Previously known for offering free alternative solutions to Microsoft’s Office suite as well as free document processing options to other platforms, LibreOffice is releasing a paid version of the suite via the Mac App Store.

As stated in a blog post, LibreOffice Head of Marketing and Public Relations Italo Vignoli mentioned that the effort was a drive for a “new marketing strategy,” which is essentially the company developing two new versions of the popular open-sourced apps. One is the free community version and another is a “value-added” release aimed specifically at enterprise customers.

Falling into the latter category, the paid version of LibreOffice does not share the same source code as the former version and will be managed by the UK-based consultancy agency, Collabora, according to Vignoli.

Apart from the difference in their source codes, another major distinction between the community version and the paid version is the type of team behind their management and development. The former being that of volunteers and the latter being that of professionals.

While there is a clear link between Collabora and the Mac App Store version of LibreOffice, it is uncertain whether the said agency will be directly involved in maintaining the paid version. The Register, however, noted that the agency previously charged users $10 to use “LibreOffice Vanilla.”

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