Now that Android 13 is on the horizon, smartphone brands are starting to launch their proprietary interface that will sit on top of the upcoming major update. One of them is vivo, which just launched the new OriginOS 3.

The Android 13-based OriginOS 3 will feature a couple of visual improvements like new animations and interactive and resizable windows for supported apps. However, the main focus of this new update is on performance and other behind-the-scenes improvements.


For one, the upcoming update will have intelligent and adaptive computing as well as bottom-layer scheduling. Essentially, what it does is prioritize key programs in the foreground and also apply an “anti-aging” effect for 48 months. This means that OriginOS 3 will never slow down even as time passes.

Also, if a background app shuts down due to lack of memory, OriginOS will record its last state and will go back to where you left off once you open it back up.



vivo has also added a clever feature to make the system look smoother. Once it detects lower frames during animation or transition, it will replace missing frames with what appears to be a black screen to make the device look smoother to your eyes.

There’s also the icon widget folder to help you organize apps. You can tap on the actual app inside the folder to open them directly.


These are some of the key features of the upcoming OriginOS 3 that’s based on the new Android 13. Still, bear in mind that the UI is exclusive to vivo phones released in China. The devices sold to the international market like the Philippines will still ship with FuntouchOS.

With that, we’re curious to know: do you prefer FuntouchOS or want to experience OriginOS instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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