For gamers without credit or debit cards, Steam Wallet is perhaps the best way to purchase games and pay for microtransactions on Steam. Adding funds is easy since several options are available in the Philippines.

Add Funds Directly through Steam

The most straightforward method is directly via Steam. Go to the Add Funds page on Steam, click the Add Funds button right next to your desired fund level, log in to your account if asked, and select a payment method.

You may need to fill in additional information or perform additional steps depending on your chosen payment method. If you choose GCash, the steps are similar to buying games on the platform.


If you’re in the Philippines, here are the available payment methods on the checkout page:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • GCash
  • eClub Points

These payment methods normally do not have any additional charges; you pay for exactly the amount of funds or credits you want to add to your Steam Wallet. However, there may be some slight variation in the price if there’s currency conversion involved. Also, depending on their policy, the issuing bank of your credit or debit card may charge a foreign transaction or other fees.

If you don’t have a valid payment method, ask a friend on Steam who has one to buy a gift card for you. The process is similar but with the added step of choosing the gift recipient.


How to Redeem a Steam Wallet Code

Once payment clears or you accept a gift, the funds will automatically appear on the Steam Wallet. However, if you use a third-party loading or top-up service such as the ones mentioned below, you will receive redemption/activation codes instead.


To use these codes, visit the Redeem page on Steam, enter the code in the text field, and click Continue. A “Success” dialog box appears if the code is valid and accepted.

Add Funds on Steam via GCash

Login to your GCash app, tap View All GCash Services, tap Game Credits under Lifestyle & Shopping, select the recipient among your contacts, and tap Next. Switch to the Steam tab, select your desired fund, and tap Next.

After reviewing the transaction, tap the Pay button. Check your SMS inbox for a text message from GCash containing your Steam Wallet code.

Add Steam Credits via PayMaya

Login to your PayMaya app, tap the Load option on the home page, switch to the Games tab, and select Steam Vouchers. Choose your desired amount, enter the recipient’s mobile number, then tap Next. Review the information then tap the Buy button. An SMS confirmation will be sent to the recipient’s mobile number containing the Steam Wallet Code.

Add Steam Wallet Funds via Other Third-Party Online Services and Local Stores

Unable to top up your Steam Wallet balance via GCash or PayMaya? Alternative online services and physical stores are available to get Steam Credits:

  • Codashop
  • DataBlitz
  • iTech Philippines
  • Game One PH

Top up Steam Wallet via 7-Eleven

Most, if not all, branches of 7-Eleven in the Philippines have a CLiQQ touchscreen kiosk where you can pay your bills or buy load for mobile networks and online services, including Steam Wallet.

Tap e-PIN on the kiosk screen. Tap Next until you find the Steam button, then tap it. Select the Steam Wallet credit amount you’d like to purchase. Enter your mobile number, then verify the details before tapping Next. Present the printed slip to the cashier, pay, and check your SMS inbox for the message with the Steam Wallet code.

CLiQQ is also available as a smartphone app. And yes, you can add funds to your Steam Wallet via the app.

Prices/Fees Comparison of Steam Wallet Credit Purchase in the Philippines

Steam Wallet CreditSteamGCashPayMaya7-Eleven CliQQCodashopDataBlitzCoins.phiTech PhilippinesGame One PH
MarkupNoneUp to 20%Up to 13%Up to 20%Up to 18%Up to 10%16%Up to 10%Up to 12.5%

Based on these prices (which are up to date as of April 2022), the best option is to add funds directly through Steam to avoid markups and additional fees. Note that these prices may have changed since the posting of this article. Prices may also vary between physical store branches.

We’ve created the image below so you can save it and use it as a reference when buying Steam credits in PH.


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