Do you need to send a message but you’re out of prepaid load? Are reloading stations already closed? Did you forget to top up before going on a trip? Thankfully, if you’re a Smart subscriber, you can easily borrow a load from your provider.

Officially called Smart SOS Load, this service lets you borrow data and call/text credits from Smart themselves in case of emergencies or in times when you need it the most.

Both Smart Prepaid and Smart Bro Prepaid customers can borrow load from the company, even if they don’t have the remaining load balance.

That said, here we have detailed all of the things you should know about borrowing a load from Smart. Let’s start.


What promos I can borrow from Smart?

As of writing, the dominations and promos you can loan from Smart look a bit limited. You can see them listed below.

30MB dataPhp8.00
8 all-net textsPhp8.00
2-minute all-net callsPhp8.00
4 tri-net textsPhp4.00
5 all-net textsPhp5.00
1-minute tri-net callsPhp6.50
9 tri-net textsPhp7.00
P100 airtime loadLoan amount + Service Fee

How to utang load from Smart

Step 1: Open your Phone app and dial *123#.


Step 2: Dial the number that corresponds to Balance and Services. Click Send.


Step 3: Dial the number that corresponds to Smart Credit. Click Send.


Step 4: Choose the promo you want to loan by dialing the corresponding number.


How to check my loan load balance?

Simply text SOS BAL and send it to 7676.

Am I eligible for ‘utang load’ from Smart?

Yes. If you’re a Smart subscriber, you can borrow load or promos.

How can I pay for my Smart loan load?

The total price or payment will be deducted on your next reload. You can also voluntarily pay for your balance by texting PAY to 7676.

Is there an interest in delayed payments?

No. There’s no due date for borrowing load with Smart. However, you can only borrow one at a time, which means you can’t loan again unless your balance has been paid off.

That’s it. Let us know if you have further questions and we’ll try to answer them.

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