Months have passed and there were still only a few handsets sporting the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but Google doesn’t look like they were going to slow things up as the rumors for the Android 5.0 were quickly building up.  The Android 5.0, rumored to be called as Jelly Bean, is said to be released just before Microsoft would release its incoming Windows 8.

Android 5.0 may be released in the Google I/O event. Google I/O, a developer event,  is usually held in June, meaning it can be released just a little after summer when there were still a lot of users on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  For this reason, there won’t be much time for phone manufacturers to catch up because up until now they weren’t able to adopt the latest Ice Cream Sandwich platform. It is also reported that only 1.6% of android users were on the said OS. The biggest problem in this case is the competition that’s why manufacturers were pulling off those unnecessary customization that prolongs the process.  It is also one of the main advantage of iOS, it has the consistency in every device that android lacks.

Why should Google release it before Windows 8? It is simply because of rivalry. Google might want to have the Android 5.0 running on some devices to have a step ahead of the new offering from Microsoft since it is also optimized for tablets.

Many Android phone users might be disappointed by the news because while they haven’t yet tasted the ICS, another upgrade is coming. This move by Google may produce a backfire but nonetheless, Android is still a great platform.

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