You know the joke where you say a task and someone says, “There’s an app for that!”? Well, you can take maintaining relationships into the equation (or at least some aspects of it). Last week, an Australian-based company Factorial Products Ltd. released the BroApp, an app which sends “sweet texts” to the user’s girlfriend in order to give him more time to spend with “the bros” or whatever he’s occupied with. It’s sort of a virtual wingman for your relationship.

What it does is that it automatically sets text messages to your special someone, which can be timed to be sent automatically on a specific day. While you can scoff it off as nothing more than a glorified auto text messenger, of which a plethora of apps abound (even Go SMS has one, and I use it!), it does have some more very interesting features, too. The developers claim that the app uses advanced algorithms to intelligently determine the best time to send a text message to your girlfriend. So less chances of it sending an app when she knows that you’re still sleeping, etc.

You’d also be asked to identify your better half’s WiFi network, so when you’re at your better half’s house (or for married couples, your house), then the app knows not to send text messages. It also listens to your phone activity, so if you’ve recently called or texted her, then it won’t send those automated messages as well.

But the most interesting feature of BroApp is the “girlfriend safety lock down” feature, wherein when the app detects your better half attempting to open it on your phone, it sends her to a fake list of gifts you were ‘planning to buy’ for her. I honestly don’t know how it’s supposed to do that. Face recognition, perhaps? Regardless, it’s quite interesting.

I have to say, though, it’s not fool-proof, and there are still much features that should be added to make this into the ultimate Jarvis for relationships. But if you’re having problems keeping in touch with the one you love, it’s either you exert a little more effort, or let BroApp help you.

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