Do you find the need to downgrade your current PLDT plan? Maybe you’re looking to cut down on your monthly internet bill, or maybe your household doesn’t need high internet speeds. 

Unfortunately, downgrading and transferring to a lower PLDT Internet plan can be quite confusing. It’s not as simple as just going to your nearest PLDT branch and asking for a downgrade. In this article, we will guide you on how to downgrade your PLDT plan, so you can shift to the plan that works best for you. 

Contact PLDT Support hotlines

First things first, contact PLDT through the PLDT hotline 171, or through their social media accounts at PLDT Home on Messenger or @PLDT_Cares on Twitter. A customer service representative will reach out to you and answer your inquiries about downgrading your plan. 


Clearly and politely say that you intend to downgrade and transfer to a lower PLDT plan. Mention what plan you’re currently on and what you wish to downgrade to. If you’re contacting PLDT through their social media, here’s an example message that you can send:

“Hi! I’m currently a PLDT customer on the Fiber Plus Plan 2999. I want to downgrade to the Fiber Unli Plan 2099. Please assist. Thank you!”  

When communicating with the representative, ask them everything that you want to know, so you can understand how to downgrade your PLDT Fibr plan step by step.  

Check if you can downgrade your PLDT plan to your preferred plan

Your customer service representative may assist you in assessing whether downgrading to your preferred PLDT plan is possible. There are two main considerations here: availability of the service, and the lock-in period.

Availability of service

You have to first confirm that your preferred plan is available in your area. For example, switching from a DSL to a Fiber plan may not be possible if fiber internet in your location is not yet covered by PLDT. 

You can easily check if your preferred plan is possible in your area through the Coverage Check feature on the PLDT Home website. On the website, click on your preferred plan and click “APPLY NOW”. Enter your address details to check area coverage.


Lock-in period

Next, you need to consider your PLDT plan’s lock-in period. Different plans are subject to different lock-in periods, and they are usually pointed out when you were applying for the plan. Lock-in periods may range from 1 to 3 years. 

If the lock-in period has already elapsed, you will only be charged the downgrade fee. Otherwise, if you decide to downgrade your plan within the lock-in period, you will need to pay the downgrade fee plus a pre-termination fee, which is usually equal to 3 months of your monthly bill.

If you want to avoid paying extra fees, consider downgrading your PLDT plan only after the lock-in period is over. 

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Request for the PLDT downgrade

Once you have assessed whether you can shift to your preferred plan, you can proceed by requesting the downgrade online, through the same channel where you inquired. You may be asked to submit 1 valid government-issued ID if you are the customer on record, or if by proxy, an authorization letter and 1 valid ID of both parties. Make sure to keep these handy.


You may also choose to request the downgrade at your nearest PLDT service branch. Fill out the provided Service Request Form. Also bring 1 valid ID, or an authorization letter and 1 valid ID of both parties if done by proxy. To be sure, also bring your last PLDT plan bill in case required for verification. 

You can expect your downgrade request to be processed within 24 to 48 hours after the issuance of the service order. 

Wait for the approval of your PLDT plan downgrade request

Once your request has been processed, you will be notified by a PLDT representative regarding the successful downgrade of your plan. If the downgrade does not require any new installation (e.g. from Fiber plan to a lower Fiber plan), the process will be quick and no further steps will be necessary. 

If installation is required (e.g. from Fiber plan to DSL plan), a PLDT technician or representative will contact you to schedule the installation in your area.  

Check the connection and speed of your downgraded plan

Once the new downgraded plan is properly set up, don’t forget to check your internet connection and speed to make sure that it meets the standards expected of the plan. You can use a tool like and to get an estimate of your internet’s performance. 


PLDT downgrade fee and other additional fees

Instead of being paid upfront, the downgrade fee and any other additional fees are reflected in your next PLDT bill. This includes the pre-termination fee if the downgrade was done within the lock-in period, and the cost of the installation of new devices, if any.

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Confirm the new charge in your monthly PLDT bill

After the successful downgrade, you should also check whether you are now being billed for the cheaper plan rather than the previous, more expensive plan.

The lower charge of your new downgraded plan will usually take effect on the second monthly bill after the downgrade. If there were new devices installed, the new charge may take effect on the third monthly bill after the downgrade.

Trying to downgrade your PLDT plan may be initially confusing, but it is actually not that difficult to do. It is a simple process, as long as you know how to contact PLDT and know what to expect with downgrading your plan. 

We recommend thoroughly thinking what PLDT plan you wish to downgrade to and when you will push through with the downgrade. This way, you can avoid incurring any exorbitant fees while transferring to a cheaper PLDT plan that fits your needs.   

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