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How to request for a PLDT transfer of line to a new address

Here’s everything you need to know if you want to do a PLDT line transfer


If you’re planning on transferring your PLDT internet connection to a new location, here’s how you can do it.

Moving into a new house or office can be stressful, you need to pack all your things, without missing even a single item on your list. But these are not just the things you need to focus on when moving into a new place for good, all your subscriptions, mails, and bills must come with you.

And one of the most important subscriptions that you can never ever leave without is your internet connection, which must be transferred to your new place. Well, it’s not that stressful than you think, though there are some requirements that you need to submit before it will actually work.

If you are still in a contract with PLDT and you want to continue your subscription into your new place, there is a possible way to do it. After we built our new house, which is not so far from the previous house where we’re living, the idea of transferring our PLDT line to the new house becomes a serious issue.

At first we hesitated to try if a single letter will work, so we thought of just opening a new account and terminating our old PLDT subscription. But after we inquired about possible ways to go about it, we learned that it was very easy.

PLDT Home Fibr/MyDSL offers two options when you request for a line transfer. First is the simultaneous transfer, and second is the transfer with effective date. So, there’s nothing to worry about your subscription if you will be moving in a new location. Many have tried this before including me, and it actually worked.

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Internet Speed in the Philippines

PLDT Simultaneous Transfer

The simultaneous transfer is mostly chosen by offices or business to sustain the connection until they finally moved into their new place. This will allow the subscriber to continuously access internet connection while the network provider is putting up the new line in your requested place. Meaning to say, the line in your old location will be cut off only if the line in your new location is already all set.

PLDT Transfer with Effective Date (Non-simultaneous)

This option will only be workable if you’re only moving into your new home or apartment space. Businesses and offices won’t choose this anyway. So for this option, the line will be cut while your transfer request is being processed. The connectivity will only resume once the line in your new location is all set up and actively working. For this option, you will not be billed for the period that your line is cut.

Requirements for PLDT line transfer or change address

  • Account Owner’s valid I.D. One (1) copy. (Check this article for the list of valid IDs in the Philippines)
  • A signed letter of request of the account owner, this includes the account name, account number, and the reason for transfer.
    Note: Don’t forget to include the option you prefer in your letter of request.

All of these requirements can be emailed to [email protected]. Alternatively, you may call 171 on your PLDT landline and talk to an agent about it.

But just like any other business transaction, you can save a lot of time waiting for their response if you could physically go to their nearest PLDT Business Center Office branch in your place and talk directly to their customer service representatives.

Transfer fee

PLDT line transfer will charge you a one-time payment of not less than Php1,100 on the top of your bill.

Change of billing date

Along with the transfer of your PLDT internet connection to a new place, the billing date of your PLDT will also be updated to a new one as it’s also depending on the area. The transfer fee will also be reflected on your next bill.

PLDT Fibr downgrade or DSL upgrade depending on availability

Before initiating the process, make sure to research and check if your current PLDT plan is available in the new area. If you’re on PLDT Fibr and it’s not available in your new location, you will be downgraded to DSL or broadband. But if you’re on PLDT broadband or DSL and the new place has Fibr support, you may opt to upgrade your subscription.

That’s it! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below and we’ll gladly help you out.


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  1. Face it … If you have to transfer or downgrade your PLDT internet connection you better change to Sky or Globe. I waited more than 3 months to transfer my internet to a subdivision that had internet but no fibr like before. When I applied for a transfer I already informed PLDT about that. Several weeks later a technician came and told me there’s no fibr in this area. I told him I already informed the PLDT office about that and it didn’t matter to it, just put any internet connection available. Instead the technician only give me a form of non connectivity (no fibr available) which I had to bring to the office where I applied for a transfer in the first place. There they told me a new request for transfer had to made to Manila. Never heard anything since then and gave up contacting those morons of their “customer service” in lapulapu cebu. For three months I had to use prepaid mobile internet then I decided to give up on PLDT. Two weeks later I had skycable. The only service that seems to work well is their billing service.

  2. I don’t know what you did that you were able to have them transfer your service that quickly. I, on the other hand, have given up on them and switch over to another provider. It is now 2 months, going 3, and still they were not able to transfer. I called them days before I moved to our new apartment. Their agents and supervisors at 171 are all incompetent idiots. I have called and spoke to about 20 agents and about 5 supervisors and they all would say ” no order was created” or the last rep or supervisor who promised me that they will work on it did not even bothered to put any notation on our account about our previous conversation. In short, ginagago ka lang nila. Even the reps at the actual store would say they will work on it and will call you later. Guess what? No calls from them. So after almost a month and a half of this, I gave up and switch over. Now we are having another battle with PLDT. They are still billing us even if you are no longer using the service. Hahaha what a joke.

    If you are planning to move and transfer their service my advice would be to request to totally cut off the service, if you have them for more than three years, and have somebody sign up for new service for you via an agent that can be found at Facebook’s marketplace. I should have done that instead but I didn’t want to be with them anymore. It seems they prioritize new accounts. Bad customer service.

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