Have you recently been more into plants since the global health crisis kicked in, aptly adopting the title of a plantito or plantita? But as we ease through the woes, many of the so-called plantitos and plantitas are probably returning to the office, largely leaving the beloved potted plants behind.

Undeniably, this relative absence raises doubt whether you merit the title or not. But fret not, with Cherry Home Smart Hydroponic Plant Box, your label is secured.


Essentially the perfect company for your plant while you are away from home at work (or even elsewhere), the Smart Hydroponic Plant Box acts as the ideal home partner to any living plant.

With various LED grow lights, it acts as a temporary substitute for sunlight, which comes in three configurations, depending on the time of the day—morning, afternoon, and sundown.

But as no plant survives on light alone, part of the Smart Hydroponic Plant Box design is also about the timely watering of the plant via controlled embedded water and pump.


Lastly, the Smart Hydroponic Box ensures a thriving environment for the plants it houses by actively keeping a regulated water level, temperature, as well as humidity, made possible through its sensors.

From the original SRP of Php7,999, the Cherry Home Smart Hydroponic Plant Box is selling for a discounted price of Php6,399 until August 30, at the Cherry Shop PH.

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