggerHashimoto (Ethash) mining algorithm is fully unlocked.

Independent tests have verified that the NiceHash workaround is legit and works just as claimed, unlike other peddled bypassing solutions that are merely malware in disguise.

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