Jolla, a new contender in the mobile arena, has come up with a plan to increase mobile OS market share: make its Sailfish OS installable on Android devices.

Jolla is fully aware that the Android platform has a thriving custom ROM community, which the company believes can help popularize the Sailfish OS. Through this community, many smartphone owners who are either tired of Google’s operating system or looking for a faster and more refreshing alternative to their outdated Android version will be aware that Jolla’s offering is a viable OS choice.

As of the moment, Jolla does not have a timetable as to when it will distribute the Sailfish OS for availability on existing Android devices. The company, however, recently launched its first smartphone (also called Jolla) early last month. With a 4.5-inch qHD display and 1.4GHz dual core Snapdragon CPU, this handset is also capable of running Android apps.

[Source: Talouselama]

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