Several weeks after the price hike in other markets, Netflix is exploring ways on how to make its subscribers pay more.

Account sharing has been a problem for Netflix for a long time now, so it’s no surprise that they are finally doing something about it. Back in 2021, the company tried to make it more difficult to share accounts by adding a verification code for logins.

Sharing passwords by people who live in the same household is actually not an issue with Netflix, but a huge chunk of its customers usually share their accounts with friends and family even if they don’t live together.


In Netflix’s own words from its terms of service, an account “may not be shared with individuals beyond your household.” To get the privilege of sharing access to a Netflix account outside their household, owners will be required to pay for extra members.

“Extra members” will be encouraged to get a subaccount for an additional fee of around USD3 (around Php150). They will also be able to transfer their profiles to new accounts, in case they want to move out on their own.

Over the next few weeks, Netflix will be testing this setup in three countries: Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile. Check out the pricing below.

  • Costa Rica: 2.99 USD
  • Peru: 7.9 PEN
  • Chile: 2,380 CLP

The Netflix password sharing crackdown is definitely happening, so make sure to enjoy your borrowed accounts while it lasts.

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