Xiaomi is also planning to enter the smart glasses market by revealing a prototype product.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses concept was revealed just days after the Ray-Ban Stories co-created by Facebook was launched and hours before the iPhone 13 series comes out. We’re not sure which Xiaomi wants to go against, but there’s sure a reason behind it because there’s actually another Xiaomi hardware event happening tomorrow.


Going back, Xiaomi claims that its smart glasses are an “engineer’s look into an advanced future”. As stated earlier, it’s still a concept product, no matter how the details about it look realistic and market-ready.

This one has microLED for backlighting and a display chip that’s about the size of a grain of rice. It has a display panel with 4μm per-pixel size. It’s an ultra-efficient panel that’s only in black and white, no color. It can display notifications, calls, navigation, take pictures, and real-time text translation.


As per Xiaomi, the microLED display utilizes optical waveguide technology that can refract light at 180-degrees to accurately transmit light beams to the human eye. This complex structure will allow the user to see a complete image.

You can then interact with the smart glasses using the XiaoAI assistant. It can intelligently screen notifications and only show you important ones so it’s not too distracting.

As for hardware, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses has two beamforming microphones and speakers for calls. Plus, a 5-megapixel camera. The detailed specs list is yet to be known. However, it’s said to come with an ARM quad-core CPU, a touchpad, WiFi and Bluetooth, built-in battery, and interestingly, Android OS.

Being a concept device, no word yet when it will arrive in the market.

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